Robert Iannicelli and Ian Gonzalez

Recorded July 14, 2023 Archived July 14, 2023 41:22 minutes
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Robert Iannicelli (45) shares childhood memories with conversation partner Ian Gonzalez (26). He speaks about growing up in his Brooklyn neighborhood and his love for art.

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Robert (R) speaks about being raised in Brooklyn and starting a fire in the building he grew up in.
R recalls childhood memories of milk crate basketball and holidays.
R remembers the heavy drug use present in his neighborhood growing up.
R explains his reluctance to be at home as a kid.
R talks about going to both New York Military Academy and Laguardia Fine Arts for high school.
R expands on his love for painting and drawing.
R discusses how he got side tracked from his passions when he came into a large amount of money at a young age.
R speaks about the highs and lows of running a magazine in Brooklyn.
R explains why he loves to be alone.


  • Robert Iannicelli
  • Ian Gonzalez

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