Robin Ericson, Douglas Ericson, and David Ericson

Recorded April 15, 2022 Archived April 15, 2022 40:04 minutes
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Robin "Rob" Ericson (74) and his sons David "Dave" Ericson (44) and Douglas "Doug" Ericson (40) talk about their military service and what it means to be a military family.

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RB asks Dave about his interest in the Air Force. Dave shares that he wanted to go to college, but the Air Force was what really drew his attention.
RE asks Doug about his interest, and he says he was not interested until his older brother, Dave went off to the Air Force.
RE asks Dave and Doug any advice for those interested in joining the Air Force. Dave and Doug share similar sentiments of how difficult it was but they are glad they went. They do say that if they knew what they knew know they would not do it again.
Dave and Doug recall their educational experience in the Academy. Dave studied Mechanical Engineering and Doug studied Computer Science.
RE asks his sons about their first assignments. Doug shares that he went to the Langley Air Force base and was a Communications Officer. Dave has always wanted to be a pilot, so his first assignment was pilot training.
Doug talks about his deployment to Iraq. He went for 6 months and worked a desk job. Dave shares his various deployments, but shares that he spent less time deployed and more time flying.
Dave talks about having his own family in the Air Force. His sons did very well, but his wife had to adjust to the uncertainty of the Air Force. Doug shares how his wife also had to adjust to the uncertainty.
Dave, Doug, and RE discuss what it means to call a place home as a military family.


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