Robert Irvine- The Pre-Navy Life

Recorded March 2, 2018 Archived March 2, 2018 05:06 minutes
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Growing up in a large family composed of 6 children and their parents, Robert Irvine was often lost and forgotten in the mix of voices and long legs, as he was only the second youngest child. Kid after kid left home and began their own journey, but when it was Robert's turn, his father was proud, as Robert was intending on joining the Navy as his father had always dreamed of his kids doing, like many generations before him. Robert's mother on the other hand was not overjoyed; she loved her kids very dearly and didn't want to see them risking their lives everyday on a battlefield. When Robert was born, his father had the same hopes for him as he did for Robert's siblings, but Robert turned out to be different. Growing up, Robert certainly had the trademark of becoming a naval officer. At the ripe age of 12, he became a marksman with a marine sergeant. At 13, he went to sea cadet boot camp. At 16, his future seems more sturdy than ever.


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