Roberta DePoppe and Sean DePoppe

Recorded January 10, 2020 Archived January 10, 2020 39:20 minutes
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Id: MBY019539


Spouses Sean DePoppe [no age given] and Roberta DePoppe (45) recall the circumstances that brought them together and the unique moments that make their union so special.

Subject Log / Time Code

RD asks SD how his life has been different than what he imagined.
SD describes how he met RD.
RD and SD describe their engagement and first date.
RD asks SD if there are any funny family stories he knows about himself.
RD describes a difficult moments with SD's mother.
RD and SD recall how a food item from RD's culture brought them together.
SD recalls a kind stranger he met when he first moved to LA.
SD discusses how his new friend helped him heal from a breakup.
RD recalls a unique moment with SD's dog.


  • Roberta DePoppe (b. 1974)
  • Sean DePoppe (b. 1980)

Recording Location

Downtown Santa Monica