Rosa Fragoso

Recorded November 26, 2018 Archived November 26, 2018 22:57 minutes
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In this interview in November 22, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Maya Fragoso (17) interviews her aunt Rosa Fragoso Ramirez (56) about her childhood, her moving to Chicago, Illinois from Durango, Mexico in 1961. How it was difficult to except her self from being Mexican and not a white American as she was growing up. She didn’t look Mexican with her light skin and green eyes. In her neighborhood 24th St. it was full of white Americans. Now it’s a community of Hispanics. She looked up to her mother, my grandmother, how she tought my aunt how to be a lady. She told some funny stories about her little brother, my dad, witch I was suppress to hear. I asked my aunt how she likes today’s race and hatred for other people, as if it was the same hate or different hate. At the end of our discussion, my aunt told me how bold many kids are becoming in this generation.


  • Maya Fragoso

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