Samuel Elzay and Sarah Elzay

Recorded March 21, 2022 Archived March 21, 2022 36:12 minutes
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Spouses, Sarah Elzay (35) and Samuel Elzay (37), share a conversation about how they first met, how their relationship developed, and the partnership they have formed together.

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Samuel and Sarah remember first meeting when they were both working at a lodge in Wyoming.
Samuel and Sarah talk about how their relationship developed and about when they began dating.
Sarah and Samuel remember moments when they knew they were in love with each other.
Samuel and Sarah talk about both deciding to go to grad school and about when they started to talk about getting married.
Samuel and Sarah talk about going to graduate school, Sarah in Wyoming and Samuel in North Carolina. They also talk about their living situation in Wyoming.
Samuel talks about when he decided to propose, and Sarah and Samuel talk about their engagement.
Samuel and Sarah talk about their time apart when they were both in graduate school.
Samuel and Sarah talk about their plans to move to Kansas and for the future.


  • Samuel Elzay
  • Sarah Elzay

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Greenwood Cultural Center