Russell Patterson and Alayne Unterberger

Recorded January 29, 2022 Archived January 29, 2022 37:33 minutes
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Friends Russell "Russ" Patterson (69) and Alayne Unterberger (56) discuss Russ's upbringing, his military service and travels, and his political involvement over the years.

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RP describes his childhood in the '50s and '60s. He remembers times he's visited his mother and surprised her.
RP talks about his military service and needing to overcome air sickness. He describes the places he traveled to.
RP remembers coming back to the states in '99, eventually coming to Florida, and meeting his second wife. He talks about how he found his purpose working in politics.
RP talks about memorable experiences in his human rights work in Tampa Bay.
RP describes how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his life. He talks about how the pandemic has been different from other historical events.
RP talks about the importance of young people's involvement in politics, and the importance of keeping voting accessible for everyone.
RP describes his father and his politics. He discusses why he changed from being Southern Baptist to Unitarian Universalist.
RP talks about an upcoming trip to Brazil, and remembers hosting one of AU's annual parties at his home.
RP describes the first thing he'd do if the pandemic ended tomorrow.


  • Russell Patterson
  • Alayne Unterberger

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation

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