Rhonda Sanco and Laura Coleman

Recorded May 28, 2021 Archived May 28, 2021 36:26 minutes
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Coworkers Rhonda Sanco (60) and Laura Coleman (57) talk about the work they are doing at Araminta Freedom Initiative to help vulnerable children and end child sex trafficking.

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LC asks RS about their career path and what brought them to Araminta Freedom Initiative.
RS talks about the children who have been trafficked being brainwashed into thinking they are damaged goods.
LC talks about child development and how their brains form during trauma.
LC talks about traffickers taking advantage of a child's brokenness to foster a connection with them and give them a false sense of security.
LC shares the definition of justice she learned at her Bible study.
RS talks about sexual wounds going deep into the soul and shares that it is a journey of recovery and restoration.
RS talks about their volunteers being essential to the work they are doing.
RS tells children who have fallen to traffickers that there are people who care deeply and will help.
RS thanks LC for the work she is doing for the children and families. LC thanks RS for having hard conversations with her.


  • Rhonda Sanco
  • Laura Coleman

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