"Science is the factor that leads to a better human life." an interview with Ana Jeleapov

Recorded July 9, 2019 Archived July 9, 2019 19:47 minutes
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Ana Jeleapov studies landscape geography and hydrology at the Institute of Ecology and Geography in Moldova. She and a small team of scientists are trying to decrease flooding in Moldova. “Floods are a natural phenomenon” with sometimes deadly impact on human populations. “To reduce flooding, we need to reduce deforestation.” Moldova is currently eleven percent forest. Ana suggests increasing Moldova’s forests to twenty-five percent of the country’s land, which would decrease flooding. Ana also focuses on river-bed management planning, and the human impact on water resources. “Water is a resource we can not live without…[and] every person can contribute to not polluting water.” Ana knows the work of changing society is hard, yet she and her team persist. “Science is the factor that leads to a better human life. As scientists, this is what we are trying to achieve.” (Recorded 14 December 2018)


  • Ilan Glazer
  • Ana Jeleapov

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