Sabra Lumbert and Marion Fulton

Recorded July 29, 2023 Archived July 29, 2023 56:36 minutes
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One Small Step partners Marion Fulton (89) and Sabra Lumbert (34) discuss their very different backgrounds, their experiences teaching in Asia, and their differing views on abortion

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Marion Fulton and Sabra Lumbert share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Marion shares her family's experience as Jews fleeing Prague in 1933 and coming to New York City.
Sabra describes her life growing up and why she moved from teaching at a public school to a private Christian school.
Sabra shares the story of how she met her husband.
Sabra shares some of her hobbies and why it's important to her that she stay at home with her kids.
Marion and Sabra shares their experiences teaching in China and Korea respectively.
Marion shares her experience having polio in 7th grade.
Marion and Sabra talk about the importance of humanizing the other "side" in order to bridge differences.
Marion and Sabra discuss their differing views regarding abortion.
Marion and Sabra share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Sabra Lumbert
  • Marion Fulton

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