Rick Winer and Reza Nekvmanesh

Recorded March 2, 2020 Archived March 2, 2020 40:44 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Rabbi Rick Winer (54) and Hajj Reza Nekvmanesh (43) talk about their shared commitments to doing interfaith work in the Fresno community, the challenges of doing this work, and where they find strength within and amongst their communities.

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RW explains why interfaith work is important to him.
RN talks about the importance of building relationships among people of different faiths.
RN shares why he shifted his activism beyond the Muslim community to include other faiths.
RN talks about times he has felt discouraged by interfaith work, and how he redeems his energy for the work in his community.
RN and RW talk about how they handle disagreements with each other.
RN talks about the struggles of marginalized communities in Fresno and the visibility that they receive.
RW shares some of the difficulties he experiences in doing interfaith work.
RW talks about decisions he has made for his community as a rabbi and analyzes whether or not he has received "pushback" in those situations.
RN and RW close out in prayer.


  • Rick Winer (b. 1965)
  • Reza Nekvmanesh (b. 1976)

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