Robert Puente and Miranda Puente

Recorded December 3, 2022 Archived December 3, 2022 36:29 minutes
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Father and daughter Robert Puente (68) and Miranda Puente (36) share a conversation about family bendiciones, or blessings, Robert's time spent in the Sinai desert, and Miranda's memories from growing up.

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Robert Puente (RP) talks about the tradition of bendición in their family.
RP talks about deciding to go to the other side of the world, the Sinai desert, without his father's blessing.
Miranda Puente (MP) recounts a particularly sad bendición with her father when she left for New York City.
RP reflects on who's had the biggest influence on his life.
RP remembers getting his journeyman's license to be a plumber.
MP talks about the unique Saturday mornings their family had growing up and her dad bringing her along to job sites.
RP remembers acclimating his father to life in a nursing home.
MP asks RP where he got his essence of dreaming from.
RP remembers meeting his wife, MP's mother in a HEB grocery store.


  • Robert Puente
  • Miranda Puente

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