Robert Chance and Leslie Brandom

Recorded August 27, 2021 Archived August 27, 2021 50:48 minutes
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Robert "Bob" Chance (65) and One Small Step partner, Leslie "Jan" Brandom [no age given] discuss thoughts on the attitude of anti-masking communities, faith, social and civic engagement.

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BC shares his activities in retirement. JB shares influence from her father on social justice, his concern for community, and a run for a local mayoral office. She shares her feelings on the loss of her husband, his value, dealing with grief and loss, and faith. They realize they both have a connection to the aircraft industry.
BC and JB shares thoughts on masking and the reluctance of some to participate in masking. They discuss the usage of deworming supplements vs the vaccine.
BC and JB talk about worldview shifts after international travel. BC shares how a former president sparked his desire to participate civically. He shares thoughts on the elite and how the current environment mirrors the French Revolution.
BC and JB discuss relationships with family members of opposing views
BC shares his shift from the Republican party after the impeachment trial of Donald Trump


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  • Leslie Brandom

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00:01 Today is August 27th, 2021 and I am speaking to Bob chance. I've just been reading his bio. She is also 60, + husband, father grandfather who's been retired for 4 years.

00:24 He worked 40 years that an aircraft manufacturing plant before retiring and his been married for forty years to the same girl. He met in 1979. He has two children, a son that was born a month, past his due date and a daughter that was born, two and a half months early at about 2 pounds. She spent a month and a half in the hospital before. Getting to come home, his wife and he and his wife have lost all but one of their parents which is his dad is still living.

01:10 Hey, I'm up. Bob Champs, and I'm 65, August 27th. 2021.

01:20 And the

01:23 My conversation partner is jammed. I may have the wrong name, last name, Franta.

01:31 And I'm done.

01:34 Her bio is I'm a widow of my husband of over 40 years, died, May 9th 2020. I am a native cancer throughout the Methodist Church. And currently attend Sunday school and Sunday services at Chapel Hill esm. My faith journey is very important to me. I have two incredible, grown daughters and five. Amazing grandchildren. They mean the world to me.

02:03 I'm very passionate about social justice. I have participated in Black lives matter protest and am actively involved in the Poor People's campaign.

02:19 Now you can take the time here to ask one another about anything that you may see in the others bio, or I can ask the first question while you maybe think about that. She like me to ask her a question you want answered. I have, I have a couple of questions that I had written down. After I read your bio. I was just curious. 40 years is a long. Long time to work in aircraft manufacturing, especially nowadays. People don't usually retire from employment of that length of time. I just curious how retirement is going for you and what you've been doing the last 4 years.

03:06 Oh, it's it's going. Well. I like working on my own schedule and choosing what I want to do. I initially I missed.

03:19 Am I like my job, but it was a voice in the plan to retire. So it's like that and I'm a tanker. I mean, I, I always find something to do.

03:33 Alright, bicycle kayak and I take the with Automobiles and motorcycles.

03:41 And my wife is retired, a year-and-a-half ago, so

03:45 A little while to get used to that, but it's worked out.

03:53 And all the sudden, you get all that time to spend together. It's pretty special. Do you have grandchildren here in Augusta?

04:09 So,

04:11 They grow super fast that don't, they get a lot older quicker than our children. Did it just seems like they're growing so quickly 5 years ago. That was 1215 years ago.

04:33 Yeah.

04:36 I know I am your bio. I appreciate it. The statement of your up.

04:45 Passionate about social justice Young passionate about social justice.

04:52 I wish I would have come up with that. Thank you.

04:59 I it's always been really important to me that people are treated. Well and equally and I know our facilitator mentioned that this Initiative for conversation has kind of a result of what's been happening in the United States over the last several years. I grew up with parents that were my dad. My dad ran for office, and was a met met or very community-minded. And I grew up around Democrats and Republicans. And I've always felt like the people that I've known that care about their community.

05:50 View things just in it have the same aspirations, but just look at how to solve these problems in different ways. So it's been really hard on me.

06:03 And I suppose for a lot of people to see what's happening, and how we're being polarized. When I believe, I believe that we want the same things. We just view them differently on how we're going to get from here to there. It's not, but it's been, it's been awful. The last few years. I've been called names and I don't know if you've had issues that have come up in your life, but it's been pretty painful.

06:39 So I was sorry to hear about your husband. Thank you.

06:47 Well, that's one of the things if we live long enough to have to go through the wash.

06:54 Your parents possibly are. They still now?

07:01 I know. And you know, I tell young people now that that thing about till death, do us till death do us part that's nonsense. I say, start fighting now and get it over with and separate because this till death do us part really hard.

07:28 And he was, he was doing so well, it was an it was too shocked. He had he had had an illness and and was in a recovery mode and but we had a year together before he died. That was super precious but

07:45 Yeah, I don't recommend that I'd say start fighting now and then just try to have a casual relationship. You know, I don't really mean that, but yeah.

07:59 I think I cried the end. I I didn't realize how much he spoiled me. I mean, I didn't have to, I've had to learn so much. I I got I was so I was I cried the first time that I had the air was slow and one of my tires in the car and I live out in the country by myself and I was like, what am I supposed to do? I don't even know how to, I don't know how to turn that air compressor thing on, but

08:27 For telling my daughter was able to talk me through that, a lot of, parts. That's for sure.

08:35 Thank you for that.

08:38 I was wondering you didn't mention your faith Journey. Do you have a safe journey or you this morning at 5:30? So, okay.

08:56 I don't profess to be the best Christian, but I have Christian values.

09:02 I think that I worked with I was at Boeing and then spirit for about 15 years and I worked with some of the people I worked with the nurses and I think all of them were catholic and that's the most I've been around there. Just delightful wonderful people. My best friend when I was a little girl was Catholic.

09:29 Noah has come a long way. It used to be that Catholics and Protestants didn't even talk to each other.

09:38 I don't, I don't understand any of that, really.

09:43 I don't know the bad at all and I didn't even more.

09:49 Yeah.

09:53 I guess one big question I have is, is this this thing about the masks? Do you do you? How do you feel about that? Well, I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone because my wife and I would wear our masks when we go inside or the CDC guidelines.

10:18 And nobody around us is wearing a mask. And I think, am I the only one getting this information that I'm supposed to be wearing a mask or it's bizarre with you. I, I mean, I don't know. I'm not sure if we were matched very well because if we're opposites we have an awful lot in common cuz I I feel the same way. I wear my mask everywhere. I go, all of my friends have been immunized and we're comfortable with each other, but I don't socialize very much at all. And I don't really get out much. I don't know what I do without my animals, but

11:00 I feel the exact same way. This is the Twilight Zone. What is the big deal? Might my grandchildren? They all wear masks and my youngest grandson is 3. He loves his mask. It's not an issue for any of them. They're not some people right, stuff about how this is hurting our children and harming them for life and they can't see your expression. And I might my grandchildren, just take it in stride. They're not having a problem and they've got a lot of cool masks to that. They enjoy wearing. You know, my youngest is Spider-Man and you have to call him Spider-Man when you want his attention cuz when he's wearing his Spider-Man, that's who he is so mad. I don't get that at all.

11:49 I have a lot of things with my mind feels like a broken record. It keeps going over and over trying to make sense of things. And I'm just not going to be able to make sense of something. I yeah. Well I did it just gets more bizarre. I mean, what about this? Now people in our state, as well as across the country are, are using. Dewormer. They're actually doing that. They're more comfortable, taking a horse dewormer, then taking something that the CDC has authorized now and

12:30 I know I don't I don't get it.

12:37 I've got the list in front of me and some of the other questions that we were prompted to ask. One of them was, who's the most influential person in your life. Do you have someone like that?

12:54 Yeah, I have thought of that and I can't leave out my parents, because they were a big part of my life. They were principled. Good people. That's yeah, let's do I put as my Mom and Dad ever. Wonderful, by Sam. I had trouble narrowing it down to one. I actually had to, I went to a trade school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a year after high school, and when I move back, I'm looking for a place to rent, and I found a little house to rent from a guy named Troy macnab, and he was a Navy veteran of World War II. He had died.

13:42 Survive to ship sinkings and he met a girl in an Australia who he married? And he moved back here and they had no kids but up. Anyway, he was in Blue Angel for me. And one thing you said that kind of stuck with me for some reason. What's up?

14:05 He was kind of a money guy and he said don't set it up for all the money's coming into you. Not all of it going out trying to do that for you or so. Now the worst don't get so far in death that you're all your money's going out. Yeah, some guy named moit longer.

14:33 And he was at WWII bathroom. It was my neighbor in for about a decade. I would go over and have coffee with him. He lost his wife and two thousand. And anyway, he yeah, he was a B-25 pilot. He flew missions out of North Africa and took over Italy and

14:56 I'm glad maybe I mentioned this wife passed away in 2000 that when that happened. I kind of, that's when our friendship that is. That is so sweet. I mean, it's looks really sweet. That's wonderful. That water. You know where white water is its, you know, that's okay. You may remember wonders Furniture of Augusta.

15:44 So something like a tribute to Lloyd is he told me, don't wait to do things, you want to do, you need to do them now? Cuz when you get to be my age, you're not going to be interested, then these International trips and stuff. Tell him, they don't wait for retirement to do this stuff. So I don't think we took a trip every year. That's awesome. Changes. Your worldview, when you meet people from all over the world. I mean, the people that I see that are struggling the most to, to have compassion or to understand what's going on.

16:35 Have been isolated in their own little bubble for so long. They they don't, they don't see the goodness in people everywhere. I know my mom and never met a stranger and she and my dad travels a lot and all over the world. And he was always amazed at how she would make friends everywhere they went. And just, she always taught me that, you know, people,

17:06 And I'm sure there's exceptions. But for the most part, people just want to have

17:14 A lot if they want to provide for their children, they want to be able to have shelter and and enjoy life. It's not, we're not all scheming to try to pay Go. I mean, I don't know. I just don't like it. When those blankets attributes are given to a population that that someone would say something horrible about all the people that live in in, in Mexico or South America, or, or talk about countries and say, they're all bad, you know, because it's just, that's just not true. Not at all.

17:53 One of the last.

17:56 Overseas trips, we took was to Bolivia. We've been supporting a girl down there for 78 years. And so we went down with this group called Unbound and oh it was awesome. We got to go into the little Villages and made all the locals. I put on a little show for Shepherd. And what was

18:23 What I liked was by our standards. Therefore. They don't ask much your, then we are. Yeah, they don't have the rat race going on as much as a good friend of mine that I met through Woodlawn United. Methodist Church in Derby. I was working there for a Time.

18:52 She was working in in Ministry at the church. And then she took a trip to Africa and did Ministry there. And then she fell in love with Africa, and ended up moving there, and she's married. Now, to a man from Africa and they have two children, but her thing what? She'd, come back to America and go to church. And she'd say, you know, the big thing about church, a lot of people complain. It's too cold. It's too hot from people, be they fight. They had to put something over the thermostat because some people would be turning it up and others would be turning it down. And then they complain because somebody didn't wear nice shoes or, you know, the chair was uncomfortable. And she said, she know in Africa, we didn't have a building. We worship to God under a big tree and we sang, we just sang out. We didn't have a Pianist and we did.

19:51 The best, do you know of all of this? But none of that mattered. And so, it was, it was hard for her to continue in ministry here when people are so, so,

20:05 Silly, I mean about forgetting what the main thing is, you know, I exist.

20:13 I don't know, I've had friends of mine. The church. I'm attending now live and in-person is requiring. Everyone that comes in to wear mask because my church goes by the CDC guidelines. And some of the members one man that I just love dearly. He's my Sunday school teacher. It just bothers bothers him to death. That they would tell him that he'll get over this. It's not all about you. That's what our preacher taught. It's not all about you. It's a might be about somebody else, you know, so last thing, a church has bothered us, our Bishop put out.

20:54 Two bladders asking people to please wear your mask and he put it in bold print, you know, and Stella seem like a quarter to half the people wouldn't wear the mask and right now, since we've all taken our mask off, when we were told those vessels were vaccinated to do that.

21:18 Am I also told those that weren't vaccinated that they needed wear a mask? I don't know about you. But that means where I go. I should see 50% of the people that are on our way and I never did.

21:39 We're almost the only ones wearing a mask. Now. My wife went this morning and said that, it looks like it's picked up a little on a few more people are wearing. I don't know. I read a story this morning about a young man that had an illness is serious illness, but he couldn't get into the hospital because all the Beds Are full with coronavirus people and that's just, I don't get it. I don't get it. It's very disturbing for help in this situation, you know.

22:19 Come on, everybody. Help us. One of the questions we had to talk about, was it? Do you ever feel misunderstood or, or

22:34 By others and also, by by people that you feel like are similar to you. Like, in my mind that was like with Christians right now.

22:46 Especially evangelicals.

22:52 I don't even I don't even like the term Christian anymore from what it is come to mean some of the anti-vaxxers and the the people that are most adamant about not wearing mask claim that they're Christians. And I don't understand how you can follow Jesus and not care about other people. I don't. And it's such a simple thing. I mean, they're not even asking for your money and they'll give you a mask. You know, you can do scream ass everywhere. Can you explain that? To me? That's one of those broken record things. My mind just keeps going back strap for opposing their differing views because

23:52 I'm not a supporter of a Donald Trump.

23:56 But one thing I will have to say for Donald Trump is he got me kind of fired up and engaged? Well, I wrote my Converse and probably a dozen times over that four-year term and I like you. I went join a protest down across from Jerry Marans office during the impeachment trial and, you know, one of the slogan. No one is above the law.

24:31 Am I have never done stuff like that before? I went to a town hall meeting with Jerry Moran.

24:38 We agreed to disagree on the cost of the 2017, tax cut that they put in place that to me benefit of the wealthy. And I don't know how anybody could see that. Any different of me, the numbers they always say look to the money or look to the numbers and they don't lie, which of course numbers can say whatever you want them to. But seems to be a lot of proof that the ultra-wealthy are getting even wealthier and the rest of us are struggling.

25:15 And I wonder how long I can go on. I feel like well are we going to witness the French Revolution here all over it? And this time, I mean what sparked the French Revolution was the plates and everybody else was downtrodden and

25:41 The wealthy took everything. So,

25:45 And I don't understand how people can think, I don't know. It's just there's so much noise out there. One of the things that I got. I don't watch the news anymore. I, I got rid of my cable television, not too long after my husband died. Really, the only reason I mean, he like to watch the news and I hiked it up to a point. But mainly we had it for sports, he watching the basketball games and all of that. So I don't, I don't really miss television at all.

26:24 Well, we just have an antenna. So we're just getting the stuff that comes in over an antenna, but we got back on the news. Watch you two, are we watch on Monday night and Friday night?

26:44 I smell all the news. We watch.

26:48 I just that's another thing to the internet.

26:53 It's a wonderful thing. It is a good thing, but it's also a bad thing because people can just go out and find whatever they want to satisfy their biases. Yanis, more harm than good. Yes, I got into a conversation about that with a woman. That's been a friend for decades and she does not believe that mask do anything. They're no good. She's got all this proof, and she had several people in the conversation and provided proof, and, and that they do work. And she said, why I don't care what a scientist says, or what the doctor says. I tell you what comes

27:53 To my Stylo where I've got all this what I think is cornmeal or whatever it is. She said to put one of those masks on and just see how much it filters that and those are even bigger than the virus and I'm like, B, no. No, you're not the virus attaches to a water molecules. That's how it spreads you sneeze or cough. It's connected to that water molecule, which is huge. So, all of that means nothing. Yeah, I can go get in your corn bin and breathe it in and that mask won't stop it, but

28:32 You know, I mean that I just

28:37 I think that's part of the problem is our education is not at the level, it needs to be and and people aren't taught critical thinking. I think my dad that. I mean one thing that that he emphasized over and over was think for yourself have some critical thinking skills. Don't just believe everything that you see on ticktocker or oh my gosh, the stuff that's out there. Terrible.

29:08 So how do you feel about black lives matter that initiative?

29:14 I'm okay with it, and

29:18 Know when the uprising started with George Floyd killing up.

29:25 I looked at it as primarily peaceful protest course, what we saw on the news, were the riotous vandalism, but I thought the vast majority of the thing was great and it needed to happen.

29:42 You giving me goosebumps? That makes me so happy because I don't I do not, I do not think it was beyond peaceful. I think. I think when you have peaceful protest like that other people join in and cause disturbances in trouble and I don't think it was related to those that were trying to just like, just like a black man kneeling on a football field. Come on. How is that bad? That's just an end with mistreated are minorities in America is not the only country that has some in Canada did the same thing with their indigence. We've I mean, it's a global issue. It's not. I'm not saying I don't love America because I want people to be treated equally, but my my sister won't talk to me anymore because I attended the protest.

30:38 And you know what? She said to me. She said that black people were treated most of the black people that were slaves were treated very well and they enjoyed being. So she she heard that on the news. I don't know if you've ever get the author's name. She's a little lady and Abraham Lincoln, I believe he did actually but I think he met her and yeah, model prompt me to do. If I read probably a dozen different books. I tried to stay away from The Sensational ization of his personality, or

31:36 I knew that I didn't like his genius, know-it-all fully personality. So I didn't need to read books on that but I tried to read that books on policy and to see if I could come up with something that I agreed with him.

31:52 I have trouble coming up with anything.

31:57 Yeah.

32:00 Israel pro-life.

32:04 I don't like abortion and I don't know of anybody that does. I've never done either.

32:15 Crying white guy just never going to be confronted with that choice.

32:23 So I have trouble being a teetotaler pro-lifer.

32:31 Will you know, at the top of my head was filled my head with a pro-lifer, is that they just mean they should change it to Pro birth. Because once those children are born, they could care, less does children. I don't know. I have known women that have had abortions, and it was not an easy decision. And, and I've known for people that already had seven children and they, they just couldn't do it anymore, or

33:01 The legalization of abortion at actually led to fewer abortions and an increase in education and prevention methods for primarily poor people. I mean, it's the wealthy. People have had abortions Forever by doctors and they can go to another country if they want to. It's the people that can't afford the medical care and they're shutting down planned parenthood's. And I don't know. I went to Planned Parenthood when I was a young woman without an insurance and they didn't push abortions. They they push safe sex and education and you know that women bear the brunt. I mean men don't seem to Bear the brunt and they pay for those

33:56 Magical little blue pills, but they don't pay for woman's, you know, medical issues. So it's just all lopsided.

34:07 I've been called the baby killer. I've been told that I'm a baby killer because I believe in a woman's right to choose. I would never kill a baby. I would never do you know, I just

34:23 I don't understand that. I don't see where the value is in shouting. Those things that people.

34:30 Well, I don't know what the solution is. The pro-life movement. What's the solution? You're going to knock down Roe versus Wade, woman that just puts it on the stage and like, you mentioned the women that have means to travel to the neighboring state, if they have to, they'll be able to go over there.

34:55 Duck Duck. Go back to garages in.

35:08 The old guy, the World War 2 Navy guy, his girlfriend Jean, she got pregnant, while they were there in Australia. And she got an abortion and that abortion cost for the ability to have any future kits.

35:35 No, and and they're so, I mean, adamant, even a fourteen-year-old needs to go through that pregnancy and have that baby. We don't care how young the child is 12 year olds. They need to have that baby and then they're on their own, you know, whatever. I know my mama, my mama grew up real poor. And a lot of people did back in that day, you know, during the Depression and and she was aware of things like that happening and that was before birth control pills, you know, that it always feel to the woman to protect herself from the man and that, that just it was

36:20 It was just an impossible situation.

36:28 When a woman and a doctor that go around the legality of it and they do it anyway.

36:34 Are they going to punish the crime?

36:38 Yeah, doctor in a woman in jail and their where's the man? Where's the guy? That created the situation?

36:55 Yeah, I have asked you mentioned. Your sister doesn't talk to you anymore. And I've got a sister that's I've called a few times cuz I still like I feel like we still need to talk but I leave messages, she never calls back. So there's a lot of things that my sister and I still haven't common, you know, and stay away from the things. We don't we can still have a relationship. But

37:26 How to do care about each other. But yeah, I don't have my

37:35 I don't know. I had two. I took care of both of my parents. My dad has been gone now for 17 years, I think, and I lived with him and took care of him during his, the end of his life. And then later, my mom has been gone. Now, almost 12 years and I took care of her at the end of her life and that even brought up issues between me and my sisters. I don't have any brothers, but they especially got angry with me when I took care of daddy because

38:14 They felt like he should have just gone into the nursing home, I guess. And so are our relationship really struggled after he died because

38:25 Because we had that disagreement, so I don't understand it.

38:35 I'm just wondering.

38:41 Other than your Catholicism, which I don't really disagree with. I think I Think Jesus is there for Catholics as well as Protestants, I do.

38:54 And we talked about that this morning on the group that I went to and talked about us Jews and Muslims and death, and God, and I brought up well.

39:09 If I were a child born in the Middle East with Muslim parents.

39:16 And I will live my Muslim faith. When it's supposed to be lived. How could have God not be?

39:24 Open the app.

39:27 It's totally different from our Christianity, but I think it's

39:34 There's a lot of similarities to though, in the love that they feel for their family and for each other and forgot my mom.

39:45 Did not, she could not believe she could not believe, because I'm in all their travels. One thing that struck her than most was the Muslim countries that they visited. And she, she said, Jen. How can, how can you say those people aren't godly people or that they're not going to go to heaven, or they're condemned to hell, because they worship. They are there. She said, they will the is it a time or two times a day or four times a day, they stopped and they bow and they and she said I saw that and there's thousands of them. Who, who and I don't I have a problem with that. I have a real problem with with the scripture that says that says, that Jesus said, I am. The only way that says I'm the way and unless you follow me. You're not going to find

40:46 I have problem with that and I look at historical writings and I see how history is.

40:56 History is is revealed to us in and I wonder I don't want to doubt the accuracy of the written words, you know, but but I really struggle, I the Jesus that I know and love.

41:12 That I've come to know, I can type that just doesn't go along with anything else. He ever said, you know, he preached love everyone, regardless of who they were or what they believed, or our job is just to love, that's it. But Muslim group is stereotyped and acts like that, but that's not the Muslims. That's radical groups. That's like Evangelical Christians or

41:59 I agree so much with what you're saying. It's maybe you must be a registered Republican. Maybe that's the only difference for 40 years. Then at the second impeachment. I couldn't stick with him anymore. I don't have any respect for him that they would not invite that man for what he had done. He should have been indicted the first time but

42:38 Second time. So anyway, I'm no longer registered Republican after 40 years. I'm a Democrat people are Republicans and they're like, you, they're saying, what in the world? This isn't. I mean, I have grown up. I've known Republicans all my life and we could talk about anything and we didn't start yelling at each other acting crazy. I mean side, or you're not. And if you're not you're my enemy goats at like Mom's cafe. I haven't been there in a long time, but you sure don't talk about politics in there or even at church on Sunday. One of the

43:38 Couples with a couple of them that came into Sunday school. Class said they had been upstairs for a little while. And there were people there talking about Biden and how awful he was, and how we just need Trump back because doubt that he had the election was stolen and everybody knows that and just ranting and raving. And I'm thinking what, what on Earth. How could, how could you choose to believe someone that's been? I mean he has nothing going for a minute and in my estimation, I mean his is he someone you can look up to and I think about the people I look up to and

44:22 It wouldn't be, that wouldn't be someone like that same side, you know, about bullying. And I start walking. These kids look up to our call today.

44:41 It's a bully student people or, or the number of times. He hasn't paid people, you know, all the contractors and everything. So,

45:02 Well, I, you know, I'm glad to meet you and to know you and to know that you're out there. Then I'm not the only one thinking we're living in the Twilight Zone. I don't like this and in the coronavirus has helped.

45:20 Foster this isolation, you know, I mean, I don't know. I barely see people that I do know, I get out on Sundays and and go to church and I see my grandchildren, but other than that, there aren't really opportunities like this to meet people and to just talk, I miss it. When do there from when they told us, if we were vaccinated, we didn't have to wear a mask and go to a restaurant and visit with people and we were angry and

46:02 Just disappointed one when it changed again. Is that just like you mentioned?

46:18 We need to, we need to remember.

46:22 Humanity, and what's really inside of most of us, all of us that what the news depicts? It's really not an accurate reflection on how people are feeling or, I mean, it's sensationalized. And yes, it's I mean, some of it is, is

46:43 Is true, I mean, although people some people don't believe that the hospitals are full. I don't get that. I mean I don't but someday we'll get through this, right? It's just for the height.

47:04 And I was so glad that the election worked out the way it did because it showed me that the majority of people did the right thing. I felt like I did, you know, so we're out there. We may not be as vocal call the police chief in Augusta. When H at F Biden flag flying on a main street here in town. And I asked if there's something that could be done and he says now it's on private property.

47:43 He checked with the city lawyer to make sure he gave me the right answer. I said, does that mean that I could put a flag on my private property with explicit images of people having? Yeah. He said he thought I probably could as long as children weren't in it. I mean crazy.

48:10 Anyway, yes, I've enjoyed talking to you and

48:16 I've enjoyed talking to you too, but I don't think that word that different and maybe that's the point where we've got more in common than we do. That's different.

48:30 One thing I have wondered is so this one step.

48:35 I'm an empty our listener. So me to nothing in the mail to did you get a flyer in the mail teacher in the past? And we were talking about, I mentioned something to, I think it was a fourth or fifth grade class about something. I had heard on NPR and it was really funny because some of the kids spoke up and said NPR. Oh, you can't listen to that. That's a terrible place. They say all kinds of lies and and some of the other kids spoke up and said that's not true. My family listens to it and it's a good station. You know, it's just like you. And I said, I mean, our first role models were our parents and these kids are learning.

49:35 Stuff at home. That just isn't healthy. I'm thankful for him to e.r.

49:47 Well, I think you're a really nice man. And I would encourage you to give your wife a hug for me. I miss that a lot. I mean, if I could give my husband a hug right now, I would love that.

50:03 Take each other for granted, that happens.

50:15 I will talk about that. Yeah.

50:19 There's going to be an aunt for us to and we don't know which one's going to be left unless it's a Calamity and we'll both go at the same time then. Yeah, that's right. One day at a time. We don't get choices. Although we kind of do we both got vaccinated? That was a choice, be healthy.

50:46 Hey.