Rudy Montoya and Juana Montoya-Jamison

Recorded February 8, 2023 Archived February 8, 2023 39:29 minutes
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Cousins Rudy Montoya (88) and Juana Montoya-Jamison (72) recount their family history in Mexico and the United States. They tell stories about grandparents, siblings, and Juana's father, who is Rudy's cousin.

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Juana Montoya-Jamison (JM) details her and Rudy Montoya's (RM) family background.
RM remembers his uncle and JM's grandfather, Juan.
JM describes her pride in her family's generosity and faith.
RM talks about Juana's father, who is his cousin.
JM recalls discovering she had the same blood disorder as her grandmother.
RM asks JM about her siblings.
RM asks JM what she remembers most about her father.
JM talks about having a stroke.
RM recalls studying aerospace engineering in school and becoming a software engineer.


  • Rudy Montoya
  • Juana Montoya-Jamison

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La Fe Community Center