Ronny Marty and Bukola Oriola

Recorded May 10, 2021 Archived May 9, 2021 42:54 minutes
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Ronny Marty (45) and his friend and colleague Bukola Oriola (44) talk about Ronny's upbringing in the Dominican Republic and the memories he has of his father. Ronny shares about his experience being labor trafficked out of the Dominican Republic into the United States, talks about how he got out of the situation and how his case was managed, and gives advice to others who hope to help survivors of human trafficking.

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RM talks about his upbringing in the Dominican Republic. He reflects on the impact his dad has had on who he has become, and tells BO that she is like a sister to him.
RM talks about his childhood dream of becoming a singer and how he still hopes to accomplish that dream. He talks about his hopes of encouraging his children to follow their dreams, too.
RM talks about how he was labor trafficked out of the Dominican Republic to the United States. He talks about his first job at a hotel, and remembers receiving only $40 in his first paycheck.
RM shares a memory of a friend at the hotel who was kind to him and hugged him when he cried. He remembers his first attempt at getting help when he spoke to the news, only to receive backlash from his recruiter and strong orders not to speak to the news.
RM talks about finding a new job but fearing that his trafficker would find him because of the van he and his colleagues had with them.
RM remembers speaking to Julie, an agent, who was kind to him and treated his case with humanity. He shares that his traffickers were arrested.
RM gives advice on how to treat survivors of trafficking, and also shares advice for people who are hoping to make a difference in the world of human trafficking.


  • Ronny Marty
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