Richard Keyes and Desirae Washington

Recorded March 9, 2020 Archived March 9, 2020 31:26 minutes
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Richard D. Keyes Sr. (85) and his granddaughter Desirae Washington (34) talk about their family history, how they were afforded different opportunities in their lives, and their hopes for the future.

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DW talks about where her family is from. RK tells DW where his mom and dad's family were from.
DW tells RK what family stories she likes most. They talk about the house parties RK used to throw.
DW talks about where she'd like to be in 5 years.
DW talks about her hopes for her children. RK talks about his hopes for them. They both recall their experiences with doing mushrooms.
DW and RK describe themselves.
RK talks about where he'd like to travel. He reflects on his regret of going to college a little later in life.
DW and RK reflect on the difference in the opportunities they were afforded. DW talks about the parties where people get to express their admiration for RK.
RK shares why he's proud of his family members.


  • Richard Keyes (b. 1935)
  • Desirae Washington (b. 1985)

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