Sarah Underwood and Lea Zikmund

Recorded December 8, 2019 Archived December 8, 2019 38:41 minutes
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Sarah Underwood (33) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Lea Zikmund (23) about her relationship and journey with mental illness.

Subject Log / Time Code

LZ asks SU what she would like to discuss.
SU discuss her mental health journey.
LZ asks SU if she feels misunderstood.
SU talks about the online community she found.
LZ and SU talk about self-care.
LZ asks SU how she learned to discuss her mental health experience so freely.
SU describes her upbringing.
SU describes her chosen family/circle of friends.
SU discusses motherhood.
SU discusses how her mental illness affects her mothering.
SU discusses her desires for mental illness to be humanized in the media.
SU answers LZ's question about how she would like to be remembered.


Recording Location

Yuma Art Center