Sally Daniel and Cindy Adams

Recorded July 25, 2022 Archived July 25, 2022 53:18 minutes
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One Small Step partners Sally Daniel (68) and Cindy Adams (62) talk about politics, religion, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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SD asks CA about the loss of her father by suicide at 15. She shares how traumatic the experience was for her.
CA asks SD about her upbringing, work, and marriage.
CA shares her experience having COVID-19 and how it impacted her Lupus.
CA shares her relationship with God and how that has taught her generosity.
CA asks SD about being a Unitarian Universalist and the differences between her faith and other forms of religion.
CA talks about her role as a caregiver and how her faith has sustained her through tough times.
CA and SD share their political beliefs. CA identifies as a conservative Republican and shares her views on immigration.


  • Sally Daniel
  • Cindy Adams

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