Ronald Zikmund and Lea Zikmund

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Ronald "Ron" G. Zikmund (56) and his daughter Lea Zikmund (23) talk about Ron's memories of growing up as the youngest sibling and the relationship he had with his dad later in life. They recall some of the times they spent together during Lea's upbringing and express their pride and gratitude for each other.

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RZ recalls the imaginary friends he had during childhood and the houses his family lived in.
RZ reflects on what his relationship with his siblings was like growing up and how he earned his "cool" factor. He tells the story of racing his older sister to prove he could win.
RZ describes what an ideal day with his family would be as a kid. LZ recalls what she and her paternal cousins used to do together at family get-togethers.
RZ talks about his father's life and the ways that he and his values impacted him.
RZ recalls what he and his dad used to do together. LZ recalls some of what she and RZ did together when she was growing up, cooking egg rolls and Thanksgiving dinner.
RZ tells the story of how their family first met the neighbors that ended up becoming some their closest friends.
LZ recalls how one of the friends, Kevin, helped her paint a mural in her room.
LZ reflects on how she has never had to doubt RZ's pride in her. RZ shares some of the many things he's proud of when it comes to LZ.
RZ reflects on how much it meant to him that LZ and her sister appreciated his work to put them through school. LZ expresses her gratitude for RZ.


  • Ronald Zikmund
  • Lea Zikmund

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00:04 My name is Leah second. I'm 23 years old. Today is Wednesday, March 4th. 2024 in Fresno, California. I'm here with Ron Zacapa and who is my dad?

00:19 My name is Ronald zikmund and I am 56 today is Wednesday, March 4th. 2020. I'm in Fresno with my daughter Leah.

00:34 Okay cool, so I just wanted us to have a conversation today and preserve some of your life and your memories and ask you about some fun memories and some things that are important to you, so I wanted to start off by asking you

00:54 You grew up with three other siblings.

00:58 But as I understand you had some other special friends when you're growing up. Can you talk about your imaginary friends and what their names were will there was a large gap between my two sisters and my brother and me so it was like 5 years 6 years and 7 years. So when they went to school I was by myself with my mother at home and I developed my imaginary friends and they were Larry Clancy and Matt. Is that Matt or mat for that? Not if Larry Mack and Clancy and do you remember what you did together?

01:41 I used to pretend way back when I was 4 years old helping my mother cook and the thing that I always made with Saltine crackers and I would take a rolling pin and grind them up cuz that was going to go on.

01:58 Whatever we were eating for dinner that night. I thought my dad actually put them on some of his dinner. I think I make it worth my while because I made them.

02:13 And it was good if we had chili or stew or soup so I worked well then.

02:20 At what ages do you think that you had your imaginary friends then? I do remember that was like 4 years old. We had a big house and we moved out of that house to Hermitage from Farrell and the reason my mom had arthritis and she had difficulty. It was a peanuts house. I mean we had guest quarters there that my grandmother and my dad's mom stayed with had a fool everything kitchen stuff like that. And then we had an attic upstairs. That was we made it into a playroom and I can remember that's kind of where you start I think having memory, you know, I don't remember anything at 3 that I knows for because we moved and then I started kindergarten at the new school.

03:09 Yeah.

03:12 So you moved from that house to then. What was Papa Ziggy's house. Do you want to describe the house or like things that you liked it? Yeah property was bigger and there is a woods and

03:29 But we had a big basement so we can ride bikes in the winter time like my tricycle and stuff like that. So it lent itself to playing down there also and at that point my grandmother moved into that like a senior citizen apartment, so she was no longer with us, but it when we had the house and Farah we all had our own rooms that were fairly large and when we meant there there was only three bedrooms and so for a long time my brother and I shared a bedroom and my two sisters shared a bed. And so that was kind of Lent itself to some arguing at times. I mean, those are small room like very small rooms. I remember visiting their it feels different now that Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill's live there, but when we would visit when top is it he was there.

04:26 Like the first room on the right was the one with the hardwood. What did they all have nowhere to go? But the big room was carpeted. Yeah, but the first room on the right. You that was you and Uncle Bob's room wasn't it? Or was that and yeah that didn't answer you back was bothering eyes and then as Nancy and Janet got married I took over their room. So I'm curious if you would like want to talk at all about your siblings like their relationship you have with them because I feel like so you grew up in Western PA, which is pretty far from Central PA says like about 5 6 hours to whenever we would go visit family and Ashland and I like even from a young age. I would always say like Dad that seems so happy with his family like you always get like because you're the youngest sibling you always get like kind of in a different mindset when you're around them cuz they always like to tease you and

05:27 Your what your little Ronnie to them? So like tell me about your sibling in early on you know, when they were older a lot. A lot of times. They didn't want to be a part of whatever I was doing cuz I was still 4 and 5 and they are already going on 10 11 12, meaning whatever so they had their bigger and better things to do with the neighbors and stuff like that. So then as I got older and bigger and started Sports in baseball in wrestling, they got more involved in now.

06:05 You know following me and stuff like that. So

06:09 UK

06:12 Stuffy. Yeah

06:16 Okay.

06:20 Yeah, I remember you saying that.

06:24 But they didn't.

06:26 They didn't think you were like cool for a little while if you think you were cool. So, how did you earn your cool Factor?

06:35 I guess like when my parents used to go away, I would Swarm at Nancy and Jan and especially like I would just attack them and they hated watching me. They would always complain to my parents like you cannot leave him with us. You got to take him so I can get in trouble for that. But you know, I would put them both in some wrestling moves and at it started out kind of fun and stuff like that. And then either one of them start getting hurt and I thought that was funny that I could be as young as I was and have that kind of power over someone older than me. So this reminds me of a story that I really want you to tell us so that we have it recorded. There is a story that you've told me multiple times about you racing and Nancy setting her that you answer will you please tell about in full what you had been doing before you decided to raise and Nancy and how that went for you. So weird sometimes

07:35 My college Years and I can remember my one of my aunts died and we were all back for the funeral but it was Springtime whatever and there was a lot of people at our house then after the funeral and

07:51 The night before I went out to Quaker Steak & Lube, which was the bar down and Sharon that I always hung out.

08:01 And

08:03 I stayed there pretty late and then we know we did the funeral on Saturday and stuff like that. But one of the things I brought home with me was like a half a bucket of wings that we all didn't eat. So I pulled them out and started eating them and Nancy started making fun of me because during college I gained a considerable amount of weight and I had a beer belly and you are really small in high school. I want to see you weren't you were like 90 lb when you're 59 freshman in high school by Russell 205 and they called you ask Ronnie Ronnie Wright my sister some people I wrestled with it. Okay, I was scrawny Ronnie to them. And so I progressed at a pretty big clip. I think through high school years. So I went from 1:05 to 1:19 to 1:32 to 167. And that's why I finished up.

08:57 So so they've been teasing you cuz you put some weight on your eating wings. You're hanging out with your family. I said I could beat you in anything any day any time just like that and she said you couldn't run a mile and I said I could beat you in the mile not only run one. But if we write so I'll be in so you she said bring it on so I got my Jog and stuff on and we knew that it was exactly one mile from my dad's house up to the airport, which is no longer an airport to anymore. So that was the deal. You know, we were going to run out then back. That was a mile.

09:41 And so well

09:44 We are we took off and I thought I was worried and I thought I hated losing that was one of the things there's several stories and stuff that I did just to indicate that I am and I will admit that. I still am a poor loser. I don't like to lose it anything so

10:02 That's why I'm not losing this race. There's no way I had a couple of their uncles and some cousins there and they're all gone yet. So I took off like a bat out of hell and sprinted up to the corner of Christy road, which is where we make the turn to the airport. So your strategy was like just get ahead of her and then I took off and I made it to the airport and then I turned around and we had to pass each other and I was making fun of her saying you're never gonna catch me. You're never gonna catch me and I mean, I was hurt I got admit I was hurt and I thought of quitting then just go and let's call this the truth, but I thought I'm going to win and I kept on going and I collapsed right?

10:49 At the end of the driveway and I can just feel my heart pounding and I started saying my Uncle Mike was a doctor who is the father of the people I just visited in Denver right? Go get Uncle Mike in there. Like for what Isis I swear I'm having a heart attack. It just hurt and I could feel my chest pounding and stuff like that and then I calmed down and I was like see, you know, whatever. Where's the rest of my wings. We got a call so

11:27 I wanted to ask I'm sure you have a lot of memories from childhood and I want to ask you some some other things but one last question on that. Of your life if you could describe an ideal perfect day with your family either like a memory that you have or just like what would be happening on a good day with your family when you were little.

11:53 You know, I got to admit that's kind of tough because

11:58 Like family vacations ever such a gap in our age now that was because my mom had two miscarriages but so there was such a gap that we never a lot did stuff together. If we did it was simple like go to a mini amusement park at Cedar Point or go up to ear in Presque Isle or something like that. But as far as going to the beach for a week, I mean to take for kids there and go through all that. My mom didn't like to be sure and all that kind of stuff anyway, so, you know, I guess the best days were like going up to Erie and sometimes we would take my other aunt and uncle the Grands on my dad's side. They were fun people to hang out with and we did a lot had a lot of parties in our backyard their backyard like fires all the time like bonfires and go over the cousins.

12:52 Papa's they used to always take us out for Dairy Queen. That was the special treat. He's got us hot dogs and ice cream and you guys were well-behaved. I remember that story you guys. Yeah, but Janie least we're just hoodlums. I mean they were throwing stuff and they made a mess on the table. And again, I think like we were out to dinner the other night and when the waitress came up to my cousin's boy and said your kids are impeccable that at school. Well, I think I also like because we saw papa say so much less than Jason Annalise. I think we saw that time differently. So for clarification clarification Jason and Elise are your sister and Nancy's kids and so on Ashlan and I were very close, but I'm growing up.

13:42 We didn't see them as much so I feel like everyone was on their best behavior, except the four of us when we were together and we always reach havoc on your life. I'm sure they're stories of the four of you that I don't know about to email.

13:57 Well, this is all we used to do when we would get together. We would be so excited to go and and visit your side of the family and we be talking to Jason at least the week leading up to and we can I call my God we're going to do this we're going to do that. But these are the things that we always said because they had all the cool like tag equipment and whatnot in the basement. We would always like put on shows and like right musicals and they make you guys come down and watch these like horrific musicals that we came up with where we play like Shania Twain machine going and then they were huge production and they took a lot of work and they took a whole day and we were like so excited to all just like being a basement with then hang out with each other and then we wait for you guys to fall asleep because no parents no rules and then we'd stay up late and watch TV that we weren't supposed to watch and then we would have cereal parties.

14:54 And the way of cereal party goes is really specific. So you get a big jug of milk out and all the cereal that you want to eat and you have to make sure you get the ratio wrong so that you can keep going. So the first ball you pour cereal and too much milk and see you eat all your cereal and it was like Apple Jacks usually and then you had too much milk CO2 fill it and put different cereal and sweet like Cocoa Puffs in would like eat all the Cocoa Puffs and we just keep going so that's what we did.

15:25 But yeah, I have such good memories of I feel like I grew up with them but didn't see them enough but like that was such a big part of

15:36 My life still was like growing up with them.

15:42 When we get together for pool parties and play volleyball and it was the same thing. There was a couple of us that did not want to lose in volleyball you miss her.

16:06 So I want to ask you I have some good memories of Papa's Iggy. But I feel like you were pretty close with him if you want to come in to talk about so we call him Papa Ziggy. But what was his actual name? Robert Allen Glen was after me or I was after him whenever Robert cleanse Hickman and what did he do for work?

16:30 His whole life he was a draftsman at Westinghouse Corporation kind of a step below being an engineer.

16:42 So he went to school for two years and then he got drafted into the army and unfortunately once he returned that's when my sister Nancy was born. So when he was over in Japan, my mom was pregnant. He never saw her born or wasn't around because the back then you didn't go in. But anyways, he wasn't around for that birth. And then once he got back from the Army, there was just

17:09 I guess he said there was just too many responsibilities to be able to go back to school full-time and needed to work and then the done and so he did all his life.

17:18 When did he retire when did he retire he retired he retired at 55 and the reason was as they were shutting down the Plant in Sharon Westinghouse and at the time he was traveling back and forth to Muncie, Indiana to help in that move. I mean so for like a year, he was back and forth on a little plane and stuff like that with the crew of brasswinds and engineers and so he was a big part in drawing and laying out the equipment that they're going to take from Sharon to put out there.

17:54 And they finally offered him a job out there and they just spent 55 knowing that he was going to retire pretty soon didn't want to pick up and go to the strangely in like that. So they just said I can retire and at that point I was the only one left at home. I was in college and I was pretty close to being done. So I mean their house is paid off. He didn't really have to work those kind of hours and stuff like that so they lived fairly simple.

18:25 That was that yeah. I feel like I don't know if you would agree with this, but you have carried a lot of likes like his values and how you live to like living simply appreciating Small Things stuff like that. Like I I didn't get a very strong sense for who he was because we didn't see him as much but like I do feel like the way you talk about him that you have carried out on would you agree? I think like many people say that you were personality is like mine and I would agree to a large extent not 100% the same but people said the same thing I look like my dad. I acted like my dad and I did the same kind of LED my life like my dad.

19:12 Feel like he was like a brother to brother totally different direction. What is something that's like really important for you?

19:23 Two that is part of who you are that that you got from him.

19:28 Athletics really I would say Athletics heat. My dad was a good baseball player and actually played in a farm somewhat of a farm club way back then and for the Detroit Tigers and I think he had big aspirations of making it into the major leagues, but my dad was a good baseball player, you know, I couldn't carry his jockstrap if I tried but I believe it was cool later in life and I watched him play a lot of softball in my day. And as I got older to join the church league once I was old enough, I actually played with him and then that was pretty cool to be on the same team as my dad. Let's see what else

20:11 My dad still love baseball and they formed an over 50 league between Pennsylvania and Ohio. They call it the pen Ohio league and these guys over 50. We're playing Hardball baseball 90-foot stealing pitching curveballs and I was impressed to see that. I mean they played you can go watch the game and it was a good game to watch you and so is a bunch of talented people from around the area, but they had to go into both states to find them. So but that was pretty cool.

20:47 I feel like you used to have really good one-on-one time with him when you would visit to which is cool before even after he was remarried like

21:01 What would you buy know that so tell me what would you do with him when you would visit you kind of had a routine with him before? I just got out of the house. We would sit there and watch.

21:11 I'll probably watch the news and we talked about politics and we were on the same wavelength is with politics and

21:19 You know gun rights and stuff like that.

21:25 But you always so you would go to church with him and then you guys will get breakfast. That's what I feel like you always say and now we always get breakfast at each other and we're both counter people. Yeah, so that was my dad saying even if we went hunting early in the morning sit at the counter at a diner.

21:46 Yeah, that was I guess that's where I get that from. I was just so used to go in there and being part of the guy sitting at the counter cuz it's amazing that women don't sit at the counter. I don't know why but they would rather sit at a table or Booth with you whenever especially whenever we go out of choice every time I go to other choice, you would want to sit at the counter with the dark as you can watch them make your food on The Griddle and stuff like that.

22:15 Yeah, I think that that's like a nice almost sacred routine that you had with him that he's like you always did that together and I know it's hard for you to talk about. So what's up, just like when one Papa said he passed away. I feel like it's still it's been what three years maybe almost to the date 5 years ago and it's been a little a lot longer since your mom passed away and her mom died after she came out to visit us your mom's full name was Mary Berry and thermos Marion Dennis, and I know that you learned a lot of what you know about cooking from her. How do you learn that? Did you cook with her to do wash her really?

23:15 A little curious and stuff like that, but I never until I got older and stuff like that and would start to help like I come home from college or something like that her. Yeah, but never did we cook. I think he wanted to do her own thing. She knew what she wanted and she did it.

23:31 I'm curious about that cuz like you would let me cook with you.

23:35 Play kitten Personality. Yeah, that was kind of cool. I mean maybe I realized the fact that I was shunned out of doing that include, you know, so it's learning experience when you let me cook Thanksgiving dinner with you one year.

23:49 I don't know if you remember. We are at 11 Hallmark and

23:56 I feel like I was young enough that I didn't know what was going on but old enough that I was like really excited about cooking and you let me do everything with you the whole day. Like you have done all your prep work that you do every year for Thanksgiving Siri. Like, you know, I already made the mashed potatoes basically just have to put them in the oven like I already did this but I was like your sous-chef and you helped me with the turkey like we wash the turkey we stuff together and I was like so proud of myself. I felt like I like took responsibility for dinner that year, but that was fun. I like that you always let me like when I would be like God, can I cook with you if you pull a chair up to the island when I was too little and then like we both like sand across and you help me like push out the dough for pizza or like whatever we were making or like when we use that we went through a phase where we would make egg rolls together. Yeah. Well, we fry them outside, but we would prepare them on the island inside.

24:53 It's weird like we got away from doing that. I don't know what made me and get you involved in making egg rolls on such a mess. Like if we go out and have good egg rolls and that will just let's start making because it seemed like we just made egg rolls for months and then all sudden we haven't made any sense in the packs of the pre-made like a girl swears and then was like, we just started making them all the time. It was like so fun, but

25:30 Yeah, I feel like I have good memories of 11 Hallmark and growing up with you and Mom having he's like really cool best friends Kevin and Sherry. I'm curious if you would want to talk about them at all or just I feel like heaven was such a good friend to you and I have good memories of him teaching me art and things like that. But yeah the story of how we met when I was going to ask me to tell the story of how you met.

26:00 So when we lived at 11 pewter which was in their backyard the parallel streets to clarify you and mom made a move from one street over we literally moves around the corner to 11211 Hallmark hallmark, but we wanted a bigger house with a finished basement so that you guys could play at friends and they already had the pool. So then the day basement went right out to the pool and we thought that was pretty cool too. And then we wouldn't drive you nuts when you were working night shift little did we know is that you could be down there with boys and I wasn't down there with boys. We all know that sneak out into the pool and who knows of bathing suits for whatever.

26:49 Been there done that so you were living in 11 theater. And so one of the things that he live in pewter that I wanted to do was put an above ground pool a large 1in and the people before his head weirdly fenced off an area just for their kids to play in and they didn't Encompass the whole backyard which was a pretty big backyard and I thought that just wasted space and if we put a pool and I'm going to have to take that fence down. So I took the fence down which made that an open walkway for Tim Erica and all those people on so they were teenagers that the time that we're living in now on Hallmark and that gave them the opportunity instead of walking around the corner to cut through our backyard which I could care less but it happened to be I remember it was a Saturday and it was rainy and we are having a nice dinner in front of the sunroom off our event all four of us. My back was turned and I could tell

27:49 Mom was kind of looking behind me and I thought I looked back and I thought what's going on, you know, cuz that when I look back I didn't see anything and she's just kind of keep an eye out cuz she knew if I saw what was going on. I was going to go off but it turned out that it was Timmy's buddy that went to Moon Erica Tim sister who was strangling behind with her girlfriends. He went to tell me was his name until he went to Moon the girls and he dropped his pants all the way down to his ankles and I kind of thought if you want to Moon the girls, that's fine. But just how about just showing your butt instead of everything dangling down by Mary Kay so when I turned around and that's what I saw and then Mom knew I was going off so they walked over to the house and went into the house and I said, I'm not letting this go and I didn't even have

28:41 She's on and I remember we must have been somewhere because I had dress socks, which I would never been wearing dress looks on Saturday, but I went storming out the back door of the sunroom over to there and I'm sorry was doing dishes and saw me flying over and said Kevin The Neighbors coming over and we hadn't talked to them ever. This was going to be the first encounter with the neighbors and we had lived there for maybe a year or year-and-a-half by now. They didn't come over and introduce themselves to me. And so we didn't do the same or just busy plus it was cold and stuff like that when we moved moved in in November, but anyways

29:18 She said Kevin this guy is coming over and he looks pissed and I was scary when you're mad too. So he met me outside on their patio before they had the deck at the sliding door and he came out. He's like what's going on? So then I told them and I said, you know, I have two daughters and wife and you know, I don't care if the kids walk through there, but that's bullshit and he agreed and so I said he says yeah, I'll take care of it. And so I turned around and I left and by then we were done with dinner. So we were cleaning up and I was at the kitchen sink with Mom doing self and he got those guys all line up along the garage and you can tell he was giving him the riot act and so right after he gave him the ride ride taxi must said and you're also going over and apologizing so they all came over in an unfortunate. It was Timmy that did the apologizing even though it wasn't him.

30:14 I did the mooning and stuff like that, but it was his friends and stuff like that. So from that point on that became a story of how we met under adverse conditions and then we get it off. I need to speak probably too good because shortly after that I can remember like that. These people are okay and stuff like that and I can remember a Christmas song We're Going the Grammys and for whatever reason instead of going up pewter. I went down around and up the polemarch. Yeah, and it was trash day parently cuz we sometimes went after Christmas and they had all this trash out for Christmas and

30:50 One of the things that were was out there was several cases of empty Yuengling bottles and cans and stuff. And I told your mom we got a party with these people we got to go over there. That was probably a bad thing. But it cuz then we ended up over doing it over the next few years, but it was getting together with them and then the Millers that started that block party and they're whatever. It's very unfortunate that both of them died the way they did, you know with the situation their kids were in so mean

31:23 Whatever. Yeah.

31:26 Yeah, I definitely I think when people pass away there's different ways that they live on in our memories and different things like that. And right now it brings me a lot of Happiness to the blanket that I have the painting that I did. So I used to do all these little art projects with Kevin and we would make board games together. And do you know that's what we make board games together and I think one day I was like, I want a mural on my wall and he was like, okay and then just came over and put tarp down and taped my wall off and I was like, I wanted to be like a Bob Ross painting and so it turned into a Bob Ross painting. I remember was wasn't that a picture of the one in your bedroom door so I can picture that you took the Grammys at the day. I thought he did that one. We were gone. Maybe it was as he actually had a picture that you took when we were sitting on the bench at the bay at Grammys. And then when he did that painting we left we were down there again just for our vacation with Grammy and while we were gone we gave him the other day.

32:26 You can kind of care with anyone. I know we did it together. We did it together. Cuz I remember it it was through like a whole day and I remember Mom was around and she was like downstairs and like he put the tarp down and brought all his paints over and stuff like big things of paint. And the first thing that we had to do, I think we kept the blue background that my my room was blue. We always called my in the Blue Lagoon and ashlyn's room as purple as the marble Palace. We left my wall blue.

32:54 And the first thing we had to do was the Horizon which was black and so we painted like more than 50% of the the wall black and then the backdrop for the clocks you have to do it in layers. And I remember Mom came up and she was like, oh my God, it's so dark. Like I don't want it to be this dark. She's so young. I think I was like 10 maybe and then as it progresses these like big beautiful sunny clouds, and he let me do all the happy trees like Bob Ross with you. So I had like a feather brush like a big fan brush. That's what they're called a fan brush and he was like you can do that happy tree. So I did all the little little trees in the background and stuff like that. But yeah.

33:35 Okay, so we have like 7 minutes left and I have a few more questions.

33:42 And just things I want to say.

33:46 I think I've always asked you a lot of questions. And so I know you very well now and it's yeah, I used I've asked you so many questions since I was little I remember driving all the time. We're going out to dinner and I feel like what's your favorite color. What's your favorite food. What do you think about this Dad.... And I always ask you so many questions. So I think at this point, I know you pretty well.

34:08 But

34:10 Something my favorite thing about you as my parents that I just wanted to tell you is I've never had to wonder if you were proud of me and I've always just known through who you are and how you are with me that you are very very proud of me and Ashland and that you do take credit for some of our successes as our parent, but that you also understand a lot of that is just things that we've done and made happen for ourselves and I'm curious if there's ever been a time that you were like really really proud of me that you can think of right now like a specific time.

34:49 You know graduating from a good school like Dickinson and with no credentials that you graduated with Magna cumlaude e that was one there. So many I mean there's a lot of them the fact that you realize you couldn't play basketball was I was proud of that cuz that was getting painful to watch although I supported that and I was proud of you and many of them when you went to cross-country. I thought you know, it was hit-or-miss if you had a good day you were on you did Val and if you weren't feeling it you sucked but I remember going there and I think that was cool to ride my bike at then try and get at least two or three intervals why I would see you cuz other than that, you know, it was like the start and then most of the parents just waited till you came back and it's like some sort of action, you know and stuff like that. So I took the bike and that was

35:42 You know, I know I did that several times and stuff and you are always at the end with an orange Gatorade for me and I was going to put it in the freezer on the team who liked had and support the whole way through the race. Like I remember so many times that I wouldn't even know that you were going to be there and I was out like a rough point in my race and I look up in your on your bike and you be like what's goalie and then your bike race off to go and find me at a different point and I never knew when it was coming. But I remember one time I had like a really bad side stitch and I was like struggling and then you were like, let's go

36:20 Hell, yeah, but yeah.

36:25 Is there anything that you had wanted to ask me?

36:29 Are you looked over the questions? And you know, I mean I think and you asking a question and just maybe going off on my tangent. Like I usually do when I'm telling a story. I can't think of any one thing that I would want to ask of you because I think I know you know, I'm pretty sure than I know the answers to those questions, but on the same token you and Ashland have made it apparent though.

37:13 Funny cuz it's a simple answer, but I remember you thanking me for putting you through school.

37:26 But I thought that was cool cuz most kids don't realize.

37:32 Value of that education

37:37 Yeah, something funny. I remember when I first got to college and I was loving how much I was learning and how much?

37:47 Oh, just like really expanding not just my thoughts but my opportunities in the things that I've been able to do and I do realize that you know, not everyone has that opportunity and you really did make in your actions and everything about how you raised me. If we made it very apparent that education was super important and that I could do whatever like every time I was like that he's going to do this you were like good do it. Like I've never felt like whatever, you know, and I don't think either one of us mom or I tried to influence you to no don't do that. But do this extremely well you seem happy with what you're doing and getting ready to move on.

38:43 Well, I did y'all do you guys to thanks?

38:48 I am I feel like I was saying with a little bit to you last night, but just to

38:54 Have it set again. I'm really grateful for.

38:58 Like

38:59 I joke about how much I was asking you when I was little but I think I just really desperately wanted to know who you were not just as my parent but like as a person and so much. Context of like how you were raised in like little things like what your favorite color is or like that you always would say blue with your favorite color and you like that you like steak the most and I don't remember your favorite number, but I remember my questions got like pretty pushy at one point cuz I think you cried at dinner one time and I was really little and I was asking about your mom but like it's been very important for me to understand you and I feel like you've opened up a lot more to me and Ashland in the past few years and it's been really exciting to feel close to you in like a different way. I like that. I do want to call you as like my friend sometimes and just like shoot the shit with you and talk to you about stuff.

39:56 And I just appreciate that I know it's not always easy to be vulnerable and like when you could just be kind of the way that you were raised to be like to see no, don't cry don't talk about your feelings. But like that is when I do feel the closest to use when you are telling me how you feel about suffer. Also when you're like in all of like the world like I think that's probably one of your greatest traits is like you seem very new in a lot of ways like you are so excited by things and be like, wow, that's really cool. Like when I tell you stuff. I know you're going to be like quotes really cool or like a new place or whatever. And so I just

40:38 Yeah, it's I feel like I know you very well at this point along the same lines that you were saying about how you look at the way.

40:47 We let you do all those kinds of things.

40:51 I for the record would want to say that I had awesome parents only supported my education my whatever I picked remember a couple times just getting really frustrated with staying after school for wrestling practice and coming home and eating by myself and all that kind of stuff and I was thinking about quitting in my dad said if you want to quit quit and I thought I kind of knew that he wanted me to pursue that I didn't do it necessarily for him. But you know, I was supported in all that kind of stuff whatever I wanted to do other than excessive drinking and getting in trouble with the law.

41:29 Well, sometimes that happened. I'm glad you could pass the nothing too. Terrible. I'm glad you could pass on that that good parenting and thank you for doing this with me today and answering all my questions and I love you so much. I love you and thanks for having me.