Said Mousa and Alta Schwartz

Recorded August 27, 2022 Archived August 27, 2022 35:36 minutes
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Said Mousa (67) tells his friend Alta Schwartz (54) about coming to the United States and running his own restaurant.

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SM talks about where he was born and growing up in Jordan.
SM remembers arriving in Chicago on Valentine’s day, 1974.
SM talks about his first restaurant job.
SM talks about opening his first restaurant in Atlanta.
SM talks about how he responded to the COVID-19 shutdown, and the support they received from the community.
SM talks about his family.
SM talks about his employees and the challenges of the restaurant business.
SM talks about what he would do with a million dollars.
SM talks about being Palestinian.
SM talks about how food and music bring people together.


  • Said Mousa
  • Alta Schwartz

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Alif Institute

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