Ryan Gorringe, Nadine Gorringe, and Amelia Gorringe

Recorded August 27, 2022 Archived August 27, 2022 40:39 minutes
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Ryan Gorringe (43) and his daughter Amelia Gorringe (17) interview his mom, Nadine Gorringe (81), about her life's journey, including favorite childhood, career, and family memories.

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Nadine (N) talks about her grandparents.
(N) talks about her favorite childhood memories.
(N) talks about her first car. She bought it in 1960 for $250. "It was not a cool car. It was one of those please don't see me driving this."
(N) talks about meeting her husband, Mark. "What's the name of the tall dark skinny one?"
(N) talks about how life may have been different if he had gone to college.
(N) talks about a near-death experience she had as a child of five or six. She was hit by a car but did not have any serious injuries.
Ryan (R) and Amelia (A) ask N a funny question to end the interview: "When you replace the toilet paper, are you the type of person who hands the paper in the over or under position?"


  • Ryan Gorringe
  • Nadine Gorringe
  • Amelia Gorringe

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Boise State Public Radio