Sarah Burchart and Eszter Palvolgyi-Polyak

Recorded May 21, 2020 Archived May 20, 2020 37:58 minutes
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Sarah Burchart (28) and Eszter Palvolgyi-Polyak (27) speak about data curation, making research accessible, and their favorite archives and projects from working at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research.

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E speaks about coming to the ICPSR Bibliography team and moving to Michigan only one year ago. S speaks about joining after getting a LMIS degree.
They speak about the transition into their roles at work. E recalls stressing about so much new information for data sets, and they describe their work as feeling like being a "detective on a scavenger hunt."
E asks S about Library School, data citation practices, and making research more accessible. They talk about creative initiatives at ICPSR such as "Love Data Week" and "Adopt-a-Data-Set."
S and E share some of their favorite memories at ICPSR, including attending various conferences.
E speaks about her favorite archive that collects data on aging and health in different world populations.
S and E talk about working with librarians and researchers in efforts to share information with communities.
They discuss older research and archiving methods while recalling cleaning out the old ICPSR archive. They talk about different possibilities for the future.
S and E share their largest takeaways from the job, concerning ethics and the impact of data on people's lives. "Data is not just some mathematical thing, it's human experience."


  • Sarah Burchart (b. 1992)
  • Eszter Palvolgyi-Polyak (b. 1992)

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