Rosella Scott and Abigail Schneier

Recorded April 18, 2022 Archived April 18, 2022 44:29 minutes
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Abigail Schneier (17) interviews her friend Rosella Scott, Jr. (84) about his experience in the military, his family, and his union career of more than 50 years.

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Rosella talks about joining the Air Force, basic training, and the various places he was stationed.
Rosella talks about the challenges of serving in the military as Black man prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He talks about serving a country that failed to treat African Americans as full citizens, and he talks about the integration of the military.
Rosella talks about one of his closest military friends, who was a white man from a wealthy background.
Rosella talks about working in radar and doing surveillance of flight plans.
They discuss hate, and they talk about what the opposite of hate really is.
Rosella talks about getting married to his high school sweetheart, Ruth.
Rosella tells the story of the origin of his name, a name that his been passed down through generations of his family.
Rosella remembers skipping school to go watch Jackie Robinson play an exhibition game in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Rosella talks about his membership in the construction union that he has been in for 57 years.
Rosella talks about keeping hardships to himself and moving forward with tenacity.


  • Rosella Scott
  • Abigail Schneier


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