Robert Surface, Marcella Kubalsky, & Briana Chestnut

Recorded May 8, 2023 Archived May 8, 2023 44:26 minutes
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Robert is on hospice with the Providence Hospice LA County program for the unhoused. Robert spent most of his life living on the streets of the South Bay area of Southern California. He spoke with his intake nurse, Briana and the Chaplain for the program about his time living on the streets and preaching the word of Jesus. He also spoke about discovering the tumor on his back and finding out it was terminal. How the hospice for the unhoused program at Providence has allowed him to get end of life care and being moved in doors for the last chapter of his life.


  • Robert Surface
  • Briana Chestnut
  • Marcella Kubalsky
  • Hear Me Now Providence

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