Lillie Todd and Katherine Mohan

Recorded July 26, 2008 Archived August 5, 2008 00:00 minutes
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5 of 11 great grandchildren asked their 104 year old great grandmother about her marriage and her political views and retrospective look at life.


  • Lillie Todd
  • Katherine Mohan

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00:01 Hi, this is Katherine Mohan. It is Saturday, July 26th, 2008 and we are continuing the interview with Lillie Todd on gift for 104th birthday. She is being interviewed by her great-grandchildren in Hampton, Virginia at her home and several other great-grandchildren of the 11 have already interviewed her and the next to interview her is Joseph, herlihy.

00:30 What is your favorite story about grandad?

00:34 He was a wonderful husband has all these years. I'm still in love with him. He's been gone 5 years.

00:59 Heaven moved a lot around when we remix

01:12 He was just a wonderful husband and father.

01:18 He would have been a good great grandfather.

01:24 He was a great grandfather great-grandfather for me.

01:44 He would have been very proud. You know, I've been really.

02:01 What to do after he was finished working in the army

02:06 When he retired from the Army, he went to Hargrave Military Academy and was there for 4 years?

02:15 We enjoyed your stay there, but he was always over there Monday The Voice.

02:32 He was a good, Jay and I used to tell people that I had to go see him working photos at home.

03:09 Any a lot of people in the town, how do you learn to be a bookkeeper?

03:47 Well, I don't know. I don't know.

04:04 Let me enjoy doing when he was in the army.

04:22 Grandad have any children

04:38 February 4th

04:42 19 + 19 + 30, February 4th 1930

04:54 Me and the doctor told me I had the Sun and she was in the hospital and a boy for the girls and it was what's it called?

05:28 So we were two weeks in two weeks for sale on the state. So I don't know how she still alive because I was and then I have a son he was born at Fort Monroe Virginia and 60 almost 70 years old and he died from cancer.

06:01 Which was very sad.

06:04 Which one is greater?

06:16 I love you. Ask one Grandma. How was it moving around the way you did with the children? Because like I said previously hear about school for years. He moved me before you remove pepper. So we managed very well and then if we could we followed him he could find a place for us to come.

07:10 We were real lucky for 16 months.

07:29 Like it to stay that did you ever get any complaints from your children about moving around all the time?

08:12 Well, we brag about you.

08:21 The next great grandchild interview

08:26 Drive question. What moments in history have you seen in which stands out to you? It would stand out most of you radio today. We didn't have anything like that. No television. No radio or nothing. We had we had a

09:01 And so that we just have that but we had nothing but we live we only have one life.

09:36 Are you in personally for your family what moments in history of the world in the world?

09:57 So many have a sissy with lights.

10:34 That was one of the best thing we could have with no windows in the car. So

11:26 Andrew talking about technology and technology that you wanted to ask her about like I was like you had

11:41 When did like the TV like come into your life or I guess?

11:46 When did you get we were coming home from fighting?

12:39 What are you really glad was invented?

12:43 You know, we don't need a rocket ships. We need washing machine in the world wars.

13:26 People walking on the moon and a hundred and four years. Can you do that?

13:46 But of course we all know now that is just happened. And that was very awesome. We got to see you in and appreciate many wars has touched your life either while your dad or your dad's experience. Could you tell a bright young man? You should come to see my dad and talk to him about war because they were going to be

14:44 They won't hear about war in the Civil War. And so of course horrible pain and never supposed to forgive before we had another world. So we had a major award.

15:38 And you've seen them all.

15:40 How do you know the cheese in Japan and the police go to Japan and they didn't have party built over there? That's what we had to wait for so we should go.

16:27 We would not have words anymore.

16:31 Absolutely. Is there any moment in history for you? That stands out more than another that the defining for your life for Americans in your opinion is part of my life. So many people lost and hit the Dreadful present when this happened you just felt like the whole world is falling apart.

17:15 Lucifer I hope we survive this one is out of it and

17:22 Again, but better

17:36 But I hope the time comes when rehab please.

17:41 Okay. Thank you.

17:57 Next great-grandchild to interview

18:02 Your dad was important to you because I can't remember that. I love you and we went to church is like he did it. He's been at home.

18:34 So I had just asked and I was brought up as a Christian and I hope I have been a good one. I've tried do you still go to church today?

18:59 I've been real lucky.

19:02 You know you traveled all over the world.

19:07 Just love and revenge.

19:43 Maybe some more that I can't recall when I went too many steps to get up.

20:17 So I got a bear and I had to buy the Bonnie song.

20:33 And you told me the oldest person like a hundred and four, so I told him I'd be back whenever 205 so.

20:57 I don't know. What does it mean to the Blarney Stone?

21:47 So everything's ready.

22:18 Crazy with sister

22:22 Are there other stories but then some places you could go by and so she told me.

23:36 He says I'll be right there. So when I when I can't drive because everything was like everything was very sensitive and

24:25 Your grandfather was so

24:29 His car stayed in the garage and help me help me so we did and I said I was in front of the house for 15 minutes.

25:29 Building building

25:47 I just had to go for husband and he came we have a dog.

26:31 General almost home, but that's how you learn to drive the car when I'm driving it and I still have them till I got my license for six months. I've been driving on an expired driver's license.

27:27 Virginia driving license cost more than $2 driver's license. My husband was watching me on one side and they had instead of something called that you could see they had like a book down on the road. I never made.

28:18 So I still can backup.

28:20 I never did learn to back up. When was it that you were in Alaska buying this $2 license 1952?

28:37 We were there to years and

28:43 We left there and went to

28:47 Hargrave High Grade and in 1954, so it must have really bad until 53. So that was sometime.

29:00 Driving myself

29:08 Okay. Thank you.

29:11 Next great-grandchild to interview

29:16 Who was the first president you voted for and why?

29:20 Former president be voted for and why?

29:32 As long as we're in the service and I was trying to think last night. I couldn't I think it was Eisenhower, but I'm not absolutely sure but I think it was and I had never told you before because we won't live to for some reason. I don't know why but now I don't

30:17 Something I just can't remember and I guess I don't I don't know.

30:42 We were able to vote before he went down to the pool since I used to go down there and take the people that

31:06 What party did Kennedy vote for typically?

31:23 I think we should end it.

31:29 What do you think of the 2008 campaign?

31:33 The 2008 campaign. What do you think of that? I think they're going to have a hard whichever one wins. I think they going to have a hard time.

32:04 Do you know who you're voting for?

32:12 Who sings old and I don't think he has any American?

32:50 Amanda is half black and half white, but I think he's though.

33:06 We'll get the one that's the best for our country.

33:11 What do you think of Hillary running because I feel like that maybe Mary is ready.

33:59 You feel like somebody.

34:05 So, I don't know. We just hope and pray for the dead 51.

34:17 Yeah, it seems like the worst job in the world.

34:24 So many waves

34:30 I guess we'll get the one that the most suitable.

34:45 Saluki it'll be interesting to see here.

35:00 And so far it hasn't.

35:21 What advice would you give to the next generation of Americans and to your grandchildren?

35:33 And great-grandchildren don't ever touch drugs in any way. Please run your life even though you might get over and so I think that would be the first thing I would come to my mind that I would say to my grandchild.

36:06 Don't you know you need other people to let them lead you?

36:24 Don't be afraid to say that I'm not going to do this and things will turn out right.

36:40 Lillie

36:53 All right, Gigi, we all know but we want the Library of Congress to know. What is your favorite color?

37:04 I'm always.

37:45 Okay. Next question. How is life been different than you imagined? It would be different. I would have been different from what you thought it would be.

38:02 I think we have some of the

39:16 Should be allowed to show their belly button. So it's also a policeman. I was looking around and see what I couldn't do.

40:11 And it's just too much gun too much killing.

40:17 And if that disappoints me and my grandson said he's going to do a good job. I've enjoyed the whole journey.

40:46 Have a good time and I'm tired of all my family the next question. What in life are you proudest of because you know that I have a family and 11 great friends and I think they are doing well and they jobs in education. So I'm really proud of my family.

41:45 I just hope that depression net worth.

42:19 Well, I know we have a close your question. So why didn't you go ahead and ask that you can tell us anything you want to tell us so we can be remembered.

42:42 Is there anything that you thought we could have asked I have enjoyed talking to you able to get up in Henna, some place. I would have been too embarrassed to do that. But now we didn't do much.

43:54 I was supposed to be an old lady and one of them has my head was in school a lot.

44:45 It was good life is a good girl and we can make it better if we live a better life and I think I just wish that we could get rid of some of the people that killed people to me. That's so sad, but I think someday maybe we'll have better because I think that's one reason we had so much.

45:27 Crime in robbery

45:40 Grandma I know that I can speak for all of us grandchildren and great-grandchildren will like it. We love you very much and I don't know and be together for years and sometimes they don't like each other.

46:40 Thank you so much. We love you, and thank you so much for sharing your life with us on the tape that we can keep ourselves and for all of America to hear and we appreciate you doing this for us. Thank you very much, and thank you.