Rola Jbeily and Nadine Lutz

Recorded August 27, 2022 Archived August 27, 2022 35:58 minutes
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Nadine Lutz (48) speaks with her mother, Rola Jbeily (69), about the stations of her life.

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Rola explains that she was born in Nigeria and at the age of five she was sent to live with her grandparents in Lebanon.
Rola explains that her grandfather's home housed the post office, courthouse, police station and prison.
Rola shares that she lived in Boston with her husband Niazi Jbeily while he was in medical school at Harvard.
Rola tells how she met her husband at the American University Hospital Cafeteria.
Her mother was against her having a relationship with Niazi, he happened to be on the news one day and Rola explained that she liked him.
Rola speaks about the civil war that started in 1976. The family left Lebanon for Cypress and then went to her parent's home in England.
Nadine had an American passport, and it meant they were able to leave Cypress without waiting in a shelter or having to quarantine.
Rola and her husband finished building their hospital in 1984, and another civil war broke out in 1985. The hospital was invaded by the militia.
Rola decided to send her three children, Nadine, Nesrine, and Wafik, to her parent's home in England.
Nadine tells the story of how the children escaped the civil war and made it to her grandparent's home.


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