Sarah Heeke and Callie Dyer

Recorded December 7, 2021 Archived December 7, 2021 57:38 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Sarah Heeke (37) and Callie Dyer (53) talk about being young mothers, the juvenile justice and foster care system, feeling unrepresented in their region, the political divide and what it means to be a Kansan.

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Both address why they are doing OSS. Callie Dyer (CD)--upset about political polarization and Sarah Heeke (SH)--Felt isolated for her beliefs.
CD describes growing up and serving the community.
They both discuss juvenile justice issues and foster care inequities.
CD talks about her passion for service.
CD asks SH a question about white privilege and they both discuss.
Both discuss being a teen/young parent and working with kids in trauma and their belief that the child welfare system is broken.
Both address the influential people in their lives.
Both discuss their political views and living in a region where their views are the minority.
Both talk about what it means to be a Kansan and reflect on their OSS experience.


  • Sarah Heeke
  • Callie Dyer

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