Irene Taverner, John Lankenau, and Brian Alexander

Recorded September 21, 2009 Archived October 19, 2009 42:46 minutes
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  • Irene Taverner
  • John Lankenau
  • Brian Alexander

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Printing House Gym

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00:02 All right. I think I was born with a fat head.

00:05 Hi, my name's Irene taverner with the pretty heart.

00:10 H84

00:12 John is 43 years old. It's September 21st 2009, and I'm also at the Printing House Gym in West Village of New York.

00:24 Okay. I'm not working you too much today.

00:29 That's perfectly all right. Let's get down to business. You wanted to know about very hard day today.

00:40 And at that time she was drinking cakes, and she's trying to get her off.

00:47 And she was married to a guy that kept out when he sold me and Bob said he got used to call me Frisco. It's about no reason. Anyway, I couldn't stand him this night. She was in the dog. She had a little Chihuahua dog for Pepe.

01:08 And she gave up to be on the bus and she said yeah, I read when you take care of the dog.

01:15 So I took care of the dog, but I weighed up.

01:20 Obtuve stage and she got on the stage and she sang Strange Fruit, but get it it was on the table when I came. She said

01:37 Mean she wasn't singing he was such a busted and of course and I gave him back his job as she said. She said something about it to me. I love jobs and I haven't really had much conversation with her. But you just automatically came and gave me the dog take care of and I will end up paying attention to the stage. I was in the waiting and she sang strange Foods close a knock everybody over.

02:10 Just saying I really look like

02:25 Miami I'm believable, but does she get tried as soon as ready as safe because she did try to get off the drugs.

02:34 And that was a 350 station with drug addict.

02:41 Very few times do they get office?

02:44 Did they try to get off at they get off at 4? It's time to go back to it.

02:51 They've been a lot of artists who was David's Loves Ugly. He said the system Frank which is his driving solo. I'm continuing record switch know. I can't find my husband broke it but that doesn't mind about the Pegasus humans considered the greatest don't know what he was on the driving record. She was ever on the driving school.

03:24 I was the greatest shave and he used to people used to love that Drive-Ins and never seen it again and it just tragic cuz he said he was going to try to pick some up but no didn't succeed.

03:45 Some people have their own demons. They just keep going back to it. You can't some people you can help and they just need to hand and some people they just need to be wired who is the base. They are so faded bump City. They were coming back and something he's frightfully gasoline lines in a field. The field has app from Play Store.

04:23 But when he catches them together and talk to them to break the habit.

04:35 I work for a jazz singer in Baltimore at Alanis and she was she was in touring with Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie in the 50s. And there's a story about her being waking up at 3 in the morning by a phone call and it was Billie Holiday slurring your speech and she wants to know who's this bitch from Baltimore. I've been convinced there really was Billie Holiday on the phone with her she

05:12 Dances around about me losing a dog through all the people said she was already in San Francisco for a short. So, I don't know. I think she lives in New York. I got caught making San Francisco.

05:41 Anybody had I was just lucky because I was a photographer but the time and nightclubs.

05:49 I need to be a stripper Street strip joints.

05:58 And yeah, I was going to talk to her Joy wherever for one strip joints into the other until in the morning. Anyways is taxi ride the day before you have to go to Bob City charger. Listen to the music lyrics maybe hopefully it faces the Caps to see that I called home and told the cats come back.

06:41 Do it was wonderful to take pictures in the strip clubs what we taking pictures of that I was going to say cuz I know there was some you had an adventure taking photo with Debbie Reynolds. Didn't you already had the left back to restaurant on 45th and 45th Street or somewhere around there? Because he already gave me the insides into her papers and works.

07:27 How to reproduce the baby. The weather was a big heavy jacket is like the type of babe. I have you go to bed. So this particular night. I had a crime graphics or the quarter by three-quarter.

08:02 I went to the cave archery dryer fixed. She said she was for the Royal magnets from Texas said you had said yes, when the first picture that the next picture I took I forgot to put it on yubo. So this way gone for about 4 to 5, and she said I mean so if I take a picture, so she looked at this sideways into the cobra with the Textron. She went red dick Kovalchuk that picture was in the time New York Times. I had a pretty way.

08:51 She wasn't ready when you were supposed to be crazy.

09:07 Did you work in the Latin quarter?

09:11 The Latin quarter is Brian's question.

09:15 No.

09:17 Let's do lunch now. I'm full in New York.

09:29 I went to

09:34 I wasn't the one and only words. It was a stickler. Broad and she was able to take you to get from red to the Waldorf. We went to get to read to the guy who died it to ya.

09:57 He had a club ride to his wife.

10:07 El Charro, she still alive looking to see where I'm supposed to be back here when she's about 18.

10:17 No, I know when my mother used to sing it out girl toe.

10:28 Stories

10:38 Irene worth in Tyrone Power

10:41 Old time

10:46 Where are the where I used to work at the camera go if it's also said the International Scout 2 hours to went to a restaurant called Shaq high heels, which is around the corner and all the elite used to go inside that I can stuff. I know he was a sweetheart. He bought me a drink Tyrone Power Play.

11:24 I forgot to show I didn't San Francisco, but he used to come in that practically every night cuz he bought me a drink until he was very nice to everybody.

11:37 Charming actor Charming actor

11:43 That over here said that they used to be a lot of actions.

11:50 Wichita cookies at people walking by us.

11:54 What concentration is?

12:03 Lincoln Avenue

12:05 Baby Go instructions the door

12:12 Go to my last app.

12:16 Irene worth

12:18 Oh, I realized this is what I wanted to be an actress.

12:24 And I had such a bad day everything. You said. Forgot I had to live so I went into the direct me to pay. I don't have to be paid don't think it's such as such. I just wanted to work at the theater and next thing I know is that I had chickenpox through I didn't get into the first right. But anyway, I was told you Thursday, but hey you broke it is well known English actor.

13:04 I love you. Your first I want you to wear cuz I've seen him and Drake. I'm leaving for Russia anyway.

13:18 And a very beautiful too and she came to New York yard Hardin Co where is the critic for the New York Giants and the people she worked with but she was extremely dry ice.

13:52 Bobby notches

13:55 Other than

13:57 And no more conversation. It was nothing.

14:02 Riviera sister I take care of her go back.

14:08 Let you be at this stage. I really didn't want to because I got bored.

14:22 With the stage

14:26 Well as a painter you work on your own all the time.

14:30 You strike me as being independent.

14:33 Baby something

14:44 Getting notes. So what about what about Dylan Thomas?

14:52 You're jealous with 6 bugs drunk in 6 months sober. He was sober you never saw him. That's what he did his greatest record over yourself that it coming.

15:07 With everybody even to this day if I gave you a book or about it.

15:26 Everywhere, I can use paper right here and everything used to go to the fridge when he was drunk.

15:40 Yeah, he came up to me and said I go to take you to America. I said, I'm sorry. I've already got to get to go the way you say that.

16:02 But Albert Duncan

16:06 Albert Duncan

16:11 Drake's menu

16:24 San Francisco fudge. Oh you I would have a good book on poetry to and

16:41 He was ready to lead of all the four of the San Francisco parts.

16:48 But going back to the musical people about art Blakey in the 5 spot.

17:00 He was always a tiny giant Bee Cave into the city. He was saying something free and I never had to go to see Heaven such as such. I think he drives his dog to bed with me, but I said no. Thank you.

17:25 Black Dog Bakery are laid up. I was very good because he had a kid. I used to take care of this little boy and I took him to see that's how I told you to get hold of that movie great movie.

17:42 Blobfish

17:45 4th Legion de Cristo found my friend is like a Saturday morning and they have few know an old Cousteau showing and this was really old. This was so old and he was really quite young and what I was watching and suddenly I was just I was horrified because the guys it was a guest Prix before everything got quite so environmentally friendly. They were catching shrimp and say ahh, this would be delicious for dinner tonight and they were catching a lobster than this also would be for dinner tonight and they were still in their bag up with stuff and then they kill the shark just to kill it was a baby shark or some young truck has been booked and they killed it and they said any says something about the men the men take great pleasure in getting the the ditch witch with amazing. It was a very early Cousteau and I bet he's embarrassed that even out there.

18:44 They were killing and eating everything they found I think he became an incredible Force 444 safe for the night. I just think it was so early. I thought it was just so funny to see them do this reading everything about Billy strayhorn.

19:24 J horn is known as sweet pea. He was Duke Energy into Ranger on this is a very pretty way. I let him read your mind. If we sit here. I just wanted to go. I'll either the Bible verse of disabilities office since you gave me and started to be there such as long as you are going to be playing so we went down at Concentra. How do I go? Duke address? I'm just drinking. I know I really missed you. I was in a bad mood. Anyway, this is us next to me.

19:58 And I don't lose this funny little guy. Are you anyway I can park your name said release Trejo we wage on choking.

20:17 I say what's your name means I buy friends trying to kick me this mean to say who don't you know who you're sitting next to for God's sake and I didn't know anyway, I waved the session ended and he tends to be said will you like to come with me to see the point of no return? I told you I see if you don't think I'd like to get her realizing the play was being shown in San Francisco today.

21:06 I have to go out in case she should come out in Blu-ray because I don't want you to get but I just try or oh my God, what a beautiful. He leaves gay. Who is Douglas sweet tea and

21:25 He's the one who's been dead. All the arrangements. He did what he did. Most of the rifle exactly was kept kind of hidden because they knew that it wouldn't be accepted in the Jazz ball. Nice try for groceries and say this song Whatever drinking back then.

22:09 Who else did you get to see on Broadway back in the day?

22:14 I'm Norway plays Broadway actors anything that you remember specifically send.

22:21 Yeah, I'll be tracer.

22:25 Do you have anybody that you want me to talk about friends questions? Keep messing me up?

22:39 Can a newborn?

22:41 Ocu's newborn go Phineas newborn is the changes that was never made me recognize and the Giants World just like five people in the Jazz 12.

23:05 The Graco I tell you I got to worry about give me some jazz kids ages. Give me some names. Did you display get to 6 Shawnee Road? And she's playing with them such as I think of his name Prejudice pipes for quite often. Anyway, this is ridiculous. I had to stop by to see this happen if I decide to take a dog to buy spots and he was playing piano at the time was Sunday morning the dog at the back of the dog in the front.

23:56 While he was praying he got to his house to the features with Brea.

24:12 Old is such a travesty if you like rash and so is he headed to go drop off the dogs had he said the best dog?

24:27 Best dog is Skye savings, but inside you're wrong.

24:36 Happy thing of Jag Temptations.

24:42 No elderly guy died.

24:49 I talked I just tell you saying that it's if you have Alzheimer's and I do too because we forget the same stuff.

25:10 Because he was very very many times.

25:16 That is not even ready to play standing still alive.

25:23 I was going to ask you about that. Actually. What what is what's the worst thing about? What's the most annoying thing about the Alzheimer's what is it? That bothers you the most about it?

25:34 It feels like a dad's idiot when you called and think of a word.

25:39 Oh wait, you can't remember you be admitted Niger on the conversation in front of your mind goes dead fast forward to continue on that. You answer this psychotic trip in the morning or come to me.

25:58 Will you need to call me at 3 in the morning, right?

26:09 That we we've talked about this before that I just did to me you seem completely sharp, but I know that it's it's it's something that you probably noticed yourself or I got to go into the food market.

26:30 Abide with the gas pumps of anything I wanted.

26:34 Yeah. Yeah, I do that too both. Yes. I smoke guy catches me.

26:51 I have to already feel sorry for people because

26:55 Are people called smoking balls now? I'm sorry i v y with Hillary called enjoy ourselves. And why do we have to keep the factory the way I feel inside?

27:22 When did you quit smoking?

27:25 I didn't love you till I was a she.

27:34 But the biggest since I spoke very carefully cuz I spoke with a cigarette holder had a proper filter.

27:44 Add people who spoke to the store Daly smoking cigarettes for sure. They were not stupid, but you have to smoke with a 3-way black.

27:57 Shaved Lancer difference for anybody worked for the cigarette holder

28:05 Well, I guess you say what's your name?

28:09 But you get the affectation of a right, you know.

28:21 Well, I don't go to bars anymore.

28:32 I told you the story back there was a apparently the story the way I heard it is that a guy came from I think it was from Lebanon. He had not been in the US since the 70s and he was so impressed with the fact that they were so much less crime cuz it's City safer. He was at his Taylor and he was telling the tailor cash. I'm so impressed it so clean. It's so safe. He said the one thing that shocking is how much prostitution there is and the tailor thought about it from its it what do you mean and he was talking about all the women Midtown. He said I never saw so many well-dressed women in front of all the office building smoking cigarettes. He thought they were all prostitutes all the secretaries in Midtown whole lot of makeup daycare.

29:14 I can see I can see how they would take it back. But a lot of people do, you know everything you told me y'all feed the card counting the whole thing is I didn't really talk to you anything in moderation forget about you. I don't care anyway, so why the hell down on cigarettes?

29:52 No, we were talking with somebody that when we were kids everybody ate peanuts and there was peanut butter everywhere and now they act like it's going to make the children explode already start listening. You wouldn't eat or drink anything but it's a burrito how everything comes to everything is good for you or am I feeling is that these kids are these allergies develop because these kids were never given the right things or something like that when I was a kid, I remember they were saying that eggs and butter with no good. I never believed it because I didn't like fake eggs are fake butter and then you know 10 years later. They say Oh Yes, actually you're better off eating real stuff than the fake stuff because there's something they can cigarette cause I lend you.

30:44 As a flower Wimbledon India and South American Indian alarm at CBRE start losing my baby when I stop smoking.

31:03 It was a good exit as I have a friend who used to say the same about the secrets of the Indian thing to cancer said he thought it was the filters and the chemicals on the paper in the gunpowder that they put on the cigarette to keep the burning. They put gunpowder on them to keep them burnt gunpowder.

31:25 Not not for Taste and smoking is to make him light another one when it goes out.

31:32 The brains always want to know about you too. He wasn't about your time in South Africa in World War II.

31:37 Never change in topic. I went to school today because he wanted me to go ride a bike to the right tools.

32:09 However, I portrayed this case already disgraced my phone, but I took the trick to The Hague.

32:25 Because they can come true. So I want you to go into medicine.

32:34 Android to have a post office for pick Toronto medicine door all credit to the right subject does that you had to have six credits of the right subject is on subject. So let's face it all this is very funny because I was saying they are this fortune-teller. I put my hands over crystal ball.

33:05 Until she's at your house. I shouldn't I said to this just six weeks before the trick. And she said do you think you fart what question you want to try said do the trick? So she look she said if you work

33:23 Dai Hai said to how I think what I've already got six weeks.

33:27 She said you could do it.

33:31 Work hard. Are you a true? So I went back to school. I got under the sheets at night and took a flashlight. All the books are all the subjects that again like we had your poetry. So Martin party, so I got all the most of the time I got there. Okay. So then how are you going to bed as soon as I can do you have to have to know where you get so I'm waiting to see

34:07 And the results

34:12 So I thinking my phone I want to change I want to go cuz it makes sense to you will complete your speech therapy by failed every examination.

34:27 At you to go see if I followed by gerunds and she really that stupid to have the thing. She didn't look as so.

34:43 I asked if I fall I want to go enjoy. By wanted to be in the thick of it. Where did you go David? Enjoy? Got to see my grandmother arranged.

34:54 Hair rage that I came

35:00 I didn't have any corn or anything back 10 minutes.

35:07 During the wall.

35:09 But South Africa was so much racial hatred PCS. Black Virginian black between Gaza. Oh my God again because it gave it back to the Africa.

35:49 So as I was concerned anyway.

35:52 I didn't care for it. Well, just get back by going over the place. They did the six weeks later. I'm taking my medicine score.

36:13 Give me a vad and they were ended.

36:18 But I still wanted the traffic surgery Huntsville with a patient's that after from the war where they patients that have been injured in the war.

36:41 They go see how they take the skin from the stomach up here to take about three years to get a new face.

36:51 So I got it was no wonder.

36:54 Yep.

36:56 Thattukada Valley series

37:00 Don't they wearing cap by the hole inside but you

37:07 Germany particularly remarkable stories that you heard from the war that time.

37:15 In the hospital, I mean something to someone told you that you'll never forget.

37:21 No.

37:25 Lori

37:29 But back in back in town, where were you need the Cubs play on January 12th.

37:47 You have to realize the bars close to Tree Tops open the tree and then the BART open the gate at 5.

37:57 Recycle you can make it around the equator.

38:06 Trick

38:08 The back deck Pub

38:10 Wednesday

38:12 I have a robot inside. He was just driving and he got that it was run by Russian, but this is just like all the way some people who went to the French bar.

38:30 You should go from the fence spot into the van Drake truck.

38:43 I forgot to check.

38:46 Just don't shaftesbury Avenue street is the whole book written about NFL taking a customer only right now.

39:07 Everybody knows I'm just wondering if I what I mean Compton Street just over there which is really the gay neighborhood like World okay bars on stuff. So it's on the same neighborhood.

39:17 Like the Jeep is ready. Where were most of the tribes were not that though? I didn't know I was going so gay people websites everything. I was just wondering since they were actually think they were illegal. I wondered if you had ever seen anything that was sort of the secret, you know, the secret clubs, right?

40:03 No speakeasies.

40:06 Speakeasies here in New York

40:09 No.

40:11 Give her go to Chumley's but it was a white one was around. I used to go there still before.

40:16 But Thomas has been here forever.

40:22 Will you be here?

40:34 Procedures of 5 +

40:37 I know.

40:40 Do you want to know with the 55?

40:45 55

40:48 Christmas tree

40:51 That was big diamonds next ball or the Kiwi on Houston Street. That's another one just started a over the kiwis bar on Houston Street.

41:07 Also artists and writers

41:11 And now it's her.

41:13 Restaurant Mexican restaurant has the old nightclub. The world is some kind of an apartment building now. It's crazy the Palladium that played in night club is the dorms at NYU want to bring water break the windows if it's not fair.

41:49 I mean I miss it. It's only our anyway.

41:58 No, thank you. It's been fun.

42:07 I don't know. It's about us a probably nobody part of an oral history any words of wisdom for people who might hear us later.

42:41 Thank you, Irene.