Sarah Rush and Robert Choate

Recorded May 20, 2020 Archived May 19, 2020 40:27 minutes
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Sarah Rush (44) speaks to her colleague Robert Choate (44) about their roles within the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, parenthood, working from home, and the impact of data archives and dissemination.

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RC and SR describe their roles at ICPSR and speak about their favorite parts of the job.
RC and SR recall meeting, and reflect on sharing an office, working together over the past 13 years, and bonding over parenthood.
RC speaks about the data they interact with, and how working with Substance Abuse and Child Developmental research has impacted parenting. They both speak about the challenges of raising teenagers in this time.
SC and RC speak about the diversity of people they work with, and getting closer while working from home.
SR speaks about ICPSR being helpful for underfunded students and researchers, and RC mentions ICPSR trying to give back to all of its end-users, from high-school students to full time researchers.
RC and SR recall what they thought they'd be doing while studying in school, and discuss finding their paths to ICPSR.
SR and RC speak about their favorite projects they've worked on at ICPSR.
RC shares some of his favorite memories from his time with ICPSR, including ICPSR covering the cost of his child's adoption. SR speaks about her fondness for sharing free data at conferences.


  • Sarah Rush (b. 1976)
  • Robert Choate (b. 1976)

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