Irene Taverner, John Lankenau, and Brian Alexander

Recorded September 21, 2009 Archived October 19, 2009 44:34 minutes
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  • Irene Taverner
  • John Lankenau
  • Brian Alexander

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00:00 All right. So what we'll do is we'll just get started and we just don't talk about.

00:11 How are you doing today. My name is Irene. Leroy Street 2009 and I'm in the front House Gym in New York City, your ride into my primary.

00:43 Alright, Green Day.

00:50 Angry Birds faces.

00:54 You know, we talked about a lot of things all the time. And I remember you told me a story about your dog, who would let you know when you did too much to drink or a prisoner in San Francisco, and I forgot.

01:14 Her name is not in that. Anyway, the dogs doing was Pepe. It was a stray poodle and I used to take it out, but I went drinking and throwing up Heather.

01:29 Okay.

01:32 And you are.

01:36 How long did you live? At least backwards and forwards from New York?

01:41 2070 Cisco from the 60s to the

01:48 7 Dees.

01:51 But I can't tell you exactly wedding Wagner.

01:55 But I showed by pagans in San Francisco.

02:00 And that's why I meant to Elmo bride. Who wrote the book on have. Try thinking of San Francisco. Recognize me Lucy.

02:13 He went for the chronicle.

02:16 To meet him in a bar.

02:19 No, I mention, we can eat you.

02:23 Came to my show. And Roses wrote the article in the chronicle. He was the newspaper.

02:38 Where was that? Show hell, I was showing it to you. All your gallery and you single Bowl.

02:46 Gallery.

02:52 Board of Governors of some of the ones that are still out there in California now.

03:02 Do jog, watch with you winded.

03:07 I just never thought of it as a career, as it turns out, for both of us.

03:17 It's not actually correct the lifestyle, isn't it?

03:20 I was just going to say actually I was with you on the great Rick shall ride down. 7th Avenue has let you with your crazy adventures in your life and what kind of pictures?

03:38 I called the vet may need to get in to help me do it over Waterway did a barn scene blithe spirit with Angela Lansbury, and so you just wanted to keep the actor Everett waiting.

04:26 I hate being anxious for it. So he wasn't garlic show that had no idea you had me till about 9.

04:50 And how about your day?

05:01 I didn't know we were going to go all the way either actually. It was really just

05:10 That is Streeter company.

05:13 I know, but it was just so much fun. I didn't want to turn around cuz when is too smart?

05:33 Well, he was so it was so polite. He was such a perfect gentleman and I think that I was it looked like, I was letting you hang outside. That's all. So we had to save my honor. We had to get to it as soon as possible.

05:47 Tell us another great story. I love about you. Tell us about the time that your dad caught you playing the ponies in London.

05:56 And I used to like a horse. That was so lucky. I couldn't figure it out what I need something about horse racing stake, and

06:17 I was using my knee and I had an overdose off of 205 is which is about $800.

06:26 I guess I had to go out with my arms while I was out.

06:35 The booking phone and not all dogs. And it said, can I get a message? And she said, she'd like to back such as the engine light came back and forget about it, but I didn't have a bag out and didn't have anything. I was out there on your own. You don't know what to do with me. Forget it. I'll give you a first class education. So go work.

07:05 Requisite.

07:07 And kept his word.

07:09 Coronavirus.

07:23 Well, that's one. I don't think my father. They have some other things too. So, happy in my life. My stepmother had our time is so forget it.

07:41 Stop playing the ponies. After that, it's not going to the track. I have to go to the track and see the horse.

08:00 Had it. How do you pick them by their color, their name?

08:14 Main course.

08:17 And I predicted run.

08:22 I was a dog.

08:25 Yeah, Eddie White Highland dog and he always the baby is this dog was unbelievable and just a word night football equipment to do it. I went to the door and it came to the bed and there was a wreck on the beds activity reason. I'm here today and some of that dog.

08:48 I love you. Actually. I think I punched in my last life.

09:00 They usually nicer. I know you like them. Tsuyogari you had that dog. You just have to put to sleep.

09:09 That's the worst.

09:11 She was wonderful.

09:16 I can tell us about tavenner suites.

09:19 I don't know much about it, but what do you know about that?

09:30 Yeah, I like my grandpa look like Father Christmas.

09:34 What kind of carving did he do?

09:45 How's the cake? I'm really coughing everything in the Houston by details is unbelievable.

09:53 Like, I'd like to know where that house is because I gave it away. So

10:00 Read your mark for eBay to stay the same as a chance. Everything.

10:14 Megalodon.

10:16 Can I go see Megan's Minor by having the cabin? And Suites?

10:22 I still don't know what they are.

10:27 I have to save the dog thing. Is he dies?

10:35 Where was he living?

10:40 Your friends always been particularly interested to hear about your time in Britain, specifically, during the war. Do you have any memories of that?

10:49 Well, I guess I didn't understand.

10:53 I made by all. I want to hear the bubbling. So it's not. I didn't hear it. You wake me up the next time so I can go to the Vault, me. I wanted to be in the thick of it.

11:06 So,

11:11 Actually, the war ended.

11:14 Like I said, I was 6 weeks.

11:18 But then I wear these for the plastic surgery Hospital, the Red Cross Red Cross nose for 2 years.

11:31 I want these for the soup recipe surgery Hospital, which is unbelievable, because back and roll.

11:40 I was like a jealous. But anyway, this doctor had to wait cuz we everybody tomorrow. We will came to see him. I just couldn't sit plastic surgery house.

11:56 Do you remember any of the patients that you met there? They can talk sometime. They have to be there for him.

12:12 More two or three. I have the plastic surgery.

12:18 And then I had one patient that you wanted to die cut dog, guarding his self. In the box. We have to keep up with each other out.

12:28 No, but then

12:31 I had a good time because I was an officer automatically.

12:36 By being a Red, Cross nurse know, all the weekends. I used to come up to London and I used to go to the USA.

12:47 Clubs.

12:51 I had Canadian friends that we think they were fantastic and we had great food. So that was unbelievable.

13:01 Singing, and you got about 2 oz of pasta a week, maybe two eggs for eggs.

13:08 So, that could prove that the parties in London.

13:21 What do you think about war in general? After all you've seen? What do you think about war? What are your strongest? What's your strongest feelings about the things you seen in Wars?

13:32 Well, we think more somebody and say he had all the money out of them.

13:38 Other than that, I like having you I guess you have to have wars to Ducktown me people because too many people in the world. Make sure does Delta allow that to happen.

13:53 And all the way that you are.

13:56 People should be told too many children because there's not enough food or anyting.

14:08 Which is being proven, right? This moment.

14:15 How did you feel when you were in England about the, the Yanks being over there? And

14:19 Staying Alive.

14:24 I had good friends, so

14:27 I didn't mind the name over there till the weeds ID.

14:31 The American flag hats, with very nice. I no problem.

14:37 All your questions are these.

14:50 I want you to be a ricer.

14:52 At this club Enigma call the Mandrake Library, all the artists, use to go which is like to see The Tavern.

14:59 I had a friend who was a part of the painter and I used to write stories, everything chilling, by accident. One night. I picked up a brush and put it in something to drag you to scribble funds and typewriting favor. And I took it by accident.

15:21 Story and person, keep on praising do right then. Go to all the museums that's receta.

15:41 Modell's.

15:43 Ugly stuff, baby.

15:46 Same thing. I was kissing. I was making pictures from the time. I was a kid in it.

15:53 Don't know. I guess it's just you think things over visually think. We think visually that's all.

16:05 Don't know. I think, I just painted what I saw or else what I thought like, or cartoons and things in school and then eventually it just, it's funny cuz as my work, as I got older, I work ended up being sober more sophisticated version of the same thing. I did when I was a kid.

16:21 Well, I never believed I was in pain. I thought everybody was at Schnucks or they liked anything. I didn't think I was always going to tear it up for people to take it away from me. I mean, actually to this day. I need any more they can have any way you told me there was somebody who used to take them away from you, who is that? They used to take the paintings away from you when you

16:55 So I wouldn't tell him up.

17:01 Dangerous.

17:08 Okay, who is your first crush? Should you have your first crush on?

17:13 Oh, you mean school school? Girl, crush, I know, whoever. Do you remember having a crush on first senior students?

17:28 She's still cute story beautiful. She could ask but I think I wanted to be an actress.

17:35 I got a ride and got to try broke it. Already with the play's, the thing except it wasn't.

17:47 But your first love.

17:50 Oh, I forgot. Okay.

17:55 Okay, day off. This is. All right. All right. All right, with the, with all the new technologies and social advances, and things that you've seen. What surprise you what surprises you except in technological.

18:12 4th District.

18:25 I haven't got the patience so that this will bring them back by memory goes if I read a book in one week out.

18:46 Well, okay. How about this? What do you think about all the people using cellphones everywhere and walking around attached to some guys when I've been outside and had need of a cell phone and had to ask somebody to borrow this. Other than that. I don't want no cell phone. I can take my cell phone and glasses doing the rest of it. I've used to get cell phone in 2 minutes. Actually, I was really inviting you to make fun of the people on the street was going to ask you what you thought about. The fact that everybody walks around with their hand to their head, talking down the streets of Manhattan.

19:29 I have the other video is should be stopped Dyke smoking.

19:34 Because when you cross the street and they don't even realize that crossing the street and sometimes this so loud.

19:44 Is it is it snowing?

19:50 But at the same time as people are just drove right now on my bicycle and that's because there are absolutely should not be allowed to use something cause I've missed seeing has been texting people. Using these forget it.

20:15 I just thought that was our favorite subject to make fun of people. I thought we'd enjoy that.

20:23 All right. How about this? I know you believe in reincarnation. What do you think is going to be next for you?

20:32 But the next to the iPhone 4 have earbuds, but I haven't considered which, but I walked.

20:39 Suck me nauseous, but I haven't wanted to be something so I can float around in the room.

20:55 Freebird. I like to baby just a bad idea.

21:03 Hummingbird. Brian says,

21:24 Tell me what your concept of God.

21:28 Oh my God. No, LOL. I don't believe in God. I'll be leaving the power.

21:36 Irene is a scrooge 5.

21:39 And the thing is, what's the word I want?

21:44 I believe in the force. I read the fourth to the normal things that the trees, the Star Wars, the Shadows everything. So I barely even the 4th. I got you. Hang up there together either of those too many people trying to get there.

22:07 So what do you think? Other people take the Bible and religion so much more literally and seriously.

22:19 The Catholic religion, is it for the fever? I mean, as far as I'm concerned, I believe like being very convenient is no son. No life.

22:34 In other words, if the sun didn't shine, nobody, nobody living.

22:39 So I didn't think so, but that's many American Indian.

22:51 Do you say, is religious wise, but I think the food is have a great game to offer to.

23:00 But I don't think people.

23:05 I think it said to say for the back to have religion.

23:12 Cuz I don't think the best know how to fix.

23:19 What about you?

23:27 You know what? I think. I think you tell me some beer for that, and it makes it, it's like a literal story like a superhero or something. And I think the whole thing is actually very simple, but it's kind of hard to grasp simple things. Sometimes like they own. It's, it's dumbest too easy. If we can pick up, some makes us responsible for ourselves if there's not some outside thing, and I feel like it's, you know, it's a lot harder for people to actually just take responsibility for what they think and not blame the devil for it.

24:08 So I think I don't know. No.

24:16 I like having the divorce.

24:19 I did too. I was just going to say, you know how much your friendship means to me. Right? Well, despite our age difference. Why do you think we get along? So well?

24:33 I hate to take very large.

24:42 The stable boy.

24:48 Well, they will girl.

24:51 Oh, I was going.

24:56 Know. Well.

25:02 It was making jokes at my expense yet.

25:09 No, I mean, it, I mean, that we get along. So, well, considering we have this 40, some-odd years between us and yeah, I think you and I sometimes we finish each other's sentences. Why do you think that is?

25:19 Look for the same reason, I said where you are, and I think we would. You guys just got me.

25:34 Lazy Boy.

25:36 What about the red going to help me go on and be as cool as you when I get to be your age?

25:53 Oh my God. Yes, baby.

25:59 Can you want to do good Heavens? No, you are. Just what have you learned about life? What do you think is helpful? What would you tell people me in this case? But I mean in general.

26:11 Think positive about everything, have a good ass is huge issue worth sumbitch. Try not to

26:21 Difficult.

26:23 Thanks, but I think positive.

26:31 Bladder prolapse.

26:33 They get so big, they can go, all the money. Are you going to make it to?

26:43 It will help you get through, right?

26:49 I was going to make a joke about Monty Python. Always, look on the bright side of life, but I think I'm the only one who's going to get it. So I'll meet I'll let it happen. They're all, they're all up on the crucifix and they're singing. Always look on the bright side of life. If I was to tell you that I decide keep your sense of humor. I don't I'm really sad to hear all of it yourself.

27:26 Then the fact that we say, there's nothing funnier than somebody who can't find themselves funny because there is amusing when they take themselves. So seriously.

27:37 Are you still my friend? Who would say there's there's really two or three kinds of people. There's two people who are amused, people who are amusing or people who are amused and amusing, and I always felt the best thing is to be the ones were amusing are generally doing something, silly, amused are the ones watching and finding it funny to do so, you can have a fun watching it. Still make other people laugh at the same time.

28:08 The doctor is supposed to be important, should be the language of the world, softer.

28:18 You've not a lot of really interesting people who become famous in different different ways. Can you tell me about? Let's talk about some of the people you knew in jazz, like Charlie Parker on Billie Holiday. Inn. Simon says, go, call Bob city was a movie made about from today. This is Off 2 hours in the morning till 6 and all the Jazz musicians that will play against San Francisco. Used to go there and play with each other and talk. If I had a tape recorder.

28:56 And I was always told that used to be the first three I met you and said he had was a project. You anyway, you have to beat the birds about to meet the bed, the bed, but whenever you can practice, when I went to see, he came and I always have the hit Sunday disappeared. You came in there any breweries or out in the evening Music as default player?

29:36 Anyway still spray but he started everybody playing chess successful with the chess. Anyway, we used to play chess and Charlie Parker. Wanted to play chess.

29:54 So, we already dropped Eddie Edwards, the whole group of its way toward to the Edwards. I told him he was being me, so, but Joey Park is open to a chess game was so remarkable. I should have have made him entry booze. Is there any move I need for the cable, for the opening night for fishing free?

30:38 Does the next move I've been so, in other words, you hadn't sent it was to go to think about chest. You have to break through the center. So, I'm back on cigarette. I thought he was such a great friend and some more, you'll let me go. And he live Gard Avenue, B, 55 Avenue, B. And so

31:23 Uganda children's having its 25th anniversary at Carnegie and everybody was you coming in. So I can wait outside.

31:36 And the last arrives. Charlie Parker. And I didn't know where they recognized the or maybe I could just wish it was.

31:44 Irene Bowlby actress, Ford came over and take me to Berry what's today?

32:00 The black lady.

32:03 Give me barbecue places that give driver.

32:09 Anyway.

32:13 No.

32:16 Yeah, I forgot who it was.

32:23 I forgot you two anyway.

32:29 I know that the gate is at the end of the evening of the edge of the charges or whatever. He took me back to Avenue, beware of a 55 Avenue, B, and tell you what I did because he was strung up by children and it was so sad because he was so messed up, but Eric, and then I get to go and eat while I'm trying to listen to dog beach in New York. And so I went there as NATO be suspicious of table. So, that's what I'm waiting for, Charlie, Parker. I like to see, I didn't realize I should have said something.

33:16 Because if that's time, he could already prayed weekends and Big And Chunky forget about it. So anyway, I didn't want to sit at the table. I have to go outside. So I was outside when they came to see if I can catch you.

34:05 That would be a good by association with a bird.

34:09 I bet why I was I was the meatballs in San Francisco. I always had the David and San Francisco said he came up to the Broadway. I said, hello. I think you do remember me TV today.

34:28 Another word for today.

34:35 I'm glad that he was all right, cuz he could, he did, go, you read his book and he tried to do cry. The humidity went to hell to get off heroin. However

34:52 Do you remember what you said that? Got you kicked out of the club?

34:56 If it or should I not ask exactly. But I can remember.

35:16 I don't want to make you mad, you're tough.

35:21 Especially if I have a few drinks.

35:24 What about the cedar Tavern and all the artists that you would hang out with them?

35:31 Downing Charlie wigs. Who is Barack t-shirt, Ohio State.

35:37 Route me to the sea to town and that was the beginning, where I'm at the cooling and kinds of frogs in the Morrie. Then we go to Rikers around the corner. Have post day. Don't copy. They go back into the seasons. How to say smoke today. Go back to the season 7.

36:07 What was the cooling like, soft bricks? In other words, no alcohol for?

36:25 And y'all wait, don't forget to leave your sister to get her.

36:29 They'll let me taste that. He should. I read his 7-Up 7-Up, but yeah, he stopped his or drinking.

36:56 What about Phil Gaston, Philip? Guston's, one of my favorite painters? I think 5 minutes of banter and tragic fire hours.

37:13 So I have still a door. He gave me since you ever go broke. So because of that time.

37:20 Be very likely.

37:22 But he was a seahorse is one of the most fantastic because they like his style. This was a shame because I mean he was a great crazy.

37:46 I think they're deceptively simple. There's something about them that they don't they don't give as much to the viewers in the later work, but they're incredibly for painter. I think they're just they're very painterly and they're incredibly hard-working paintings. If you know why I agree with you.

38:09 About rothko, Mark rothko.

38:13 Beautiful change in me, Roscoe. He didn't come to the cedar such as the codeine time, but do drugs interfere with the restaurant across the way.

38:49 So remember what he said you to try to sober you up?

38:55 Anyway, I thought sorry. Football game is stopping at all to do with him physically.

39:10 Although I didn't know him at that time, but if you will go to the

39:16 Cake gallery.

39:18 In England that's practically a room and the paintings of a side. Roscoe's pay you say such a thing about that say about Russia. First introduction to Roscoe. Sorry jeans took me to his exhibition here in New York in the face again, and she told me $6 and real cat is

39:49 So, I thought that's what you was nuts, cuz I like big.

39:58 Which day is it? That you came to tell me? Oh my God, you guys are starting to stress that I've ever met in my life and I wake up to him and I told him that she's not. This is Freddy with his daddy, but he was not in the Medieval Madness theme from when I went off to them.

40:29 Their paintings that really take some time before you can slow down until to see what they are. And then it's another simply, because anybody can put your face to face the paper copies. What is another words? What is the soul of the facing? That's an interesting question. And otherwise, why is that baby? Was it again that the motor is exactly. What's the difference?

41:11 It's a sort of the artist that is just something is the special just like the force.

41:22 I agree. Roscoe something that took me awhile to come to you because there's no image there. So I saw them in books. They don't do anything for you, write a book. But when you see the work out something that as soon as you take the time to look at it. It it pulls you into a kind of a state of meditation or something. And that's when you understand that, that's why I see I like to come and honesty with a red square with the God's sake.

41:59 Is there across the realization, but you have to look?

42:13 I don't wish I could say that.

42:16 Then one, this face-to-face. Dodger field.

42:30 Now that is at your God Church. Did everything you asked me where I told you, I would feel like going to give me party if they've never been to me or would go see the Redwoods.

42:44 And your words and then they'll find Church sci-fi the greatest Church in the world.

42:50 Nothing, I get out of this study has an extensive.

42:58 By telling anybody something.

43:03 Camilla Woods driving say you weren't to know if Kathy drool.

43:07 Do that. And then you don't know where ever Legion is.

43:15 Beautiful.

43:17 Well, I mean, one one last question. I would have, what would you like for us to remember about you?

43:26 Forget me, never forget, you know that but what would you like to people to remember?

43:35 Oh, I have no idea. I couldn't care less dressing room to what they want.

43:40 That's honest. Yeah, they like something. They don't say what? Where you go? I hope everybody remembers us with a couple riding down, Seventh Avenue on a rickshaw.

44:23 I thank you.