Rishi Ray and Chris Criscione

Recorded January 25, 2023 Archived January 25, 2023 53:25 minutes
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One Small Step partners Rishi Ray (19) and Chris Criscione (59) share their experiences with political division and their belief that people have more in common than they often think.

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Partners ask each other why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
Chris shares his perspective on the role of mass media in why Americans have become so divided.
Rishi describes his evolving relationship with social media.
Chris expands on his observations as a former journalist about our current political polarization.
Rishi describes the racial and socio-economic divisions he noticed growing up in Chicago and later as a college student.
Chris describes his experiences with diversity growing up in Long Island and later as a college student, and his view on the difference between disagreeing about policy and being personally disrespectful.
Chris shares his personal political values and his experience with co-workers who disagree with him politically, but still share what he calls a "common heart."
Rishi describes his work situation and his belief that finding common ground is a choice.
Chris describes his experiences with contentious conversations.
Rishi describes his personal political and spiritual values.
Chris shares his religious beliefs and an emotional story about how he came to understand his relationship to prayer.
Both partners discuss the validity of different perspectives based on personal life experiences and how the sticking point for divisions tends to be at the policy-making level.


  • Rishi Ray
  • Chris Criscione

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