Sandra Jewell and Imani Thomas

Recorded December 21, 2019 Archived December 21, 2019 37:09 minutes
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Friends Rev. Dr. Sandra Jewell [no age given] and Imani Thomas [no age given] discuss what brought them together as friends and the life lessons that connect them.

Subject Log / Time Code

RJ discusses her unique relationship with IT.
IT discusses her activities in the community.
RJ discusses her life philosophy.
IT recalls her mother being acknowledged with a special distinction.
RJ discusses another life philosophy.
IT describes life lessons she's learned.
IT recalls how she got to Yuma, Arizona.
RJ recalls her journey to Yuma, Arizona.
IT encourages charitable giving and activities.


  • Sandra Jewell (b. 1945)
  • Imani Thomas

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center