"We make discoveries when not expecting results." an interview with Roberta Rudnick

Recorded January 16, 2019 Archived January 16, 2019 19:41 minutes
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Roberta Rudnick, Professor at University of California Santa Barbara, was captivated by science from a young age, witnessing the Mt. Saint Helens eruption while in college, and traveling the globe to understand plate tectonics, and how and why continents form (since Earth is the only planet to have them). Roberta is a curiosity-driven scientist, seeking to understand the world and how to heal it from the effects of climate change.

Roberta knows that “climate change is hardest on people who have the least,” and that scientists must educate politicians and the public on the need for action. Even with the science, Roberta remains optimistic – humans looking after other humans gives her hope, and encouragement to continue her science, wherever it takes her. (Recorded 10 December 2017)


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