Samuel Harworth and Valerie Kurth

Recorded June 5, 2020 Archived June 5, 2020 38:35 minutes
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Spouses Samuel Keith Harworth (41) and Valerie Joyce Kurth (43) talk about meeting each other and moving to Helena, Montana together. They share thoughts and memories so far of experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic together, and talk about where they currently are in the process of adopting their daughter, Weiwei, from China.

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SH talks about moving to Arizona for graduate school and meting VK at a wedding.
VK remembers the day SH proposed to her.
SH talks about the current COVID-19 pandemic, and how he and VK were approved to adopt their daughter, Weiwei, from China during this time.
VK talks about some of the difficulties of adoption.
VK shares what she imagines the future will look like as a parent.
VK and SH talk about things they will remember about the pandemic, and things they have learned about their relationship in this time.
SH and VK both answer the question: "How would you like to be remembered?".
VK talks about how SH never gets angry with her and asks him why.


  • Samuel Harworth (b. 1978)
  • Valerie Kurth (b. 1976)

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