Ron McKnight and Cara Aguilera

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Ron McKnight (78) talks to Providence staff person Cara Aguilera (61) about growing up post-WWII in Missouri and Chicago, difficult childhood memories and being informally adopted by another couple. Ron also talks about his love of reading and reuniting with his brother later in life.


  • Ron McKnight
  • Cara Aguilera

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00:00 All right.

00:01 My name is Ron McKnight legally address Ronald McKnight. But are you trying to charge in casual situations 78 now today's date is November 14th 2019. I'm at home in Renton Washington and the partner is my interviewer.

00:27 Hey, I'm Kara Aguilera at age 61. It's November 14th, 2019, and we're in Renton, Washington.

00:36 I like to call Ron my friend, but we're not too well acquainted. He's a nice fellow. So go ahead and tell us a little bit about what about are you going to start with the three wheels? No, I better start with me. Okay start with you in the Army World War II. We moved to Long Beach for a while where my brother was born and I imagine my father had something to do with that.

01:17 Afterwards the military had would not just let G eyes go and if they do now they had to find a place for him to live and there were like twelve million gi's in in the military and it was quite a

01:43 Write a procedure to find a place for everybody and their families.

01:50 We wound up in.

01:54 IKR

01:57 Farm in Missouri

02:00 And

02:02 My dad was not a Firebird didn't really just like the whole thing out how switch somebody should have moved before they moved but they didn't so we had to

02:19 So there was an outhouse in a bathroom inside to

02:30 Probably a telephone was the only thing that we had in the place besides rub of furniture. The telephone was your big wood backdrop on a wall about 2 feet high a foot wide and 8 inches deep and you picked up a

02:55 You talk into a speaker that was fixed to the telephone and I know less side you picked up a earpiece that you're listening through and that was out of a hook that bad turn the telephone on and into.

03:17 There is no doubt. So when it whenever he wanted to do anything you had to remove the crank on the right at running from bells and got the operators attention. You just tell her who you wanted to talk to and she didn't take care of it.

03:42 One of the problems with the telephone with my mother was just bored really bored and she would there was a party line with six people on it and whenever

03:59 Somebody was going to be called they had probably a certain number of rooms or whatever. I don't remember that but somehow I rather to pay my mother would listening until my dad came in and started yelling at her and get off the phone don't listen and I didn't like her listening in on the phone.

04:30 We had three horses and probably some other things but I don't remember what they were.

04:41 That were neighbors, but we never really got to meet anybody except for Friday when somebody to pick us up.

04:49 To show the Friday movie in town in large room with projector and screen that was put up.

05:03 Otherwise, I don't remember being any part of a community.

05:14 All right. I was pretty severely disabled depressed and pretty much most of the time I was and still am a little bit. Depressed background. I was a lot more depressed than I already am.

05:35 Actually, the biggest influence on my life has been me. I don't really let anybody in and I pretty much run my whole show so you're a loner you would say. Yes. And so when you say you were depressed, how did that look I mean, what did you do or did anyone else know you were depressed or you just felt that I'm sure they knew there was something wrong. I don't know if I knew exactly what it was.

06:10 But I I was

06:13 Quiet

06:16 I was very reluctant to say anything.

06:21 And I just kind of looked and watched rise going on.

06:29 Yes, I got.

06:34 Why you say that?

06:37 All right, I had from what I could observe that I felt that there was something wrong with me but I couldn't figure out what it was and nobody else was sure what that was just a Kind of Love mystery and

06:55 That must have been tough on you have anybody you could talk to about?

07:06 Not much of a talker though.

07:10 Well, I first had my two parents and

07:14 They were a couple characters themselves my dad or my dad wasn't a character. He was probably the sanest person out of the bunch, but my mother was

07:31 I wish I had the looking back.

07:34 Someone insane

07:39 And I said listening on the telephone with mirror on, Missouri.

07:46 There were a lot of uncles sleeping on a couch when we woke up in Chicago after we left as early after my father left.

07:59 She was a drunk car and

08:05 She's mad as a couple in Ormond Beach, California.

08:12 That she wanted up giving giving my brother and I too when we got to Chicago.

08:22 My mother my father was in very much.

08:26 Disagreement and I argued a lot eventually when the right family right couple arrived the three of my mother in them kind of push my father out.

08:43 At the time I may have known shovel what was going on, but not all over it and

08:52 My mother then you just kind of

08:56 Drinking and picking it up and whatever and we would meet Uncle someone show their every morning.

09:09 And

09:13 Pretty much

09:15 She was pretty much incapable taking care of so.

09:19 Your rights were mother stronger heat. Weld Marjorie right was a strong person stick was very quiet took care of the income the working pretty much at which all

09:36 Friday weather combined push my father out who came by a few times today so they can pick us up and talk to Crush by the time we'd never get into his car. We were told not to get into his car, but I don't remember what it was, but it was going to be something terrible.

10:08 It was a pretty poor life.

10:15 And I made it through. How did how did you cope? How did you make it? Okay, we started out in a housing project or temporary one which was for the veterans and the right family kind of stuck out there. And by the time they were turning it down both my mother and my father gone and the right to him a kind of Turkish in stayed in with us.

10:48 And took over she wanted to have kids and for some reason she couldn't so we were two kids.

11:00 That's horrible.

11:03 And she eventually

11:08 Growing up in the Illinois Institute for the insane in Chicago, and I think I had a large part to do with that.

11:21 I really never had much fun. When I was a kid. The only thing I can remember doing was reading on the show earlier or later on.

11:36 Probably read more books in a college student.

11:39 I want some of your favorite books growing up. Do you remember any of those?

11:47 I probably started with with a usual Ones for kids but

11:52 But I quickly went up from there by the time I got into kindergarten knew how to read well and by the time I got in the first grade re-read and Route and

12:12 I had a very high IQ.

12:15 And this was probably my salvation. I heard I was able to figure things out.

12:26 It didn't help in personal relationships. Okay. We were in a project that was block to block temporarily two-story homes cool stores in a hot water heater that you had to put a quarter in to get some hot water.

12:47 We didn't have it done tried that for now and

12:55 We were there for a while and people started moving out and getting homes. And as I say the rights were not really on the agenda and we were just left till just about the end and

13:13 This is right. I applied for housing in Chicago Housing Authority. And I didn't know it at the time. She was highly prejudiced occasionally. That would be a lot of people in your neighborhood, but she would say it cost me never to speak badly to them and always be polite. But when when she wanted housing she absolutely refused any thing where they were black people with and we finally got into 178 area code for me. It was more than Chicago most racist town in the US even in the shower for her.

14:04 They talked about segregation. A lot of Chicago was so segregated that I'm one side of the street or white sand on the other side of the street blocks and no blacks lived in the White side and a white slaves in the black side and Denver real estate agents that would do what was called Blockbuster.

14:33 They would move a black family into a white home and I will be hundreds of people demonstrating outside every day and every night.

14:44 Turn rocks into windows.

14:48 And all the houses near the Black communities had a sign in Windows in this house is not for sale. I didn't know what it meant at that time of do now when

15:05 They were able to buy enough houses had a great discount remove the black guy my back out and shoulder. I was just white people.

15:20 Akshay and

15:28 I did much get into trouble.

15:32 Hey.

15:35 Who's the owner and I didn't know what to do or anyting show a lot of time just by not doing anything. I got in trouble.

15:47 I

15:50 Don't remember much any of a good life the right family was.

15:57 She was very strong person and he was very strong and quiet and he worked and she took care of the house and that was it and she wanted kids and we are the kids. That's how I know. She had picked out when

16:14 My mother was in

16:17 Palm Beach, and she I believe at that time decided that you was going to take it over.

16:27 Because when we moved to Missouri, they moved to Arkansas that were frequent visitors.

16:36 He would take us rabbit hunting often him. I was the one who would jump out of the car.

16:45 How to brush your head off the Riders from throat rub it into a tub in that trunk.

16:52 I thought I would kind of wonderful.

17:03 Pretty much we had no relatives.

17:07 My father lived in Chicago and he would have probably he definitely would have taken his holder if he could have it.

17:16 Three of them made an impossible so we had almost no contact once in awhile my father already come over.

17:26 She is in one tiny tacos to Comiskey field.

17:31 Red Sox baseball field in the game going

17:38 And we met a couple of his kids and he was pretty much a wonderful father as far as I know from the how it would have been very much different if we had going with my father than my mother.

17:55 But you and your brother were together. And are you close? Were you close when you were growing up closer than we really where he wasn't.

18:10 That close to me. Are you close in age?

18:14 Xbox two and a half years apart and

18:20 Now he won't talk to me.

18:26 I believe he's Ma.

18:31 System that I'm in in in the welfare system.

18:36 Being taken care of that short of time. I finally located him and that he was your not.

18:43 House on Sheridan Road in Chicago, which is the North End and I put together that he was

18:51 Being taken care of how much as I am being taken care of by our wedding and I I don't family home.

18:59 That might be kind of difficult for you because if he's your only relative really.

19:08 Them and

19:11 When my last job I had no contact with my brother.

19:16 Until probably about 5 years ago when?

19:20 I'm trying to help me to locate them and

19:25 We talked for a little bit and

19:30 I had

19:33 Not been the nicest brother in the world. I have picked out a lot. And when did our Shepherd who died he was $2,000 and I never told my brother that.

19:51 And when I was in the Army, I was very sick almost all the time, and I wanted to stay in the hospital over the Christmas week 10 days we had off but they told me I couldn't and I don't remember getting home.

20:15 I wound up in his bed for a week.

20:18 I was cured from whatever was wrong with me and went back to the Army and was much more functional.

20:35 I had a difficult time working.

20:39 I

20:43 Trying to get tired of Fame Drive for a while and kind of walk away from things and go get another job I've had

20:54 Many different jobs

20:58 I can figure things out as I go along pretty well, so I don't have gotten a lot of jobs that I had. No experience or talent for a bit Brewery Coors Light.

21:16 When I located my brother about 5 years ago.

21:21 I just talked to him on the telephone for a little bit and

21:27 They're not showing him a check for $3,000.

21:30 That was a $2,000 should I didn't tell him about right? Kept it all so I gave it all to him this place your number of times and that week. I was high and I was in the Army I was in his bed for a week.

21:51 And I just woke up in time and went back to the Army and

21:58 Did much better.

22:03 I told him I shouldn't have stories joke songs anything like that. We were.

22:16 In the Army. Did you have any stories or jokes? Cuz I know sometimes when the service, you know people.

22:24 I have close relationships Hannah form close relationships in.

22:29 I never had any friends when we were in a project and remote to another project and I never had any friends to her.

22:40 Throughout the first eight rages school. I never had any friends.

22:47 Irish immigrant neighborhood the government had moved polish and Lithuanian people

22:57 Enter through the country and we had most people in our neighborhood where probation with one end and then

23:06 The adults had three great difficulty talking to you. The kids went to school and I learned English, but the

23:16 And don't forget about the matter about five and a half feet tall 10.

23:25 No rush and women were about 5 feet tall.

23:29 Short very Stout and they took care of the religion for the time. They are called the

23:39 Don't worry about those guys over their heads and went to 6:00 mass today. Take care of God for the family.

23:55 The kids were

23:58 Pretty close to six feet tall, under some over.

24:03 Very large really healthy

24:10 Satellite going way back had not had enough to eat and graduated jeans were much bigger than the person.

24:20 And when they came to Chicago the kids had enough to eat and Majors brew and

24:32 Bruce Lee kids in my 7th and 8th grade were six foot or taller and

24:42 I didn't have anybody would like me and

24:47 At recess time I have to be careful where I go in the in the

24:55 Yard, there was a teacher that stood there the doors for the front of a very far away from her and I got in trouble and had to get myself out of trouble. I got three good at it at

25:10 Getting away from people over one time I get up.

25:16 Can into a corner by Joe Strummer take tank. That was how he looked and

25:26 We had

25:28 Wooden fence all the way around a school yard and

25:37 Four by fours at two by sixes were unable to I mean this was released early fence.

25:45 And

25:47 How do I say I got pinned into the corner at one time and Joe decided to come at me? And if he ran at me I slept over there.

25:58 Finch and he went through it

26:01 He knocked out a few boards, but I would roll down the alley when it got off. Those are you didn't bother to trace me?

26:15 Things started to be a little bit better when I got into school I went to

26:21 Taylor and Tech High I didn't want to finish school with girls because the girls were also around six feet tall when I

26:35 Spanish for and they would think I'm a just a bunch of the boys and they were big strong and

26:45 I was home at 4, so I guess there was bullies everybody. There was a lot of bullies there a lot of boys and I would just pretty much everybody's enemy and everybody picked on me when I didn't have anybody else to take on.

27:04 One time

27:07 There is a cloakroom @ryan behind a

27:15 Classroom and it was open on both ends.

27:19 And I truly the girls came at day from one side and one of the girls coming at me from Another Side.

27:27 Am I had during the

27:32 PAW Patrol where we help kids across the street have this white velvet went over our shoulder and around our waste and roll it up real tight during the day and

27:49 Ashley Cain Anthony I flipped the belt off my

27:54 My dog and went after the one year old and she had a black eye for a while.

28:03 How much I never did try to trap me in today?

28:07 Confirm again.

28:11 When I got in the high school with Technical High School all boys high IQ and

28:22 We had three days of testing.

28:28 Fayetteville, yeah, it was difficult to get in the school. They took only the best.

28:36 And on

28:39 I had learned.

28:43 No worries going on behind me.

28:46 And I could see the monitors the teachers who were monitoring us making sure we didn't cheat come up from behind me and they were okay.

29:02 But when I got to me, they had their face straightened out and read say something to me. I keep working order.

29:11 I usually finish my

29:14 Test before price for anybody else when I put it on a corner the desk and she would say well you're going to do your part and she said you better look through and see if there's anything wrong. You might want to change something I never did.

29:39 And that was the first time that I

29:42 Actually learned that I had some value.

29:55 I I kind of learned in high school.

30:04 For the first two years and never had any friends.

30:08 Last year's or two of us all three of us Outsiders together and nominate friends.

30:20 The school had an orchid sell every year and when I was a freshman, I have told everybody.

30:29 In in the school and shame wizard South Warren

30:36 When I was in junior, I was really sad might have sold $500. So I don't know I'd go door-to-door asking if people wanted to buy on their of a dollar and they supported a lot of our activities. It was one of the things I could really get behind.

30:53 And when I was a senior

30:57 Is he truly loved the entire football team?

31:02 To sell as one person. We have a captain and a co-captain in our division and

31:13 That way one person the whole team was up against me when we when it ended.

31:24 The teacher would not say who's hold how many she just said you did good. Don't worry about it. And of course I have chosen football team.

31:41 As I turn my night was Butch when I was in Grammar School.

31:49 Just like cursive writing. I'm not a very steady person and I couldn't write very well. So I continue to print and we got into argument over that but I printed everything from then on I still do.

32:10 I got into the school paper as Ed manager, but

32:19 I told her address and I take a shower too many ads.

32:26 What horse I told me was it when your Honda somebody won't be able to sell these ads like you do and we won't be able to fill the paper like we do now I was limited to some number of Advocates fell and I was showing how to

32:45 What's the ads on on the page and there's a certain order and

32:57 That was

33:00 One of my

33:04 At that was probably the only activity but I have it. I really like I wasn't in any sports.

33:13 Yes.

33:14 Afraid of it and I was good at it but I didn't try very hard that that was one of my problems right? I could do everything and I didn't regard anything. It's very important and I would pretty much do what adults told me to do, but

33:40 I am School a

33:44 Didn't do

33:45 Any homework and

33:48 I was either at the top or near the top of my class in a test and I didn't think I had to do any homework if I do the test and a lot of times that was

34:05 Figuring it out as I went along in the test. I wouldn't pay a lot of attention in class, but I would have to bring that up when

34:16 It was at Anniston.

34:18 I did we were strongly math already ended in a technical school. So

34:25 Headaches from each master math and

34:31 I didn't do.

34:33 Any math, well very little math homework who the first shown semesters and then the a semester. I just finally gave up and he's you're trying to tell me if I didn't turn in the homework and I was still up there near the top and test scores. I just didn't think I had to do the homework when we were practicing graduation. She told me that I wasn't going to graduate. She was going to Flint me.

35:08 And my English teacher had already decided Flint meeting at which the two of them what we're enough to get me.

35:19 What held back for a

35:23 Now that you're summer or something.

35:27 Madre

35:29 English teacher and I had a lot of

35:34 Conflict, but

35:37 I had the impression that you write me.

35:43 AAA Southern he would pass me so I could graduate.

35:52 So I only had one failure.

35:56 And maybe you know teachers don't like it if their students could possibly be more intelligent than they are. That is true. Tell me about three wheels.

36:09 Curious getting to the end of our time we might have to have some other time cuz I think three will sounds like it might be a whole story in itself. Anyway after I graduated from my throat while I was working while I was showing orphanage one of the places they sold them was a used car lot and I was hired to be the bookkeeper Zahara to quarter an hour.

36:48 And I had a second room the boss.

36:53 Had baby first from coming in the back door and

36:59 Nobody else was in my room. So

37:02 I am on private room and I did a book and

37:08 I was just kind of shown how to do it and had no problem picking it up and I was doing

37:18 The books for a used car lot with a lot of payments and it wasn't the easiest in the world, but I no problem. I understand.

37:31 And I would

37:35 Kind of spaced out for a little while then you get back to work.

37:40 And

37:45 It was actually used car lot.

37:48 But I meant three wheels.

37:52 I hope they call in three wheelers because he

37:56 And his brother had it further help him and three wheels was the most disabled person that you could ever see his

38:10 Legs were twisted his arms were twisted. His body was twisted his head was off to the side he was

38:21 Just about as physically disabled as you could be and probably mostly void then.

38:30 Bad, but he was very strong person very bright.

38:37 And he would do tigers and I he and his brother owned a 6 apartment building about a block away from the Kyle and

38:51 Whenever he

38:53 Had to come down there, Delilah or anyone anywhere anywhere else. He has to be taken by car because

39:03 He had a couple of kind of makes your crutches and he walked on the crutches and drag his feet and they get around some but not very far.

39:16 So he got tired of that and decided to build a three-wheel cart, and then he helped him with a bigger part and I was your day was

39:27 Physically in really good shape. I have some man and but he was not all about her.

39:37 And I hate that he couldn't really figure anything out.

39:43 Three wheels had to do the

39:46 Designing and then most of the building and and

39:51 I think they had a handle they can you search like that sheets of plywood.

39:56 But on three Wells lives.

40:01 Much more extremely capable and you'd ever imagine just looking at him and watching a move around.

40:14 Pretty much wasn't anything he couldn't do when the boss had to leave.

40:21 I was too young to be trusted with a kind of lot by myself. So he go get three wheels and eventually three roll over come over on his card. He was going down the street one time. I got pulled over by the police and have any lights or anything on it.

40:41 And the cop told him it was illegal and he argue with them in the cop.

40:50 Tried to find out just where it was illegal and it turns out there wasn't anything against it in the books because that was the only one like that ever built in Chicago.

41:04 Show all 3 wheels continue to get around night and day on us for your old card. He used a starter motor from a car that had to be towed away for the northern and he used batteries from cars that had to be told to to run it and he had

41:29 Battery charger at home and everything I said battery to be charged and he's spending the day out on his card. And as far as I know I never saw him yet.

41:45 Stranded show somehow or other he always managed to keep that thing going and get home.

41:59 Never care for a steps coming out the back stairs and three Wells was he can make it up the backstairs, but it took him a while. He had to kind of Flo Rida what generation were they just pick him up and carry him in

42:16 I am at in winter when there was snow and ice on it. He he couldn't navigate to Ace Baxter's original really or anything.

42:28 All right. He pretty much was able to do whatever George wanted them to do.

42:35 It's a picture cars line. I always see.

42:41 Mechanic why no Wilson to us

42:45 Erron black man

42:47 And since he wasn't why he was called a lot boy.

42:52 And here we keep the car is running.

42:56 And it was pretty good. I had it but he was always just the rock boy.

43:04 And he had a family and he was

43:09 Black people had a problem working.

43:16 Some of them can hold a job for a long time then you couldn't but I know made sure that he have this job and

43:27 When he and George got finished talking. He never turned his back on charge you just back up.

43:36 And

43:38 Tell jokes as you got far enough back that George has turned around and walked away.

43:45 But he would never turn his back on George. He would always do whatever it took to get that job and

43:54 One time he

43:56 When entire

43:58 Ask George borrow $200 and George said he didn't have it going at Ashley bookkeeper. George heads free checking account.

44:11 Bro. Checks home one or the other account from

44:15 Pay one account and charge another and he was pretty good at time.

44:21 Keeping a balance in his account. It took three days to cash checks, and he had that float down perfectly.

44:30 But here

44:34 What's your motto land?

44:36 Buy now $200 and sentiment a sheeny is a kind of a joke.

44:43 And I don't came and my day was very unhappy and asked me and I said well.

44:52 I can't even care now, but you know, you'll get it tomorrow and he just stopped.

45:00 Stared at me

45:04 Is there something he had a mixed fraction 16 year old kid with $200 for a friend and I kind of wish cry, baby.

45:16 And I would save my money usually had some for the job when I was a kid and I shaved my money.

45:26 And I had at least that much him for a bit more.

45:33 Try now forgot to talk in a Southern accent when?

45:43 He had to talk again to me.

45:47 All the black people in Chicago had a Southern accent and

45:56 I always try to kind of settle.

46:03 Spectrum II traffic game

46:08 Kind of Illusion

46:14 Funny and eventually I started

46:21 Drinking in a black neighborhood. I'd go there midnight and the relaxing you bring it as I said earlier which all black and white people wouldn't under no condition ever grow into a black neighborhood at night that you did.

46:44 And

46:50 I would meet black people bring her but I never met a black person who had a Southern accent or who plot surrounding us that infected matter anywhere. Just totally normal.

47:06 And run on me and had an English accent.

47:11 But no Title IX Ranch.

47:15 And I went out I got along fairly well, but we were never close.

47:23 After I run him at $200 and returned it to him and he never told me what it was for nothing ever last time.

47:31 All right here.

47:33 Was

47:36 I know very gracious to me.

47:40 And a very friendly

47:45 Which you hadn't been before and he didn't drop the southern accent, but

47:54 We had a few moments at times when we were trying to re.

48:05 Watch George got a restaurant across the street from me.

48:13 Used car lots with used car lot had three small cottage type buildings that was made up of they were attached together.

48:23 And it was your mouth to try to get something. You never see that you're going for officers. I had the middle one and George Angel back back on bathroom window so you can see people.

48:39 Out in the car lot looking around and car shows and always jump up when I see somebody faithful girl hard.

48:56 Anyway, Go Fish restaurant across the street, Miami Drive-In.

49:04 I was already at Drive-In and we just restaurant and Regional drive a window or anything.

49:12 But he went to Miami once a year at new somebody who had

49:18 Appositional

49:23 Shining cat having cars being transported

49:28 From one place to another one state to the other by people driving in.

49:35 And George always had a kind of going down to her Heroes had a car when he was there and he always had a car coming up.

49:47 And it was almost always your Cadillac George like cataracts.

49:53 A r a Miami Drive in was managed by forever, and I did not get along at all.

50:03 And he would need fire me every once in awhile, Georgia had me working over there. Somebody was missing.

50:12 And

50:16 I didn't have a problem doing anything, but Robert just dislike me and I said

50:22 I am tired no more Thursday. I was there.

50:26 And I told you can't fire leave it entirely.

50:34 Complaining to George and George wood and Fire Light

50:39 So

50:41 Pretty much anything I had to do I did.

50:45 Start it off.

50:48 I doing the janitorial work, but eventually was able to sub in anywhere except behind the

51:02 I want a steam table and Grill.

51:08 I didn't cook but I can do coffee.

51:14 And I could also feel a coffee machine and take care of it when I was there.

51:23 But Robert and I were really at each others throat all the time.

51:31 Prewheelz was brought into

51:36 Find me drive in a case wanting to do something.

51:42 And surprisingly if it was janitorial, he did the broom and a mop and he do the job. It wasn't anything I do that you couldn't do.

51:58 And I

52:02 Tomorrow is a type. I wandered away then and stop working for George.

52:10 And I never got a really short of quarter of an hour. Even when I was working in the restaurant.

52:20 A few years later. I went back and used car lot in the drive-in on Tavern Armada way, Miami Grill and wicker history couldn't have a bar and a grill in Chicago. So he's a growing Miami Grill in your throat feel like

52:45 And I

52:48 He hired me immediately as night bartender or Bowl.

52:52 Not for any particular wage or get your money when I needed it. I had a room to sleep in in the back.

53:01 And the night shift wasn't watching it was whole.

53:09 Dryers from a particular tracking now chat and

53:16 Are all big much bigger than they are all wild boisterous threatening and whatever and I kind of had to stay out of their way.

53:32 Marbelys

53:35 I wish your father were so big people their parents were small, but had big jeans and when I got enough to eat liver big.

53:45 Anyway

53:49 Free wheels for Friday in xcaret

53:53 And he would stand by the grill.

53:59 Flip over to the steam table to finish up a plate or something rather.

54:09 And he was such a good cook at before long we had.

54:17 No place to shed.

54:19 No place to stand.

54:23 The place was full but whenever the door open some people attacked me, so I was going on.

54:29 It was kind of rough.

54:31 Being packed into a New York Subway.

54:36 And three way over to watch who is coming in and he got to know Chris while you watch it. It's kind of like so he'd start preparing.

54:48 Journey home and have it formed by the time you got. So you got back there was quite a chore to walk through all those people.

55:00 People would stand around a two-person table then drunk tank.

55:06 Can I throw people standing around a two-person table putting some of the things tile on the table?

55:14 Two people sitting there for us.

55:19 Freewheel's was just

55:23 An unbelievable person.

55:26 Probably impressed me more than anyone has in my life.

55:34 He made a big impression on you and

55:42 All right, I was

55:44 Kind of just as pretty well disabled then although not as bad as I've been in school and I was kind of coming out of it. We still not.

55:59 Well by any standard

56:03 Aaron her

56:05 I arrived Three Rivers and DJ do the caulking I would do that.

56:11 Breitbart timing when

56:16 Dinner was over. We had a factor fruehauf trailer factories across the street and got most of our customers from there.

56:25 And there was no time to really anything up on a register civil war sides. I just touched money on the bar and walk out.

56:39 George and three wheelers, and I waitress ready counting money proportion that out afterwards and everybody would get theirs didn't forget it and

56:56 Things were kind of casual.

57:01 I'm going to take birth.