Rodger McDaniel

Recorded March 7, 2019 Archived March 7, 2019 03:00 minutes
Languages: English
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"I’d be willing to trade you this old guitar for a bottle of whiskey."

When StoryCorps rolled into Laramie, Wyoming, Rodger McDaniel came into the Mobile Booth to remember his father.

His dad, Johnny McDaniel, worked over the years as a miner and milk truck driver, married and divorced Rodger’s mother three times—and he loved music.

Rodger remembers his beautiful singing and his shiny, black guitar.

After getting his dad’s guitar back, he tried to learn how to play without much success. It sat in his closet for years—until he got a guitar player for a son-in-law. They came together for a conversation on the StoryCorps Podcast.

Rodger went on to spend much of his career working in the field of alcohol and drug addiction.


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