Sandra Halvorson and Natasha Herring

Recorded December 15, 2021 Archived December 15, 2021 38:39 minutes
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Natasha Herring (47) interviews her conversation partner Sandra "Sandy" Halvorson [no age given] about her experience getting into contact with her biological parents and how being adopted has impacted her sense of identity.

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SH remembers her college major professor, who was particularly kind to her.
SH and NH look back on their favorite holiday memories.
SH tells the story of how she got into contact with her biological parents.
SH recalls speaking to each of her biological parents for the first time on the phone.
SH remembers meeting her mother and half-brother for the first time.
SH describes the first day she spent with her biological family.
SH discusses her adoptive mother's response to SH's contact with her biological family.
SH gives advice to adoptive parents.
SH remembers feeling different growing up because she was adopted.
SH shares what she would like to tell adopted children.
SH talks about her grandchildren's perspective on her story.


  • Sandra Halvorson
  • Natasha Herring

Recording Location

LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library