Rose Eleanor Schultz, Anne Marie Weitzel, and Martha Rose Martone

Recorded September 20, 2008 Archived September 30, 2008 00:00 minutes
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  • Rose Eleanor Schultz
  • Anne Marie Weitzel
  • Martha Rose Martone

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00:01 Marie Weitzel and yet again,

00:17 I had just been admitted to hospice and my name is Rose, Eleanor zadar.

00:26 It's September 20th, 2:08 on a Saturday.

00:32 And I'm so happy to be here with Ann-Marie.

00:38 Thank you. And she said, he's 7 years old, for those of you that are counting. So where we left off last time. I talked to you a little bit about her family and her uncle's. And tell me about her uncle Joseph, who owned and operated, a big circus here in the United States and how he lost it in Mexico, but I think about your, your brother before we go back to your brother. I know his name.

01:16 Because when he was born my dad rushed him, as they all did, my mother had left their native on the side and couldn't leave her hospital bed. So my mother my dad took Lewis from the hospital over to

01:40 The church and I think he caught.

01:44 Pneumonia at that time and it was very serious and he is really crippled him for life. So

01:57 It was very sad and

02:02 Work with him all his life so that he could.

02:09 The independent and my mother was wonderful. And they took him all over St. Louis.

02:19 Port Huron. Trying to find a cure for him.

02:24 Brightside was permanently paralyzed.

02:31 But I was always a good, right arm. My mother said and she said he wouldn't live beyond 57 years old and he didn't, he died at the age of 50, but he made a wonderful life for himself. And what he did was go to high school and event, went to work out in California for my uncle. My dad's brother Lewis. My dad's brother Joseph.

03:06 And he did a wonderful job out there. He worked with the Joseph, Uncle Joseph, and did a wonderful job working with him and he actually wild up almost a millionaire.

03:23 Play all that money.

03:29 Just saved every penny he had.

03:33 And then I had a very good time in life. He had put all his money into a box by his bed and his uncle Joe's came to him one night and said year.

03:54 Hotel is on fire at quick, get in the car and I'll take you over there. And my brother was absolutely horrified because he had a $5 money in it, by the side of the bed. While playing through the fire didn't touch his bedroom and he was able to retrieve all his the saving. So the next day, my brother. I am Uncle, Joel took my brother to the bank and then to run

04:34 Roni and Company, which was a stockbroker and everything. And that's how he wants to be a millionaire.

04:48 I paid off and it continues to grow anything about investing. My brother would help, wonderful Finance here and he learned from my uncle, Joseph course, so when he came home, when my uncle died,

05:15 He came home and my dad passed away in May of 1970 and he

05:28 Heritage.

05:35 Took my money, and we went to the stockbrokers and we invested the money in Roney & Company in for good, and I'm so glad I did my poor sister had to ask her, son had a terrible accident, and it wiped out any savings that she had.

06:20 Sold everything she had to her daughter.

06:27 I paid everything off to her daughter.

06:31 She lost her home and gave the money to her daughter.

06:37 They put her into a

06:42 What do you call those?

06:48 Where are you staying?

07:11 They have a lot of them around.

07:16 Small places to see her life in her home. Yes.

07:37 But you stay there for years and years.

07:50 Going back to Uncle Al. So if Ella would take me to mail Wisher and because when the birth certificate came through they just put the name because it was shorter and it's it went better. For some reason. It was Margaret to begin with and then it seems to Marianne.

08:34 So, interesting official name, Rosina.

08:58 Yeah, the name says.

09:24 Dick with blue chip stocks

09:28 Equality vs. Equity.

09:38 This is a Marie Weitzel. Today is at 2008 record Medical hospital when he introduced my grandmother and my aunt. Marty.

09:57 Hello, everyone. I am nor.

10:03 I am honored to be here with and Marie and my daughter. Marty.

10:17 This is Monday, September 22nd 2008 and it's such a pleasure to have in Marie and Marty.

10:31 Thank you. You are welcome. Such an honor for us to have you as my aunt. Marty.

10:41 Hello, I am Martha Rose my time, this is Monday, September 22nd 2008 and I just arrived on the scene. So I am going to observe how a mom.

11:00 We are at 3:26 at Henry. Ford Hospital in Clinton Township.

11:18 Okay, so I already talked to her and education and her family and work. So I thought we would set aside today the last day of recording, So that was later in life. Maybe she could share with us how our football dinners came about.

12:13 Football game in Canada.

12:25 85 and I really got into it. So we used to have

12:41 Dinners, every Sunday, every Saturday or Sunday or Monday, and we really enjoyed.

13:00 Debbie dinner.

13:12 So, I have to save you.

13:21 Roaming around looking for people to talk to.

13:44 I think it was closer to know about your first date to remember and until 3, a first date, who was West End.

14:24 Remember my first date.

14:32 What about when you were in high school?

14:49 I was going to ask you to talk about the corner of Gratiot and 8 Mile Road. Wasn't there a beautiful park there before they get with Edgewater?

15:21 Video dance with very, very nice.

15:27 Did you like to dance?

15:33 Always have had diarrhea with dance.

15:39 Did you have a favorite kind of dance that you like to do?

15:43 Every time I love all of them.

15:57 Any other questions that came to mind?

16:02 I've never seen a photograph of you, when you were sitting near the water to Water's Edge and you had long dark brown hair. There's a caterpillar, he had like the scarf tied off to the side and loveseat and then you looked so fantastic. Do you remember that experience? Mom asking to take a photo?

16:41 Yeah, he was at Edgewood Park.

16:57 I'm not that somebody asked me to marry.

17:08 You received a proposal from this, this photo.

17:22 Approve of that.

17:42 If we can go look it up in like an archive. I might be kind of fun to do in some of Grandma's photos, and because it was, it was a newspaper clipping. And because I remember seeing along with some of her engagement photos, you know, she had to professionally she and dad went and professionally had their photos taken. And I remember, going over to little Grandpa's on Sundays cuz every Sunday we would get dressed up and in the evening after dinner would go over and visit with little Grandpa and we'd all sit in the living room because and we would all be lined up on the couch and hit a little alcove in his living room, then, held the beautiful old, photographs of mom and dad Marianne and her family and Grandma and Grandpa.

18:42 You are married. So I'm sure that was maybe at the wedding, but I remember sitting there because Grandpa was at the same time, but are one thing and everyone will remember this week over to little Grandpa's and he would get out this bag of caramel, and they would have either the caramel or the chocolate play one hour hour-and-a-half. It was nice. It was nice to sit in on Sunday night and there were times where they would have sequels and you have to wait a whole two to three weeks to get the whole program.

19:42 Growing because I had a little Garden in the back. And Mom would always ask, know, if he talked to someone. So, who is your Uncle Bill's, mom and dad, who owned a Tavern open in portrait? He live to be in his eighties before he passed away, but he took care of his house, all by himself. The greatest Garden, who would Harvest a little bit? He would make homemade sauerkraut down in the basement and your dad.

20:42 I can remember a case in like going down there. He would lift off the top and I don't know that Mom would bring over his leaf lettuce and bring it over to her house. Mom would watch it and put a little bit of brown and white was hot over the leaf lettuce and wilted lettuce. And that was really more of an Austrian delicacy.

21:42 Tell me about a story. Her mother would teach her how to make apple strudel that she would make. Homemade he remember?

22:05 Her mother making some of the two Austrian dishes.

22:12 Any, any other kinds of it was very precious grandma.

22:37 So is it was really kind of?

22:50 The other thing that I remember about little grandpa with every Easter he would come over on Holy Saturday. And he'd have these huge bunnies, and I mean, for us because we always had to share everything. So that was a true treat for her own funny and it was always a challenge to see whose ears would last so long.

23:22 I think about it, you know, it wasn't until we were in our late teens that we actually started to notice little like, what you're doing before.

24:22 Before they were allowed, then to have breakfast and walk to school, but he said that he would do, but I don't know what he would do really was extremely intelligent and because he had multiple course in becoming a brewmaster in beer, then when Matt Detroit,

25:21 The thoughts and laid out the whole plot and very holy truly believe in the Blessed Mother. He was very devout to her.

25:46 Radio, that only had one, the dial that would dial it only am I always had his rosary and his Novena to the Blessed Mother because he would say that every day in sitting in his rocking chair. And I think that's how my mother became devoted to the Blessed Mother also. Cuz he also every night, while we are growing up. We had a photo of painting inside of the mother of Perpetual Help in our living room, every single night, very, very devout, but I don't know if I realized that you came over around the back of the couch just before you went into the bedroom area and therefore she would kneel down every night and say those prayers. I know Grandma you have quite a few

26:46 This one particularly special to you.

26:52 Everyone.

26:55 Probably have come from different people and different time was very special memories.

27:04 That you were celebrating your 60s, high school, reunions, and that we are friends were we're in town for that. Maybe tell us a little bit about some of those.

27:31 Siri Siri, dear friend.

27:45 Her friendship meant so much to me as you helped me so much.

27:57 And I Jackie Leduc.

28:04 And her friends, treat her Jackie sister.

28:11 Jackie sister was Teresa.

28:16 And that was Teresa, the Duke and married.

28:34 After Mary went out to Arizona and cents.

28:44 We've rented a car and we had the 5th and we were the day before we were to leave.

29:03 Beautiful place.

29:12 And the day before we were,

29:27 Spell.

29:30 And I felt so bad.

29:49 He broke his elbow. So we spend another month.

30:00 Remember that? Finally.

30:08 We are a dear friend.

30:22 Wow, is that when you were a teenager.

30:26 Marry me.

30:29 What was his name?

30:34 Good English name.

30:39 He really was a wonderful person. I think that you would go to Mackinac Island with, and for the entire life. I remember as many different groups.

30:56 So many beautiful women, which time are you? And I

31:14 When we had a choice.

31:46 Beautiful, couple went wee. Wee, wee travel 3 years.

31:59 They were going up to.

32:07 Wait, every night.

32:12 We just had the best time.

32:17 It is a beautiful part of Michigan for sure. And then who would you go to make friends along the way?

32:43 First time.

32:59 Enjoyed it so much. We went on our own.

33:06 I know you are able to travel the world after you raise your family. So it sounds like you would trade group. Everyone has one of the better places.

33:26 Travel stereo system.

33:37 His sister and her and her husband.

33:55 I can ask you about a little bit about your impressions of Europe when you went over on with Dario. The very first time, when you went to see some of those special clothes that beautiful, he had to stick with a roses painted on it. Can you tell us a little bit?

34:21 He bought me some beautiful, very.

35:01 I think you already.

35:06 I know we will always cherish everything about you Grandma so I can put you back on the spot. I think they were special places like the cottage and any fun stories to have to pass on any ones that would involve most of the kids.

35:32 Mom and I were talking about last week and being so totally amazed at my mother and grandmother little refrigerator with ice cube trays and anything from boxes. We would have to have roast beef dinners, with all the vegetables and it was unbelievable. How much they would produce.

36:23 Well, Grandma and Mom and somebody's friend would be up there and then people would stop by also, cuz they knew it was dinner time and Grandma 15 to 18. People always always being plugged in but we would have to make

37:20 Everything by hand, but it was worth it. When I look back at all the wonderful meals, we had up there.

37:52 And I were talking about that recently that I think most of the answer, my calls were still dating when I, when I was little and on their way to a marriage or family, if it's okay. I do remember, very large gathering. In the little ones, I would get put on the corner. And I mean, for me that is like, the family memory of Bountiful and it was a very fun memory for me to look at the tape. We have about that. I'm trying to think of it as other

38:52 Morton's house stories or the cottage stories.

39:00 I'm just thinking of the warden have a very unique neighborhood and Warden house. So you use family come in again for having families. And I meant when I say families and like it was not unusual in our neighborhood and

39:29 Very hard and they became very close. So, in the evening once a month, they would gather, and they would rotate the different and they would get out.

40:03 Beautiful deserts and have special coffee, and these women with beautiful distinctive and we would have to dry sense of humor.

41:03 Because ironing always Galore in her household, but Mom her calm demeanor in any situation. Gave us all such a sense of Peace, you know, where we just felt that we could, we could go to her with anything and then going to the bathroom.

42:09 You know, she really was. He was our Pied Piper, whenever she went to organize, we would wake up and there would be one of them was Googling the legs on the, the kitchen table because it was stainless steel. And it was like, going all along the edges of the carpeting in the living room because it was full and you know, you and we took apart all the furniture and we would commit every Saturday that was declared because we didn't have a hair dryer then so Saturday morning you went and you got this.

43:09 Can you wash your hair in curlers that you and Dad some of the ways he would put the roast in the oven?

44:09 An early dinner or some of the firemen friends and family and it really that because it was special and it brought us closer together. I think it's a family, it is true, a family that prays together stays together.

44:56 Logistics.

45:14 Had a visual of the cars, they started out with likes and and and they did and it had them in the passenger seat in the front.

46:14 It wasn't very adequate.

46:39 And it was like a middle Lane for passing and remember.

47:19 Three or four times and forever more. And I'd like to thank you for being a great. Just very, very special memories said to share with all of us. So my brother was a big influence in my life. You asked once before.

48:14 When my dad died, he left me an inheritance and I would run out of time. So we're in hospital in Clinton Township. And I'm 32 years old. I'm, I am writing a note to self and then we'll have Grandma. Say hi.

48:48 I am 56 years old. We are at Henry, Ford Hospital in Clinton, Township on Monday, September 22nd, 1:20 in the afternoon.

49:05 And I just have Grandma say her name again and P 77.

49:12 Hello, this is Rose Realty. It was wrong.

49:43 November 27th of 1970.

49:56 5 months after my dad passed away.

50:07 Brother.

50:21 He helped me.

50:31 Heritage from my brother or my dad rather.

50:38 And,

50:40 Invest.

50:45 Stocks and bonds three that are multiplied and help.

50:58 Very much to to grow and

51:06 It really was an investment and I was able to help.

51:20 Heritage from him.

51:32 After that.

51:37 Heritage's.

51:45 And I was able to,

51:51 Let It Grow.

51:58 And I was able to help children.

52:01 So, I'm very grateful.

52:06 A couple days. We've had an uncle, a person to be able to go down memory lane with you and learn so much more about who you are and all your stories. And I want to thank my aunt, Marty for helping very special to have you even though it was with me. I just, I love you so much grandma. So, very, very very, very much always always.

53:02 I know you can probably tell.