Beatrice McKinnon-Fortier and Beth McKinnon

Recorded August 22, 2010 Archived September 1, 2010 39:05 minutes
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  • Beatrice McKinnon-Fortier
  • Beth McKinnon

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00:00 Okay practice. If you practice questions, can you miss on a Sunday morning? And I live in an apartment house with 99 Apartments. I was on the second floor.

00:22 I have a one-bedroom and when my daughter comes to say she sleeps on a

00:29 Inflatable mattress

00:36 Okay. So first we'll start with the ID for each of us is August 22nd 2010. Where in Southeastern Massachusetts and I'm going to be interviewing my mother.

00:59 My name is I was born December 18th 1920.

01:07 122 which makes me almost 88 years old this year. This is August 22nd, 2010 and where at

01:18 7 Roosevelt Circle, Chrisette on the pond

01:25 Salvation in an apartment house and

01:37 Relationship

01:41 And weather for almost 67 or 68 you would have been married for 67 years, but used from Dad's. Okay. So what's your great-granddaughter who's not yet one year olds and or her future brothers and sisters or cousins when their teenage talk about what you would like to tell them tell her tell them about yourself your bike when you were growing up. Can you tell me a little bit about your family may you know, Grandma Barton?

02:35 Navigate to Family House in Holbrook, we lived upstairs and my grandmother and my uncle Charlie look downstairs.

02:44 I'm a twin.

02:47 My mother had two sets of twins one says size 36 hours and feel that was the only time she went to the hospital. I had an older sister.

03:00 And then

03:02 As Twins and then Mel was born.

03:07 And then Bob was born 1414 years difference between Bob and myself. My twin sisters died the same year as my husband died.

03:18 And living in the same house with my grandmother with great because she was a marvelous cook and

03:29 Many times he would have gone hungry if it hadn't been for my grandma.

03:34 At 5 on Saturday night and I could see that everybody the dining room table Joe from the living room.

04:10 Where was here with all that. And died?

04:18 Marion really don't remember when he died.

04:32 And you could get around us is good for is if he had a good set Paradise. Do you remember if he

04:56 And he always at night with the lanterns on the road where they were doing repair work and then up and help us where there was a pop country actually a couple of times a week which was a big tree we would go out and get a bag of popcorn my grandparents until we got to high school and she made all his children car and he could do anything.

05:41 He always had a big bad. She did all around facility.

05:48 Really really lyrics Matt Barton from the house that you lived in is the house that still there on South Frank South Franklin Street unit rate is still there before we moved in that used to be called a hotel.

06:06 And we lived in there until almost 1 and we lived there and they are until we went to high school and then we moved up on Royal.

06:14 My grandmother lives

06:19 Upstairs Downstairs

06:23 Live there until I got the eye of a mother living in the house and daddy.

06:37 Oh and Grandma hair. Dr. And she was there until she died.

06:46 Do you know where your grandmother and your grandfather were from? Which debate?

06:53 I really don't know but I think they were blond.

07:03 I think they were born on Winter Street.

07:07 Which is the next state down?

07:11 Do you know much about?

07:21 Well

07:24 My mother always within a few Factory.

07:28 Until

07:33 Respond to my mother was a big woman and nobody knew she was pregnant with Bob and it was a big surprise. Even we had a new baby brother.

07:50 And we will wash the dishes very clean.

07:57 I always had many jobs would have a TV show aurora.

08:05 He was not the type of guy who?

08:09 Always had a feeling I was always a part time job.

08:15 But as I said before we were hungry grandmother.

08:42 About the depression going hungry hungry.

08:56 And

08:58 My mother

09:05 Greater provider

09:09 And I'm not talking about him, but

09:12 Do you know how your mother?

09:20 I got married.

09:23 What kind of like holidays and Grandma Barton given a boil and then cut them up?

09:51 Even after the plum pudding

09:57 And Nelly in that Nettie, who would my grandmother had one set of twins? My mother has two and cooking in the begging my grandmother did it all.

10:15 Can you talk a little bit about Christmas and then I haven't even answered it, Connecticut.

10:39 I really had a nice holiday.

10:43 It was a lot of fun everybody sitting around hoping the presence.

10:56 Nice holiday, remember your your brothers and sister during the holidays.

11:09 We all want

11:11 When is the family we did that we always went there even after we were married?

11:19 And then I started having the holiday.

11:22 And the Fast and the Furious time I invited my grandmother was really up in a year.

11:43 Taking the dressing out today.

11:53 Fourth of July in Holbrook and that would be a bonfire and a little something else.

12:27 We were never allowed to go there on a loan even in high school.

12:43 Remember to New Hampshire, New Hampshire

13:08 Grandma that I never had a good for you.

13:34 And my mother and my grandmother would go with us and they would make crab meat sandwiches sandwiches with sit in the Sun and then we would have like fifty cents of a dollar and we going all the rides and then come home go on the bus and come home in the bus. And then for the Brockton Fair, it was a trolley that we would get in Hobart Australia and take the trolley to the Brockton Fair. We did that one to you.

14:26 To houghton's Pond over in Canton. I think it was and

14:31 We might go maybe three Sundays.

14:35 And that's why almost and and

14:41 I never want to see what can you describe the when you almost almost drowned over there?

14:50 You know.

15:07 And didn't realize the Hosea really not the safest Pond you could swimming.

15:18 Went to school Robert school, which is about almost a mile from our house. We walk down in the morning.

15:27 And we stayed until 3 or 3:30 and then we watch home.

15:40 Even in the coldest winter we walked we never took a lunch to school. I can never remember eating less as a Robertsville and we went there for the fifth grade.

15:55 I think maybe the end we had one teacher a name with pallet fence and my great-uncle lived across the street. His name was pain.

16:08 He was the

16:13 I can remember him coming in on cold whole day and put cold and soon and take it down. Make sure we will go on and

16:26 Osseo school for the 4th grade, which was that following them off of Garfield Road.

16:35 And then from there.

16:38 We went to Franklin School up on Franklin Street.

16:47 Ice cream and

16:51 Then from there we went to highschool. Did you friends and classmates in school? Did you ever get in trouble?

17:00 Wicked

17:05 New Hampshire and several times and maybe four months later. He would bring a block of ice and then one day we got a refrigerator. So exciting to see that I couldn't make the payments.

17:46 When your your mother I can remember when we graduated from high school.

17:58 He went to Brockton and she bought.

18:03 And she used two weeks pay for she got like 15 or $18 a week at 5 or a ring and spot me a ring.

18:14 I still have it.

18:18 I want to stop and see my mother worked very hard and

18:23 She was not a baker. She could put a good meal on we always had a good meal a lots of vegetables to that made the Mako a lot.

18:38 How to add

18:44 High school, he was a year ahead of me. My first date with Dad was I asked him to my

19:06 And then he went into the service. He went up to Westfield College.

19:12 But he went up to Westfield college with Harry marble and Ben and they took this course. I can't remember what it was flat and the radio and then he went into the service.

19:29 We got married down in New Jersey. I went down to New Jersey on the train all by myself.

19:41 Got married had been out and he said I might not be home. I might not be back in time, but he has been to the place of the room.

19:52 And I went back to the rooming house and then he came in about 5 in the afternoon. We took a troop train back to New York and New York was very good to all the servicemen and we stayed at the governor Clinton. He did not have a reservation and they gave us a room so we had

20:28 One night there and Grandma McKinnon had said if you don't come home.

20:33 How to get Mary don't come home at all.

20:43 We went to my house my mother's house. And then we went to his house and had an apartment. She was very nice and let us have her Saturday could not understand that.

21:06 And he had to go back to

21:09 Are we stopping at vet Fest?

21:13 And then I get off.

21:17 What I'm saying is Dragonite. Yeah, I reported and he went back to New Jersey.

21:28 And then he called to say he was shipping overseas.

21:34 So I didn't see him then. I went back to Holbrook and I live with my mother and father.

21:49 Send over Labor Day weekend if either called and said I might be able to get a 12-hour class if you want to take a chance come down.

21:58 Going to the cabin at Clinton lobby of the governor Clinton Hotel, and if I'm not there by 6 and you know, I'm not coming.

22:07 At the B6 6:15 almost 6:30 and you walk through the door and he said I don't know whether I can get another night or not. But if you want to take a chance, which I did and you did come back the next night, and then he was shipped out and he told me he was going to

22:34 I think you told me you was going to Brazil.

22:36 But it was over a month before we hear from him and he's going to India.

22:43 We had 5 days.

22:46 Happy Days and five nights for honeymoon

22:52 And he was gone for 30 months.

22:58 Long time we finally found out her it was because we went down to the Red Cross and he said we haven't heard from my son for 30 days notice he was going to for sale so I can tell you where you went, but you did not go to Brazil.

23:21 Then finally I had a letter from him.

23:24 How long did it take to get from him to you, but then he had the police wanted.

23:42 2

23:44 Call me. I write me a note and he was Atlanta.

23:48 He was in the hospital for about 8 months out of there. I think.

23:54 And

23:56 I really have a line of duty.

24:07 What about

24:13 Protestant in Hayward Catholic, how did his family in your family react to that? I would not change but I had no intention about that. You know. Alex was the church and we go to church with all of its not a heretic and see if this end up at night.

25:06 Easter talk about how until

25:15 Cause I think he has like a year and a half or two years. Maybe it wasn't the whole two years then we got an apartment down to prank South Raintree.

25:25 How was that are not know and then we moved.

25:35 And then I had saved all of Dad's overseas money, which was $10 a month and we bought a piece of land with that money on Hillside Avenue. We paid for the land and then we took out a $10,000 mortgage and build a house and

25:56 Senior officer at the Holbrook Cooperative Bank said we had the biggest markets in Holbrook.

26:02 How much was your monthly payment and and and

26:18 Then

26:19 When we adopted you.

26:22 The house wasn't quite finished on Hillside Avenue is almost finished. We had to take you off the ladder to get into the house and you are very good, baby.

26:35 Everybody came that day to see you and finally started crying. I took his time. So everybody tiptoed in the bedroom down with a beautiful people I do.

27:06 And I love you, buddy.

27:11 I had no problem with you is all we got. And we've had to come in bed with us. I don't like mine.

27:27 Yes, you will like your new bed and go back, but then you get used to your new bed.

27:39 That's about all of that.

27:46 Pictures of you and Dad on the on your Bureau you very pretty and Barbara Stanwyck. How did you do your hair?

28:04 You need new glasses Cynthia awake and I've always kept that happen up.

28:21 As I said, you needed glasses we sailed you on that.

28:28 Africa Central information

28:47 When you can and I didn't work again until after John was born and he was like 4 years old the temperature.

29:02 And then

29:03 What's a store?

29:07 I don't know how many years and then they were like that. I didn't want to wear for the band. I said you were in college at the time.

29:21 After that, I worked and then a friend of mine male Martin work for the Randolph trust and he called me and asked me if I ever and I saved you can call me and ask me if I go to work there and I was glad to get out of here.

29:33 So, how about when you decided to move out of the house on Hillside Avenue in route to Lakeview Avenue?

29:58 I would have had an upstairs, but we didn't have enough money to do that. So just having fun.

30:11 What's being built and we bought that house because it had saved items.

30:22 The neighbor

30:29 Oh, yeah. Well, I think we should family unlike you Avenue a lot of and Molly and we doing Frank and then I think we were the next one and then I think the Maria and Cayman.

30:45 And then eventually the other payment.

30:48 When you were going to the Robert school cuz that was a

31:02 Yeah, but did you go to the rabbit school has a big mouth? And he said yes.

31:30 I was frightened the newborn baby handle and take care of your kids and help with the baby.

31:44 And I didn't hear anything differently from how you raised the first two I would say that.

32:03 You got more attention than anybody and

32:08 By the time he was a big one.

32:27 He was a good kid.

32:30 Remember too much about you. Remember more about you and Dick Van Dyke and

32:43 Best friends

32:48 Fifth grade and he's kept in contact with these friends all these years even Steve Austin and they were all good kids.

33:00 I have no trouble with friends. I would not too happy about.

33:10 Real good friends

33:16 And the one down in Franklin Street

33:28 Baptized

33:45 Kayla McKinnon didn't come

33:51 And we had any kids were active in Christian Endeavor and all those things.

33:59 It was 1975 and you had to have surgery and what do you remember about that without right around when you moved Mount Pleasant Avenue in Philadelphia?

34:17 And I can remember you called the night before.

34:22 John Cox

34:24 If I went out and called it quits in the shed and get ahold of this content call your mother and by that time the phone's disconnected, but they did call me from

34:45 How about let me stay so you had already moved to Mount Pleasant Avenue at that point when you were about.

35:01 No.

35:09 Because I can remember bring fighting with John.

35:31 No, I don't want to talk about that.

35:35 Send

35:39 Gas Pipe, and I'm sure they are all disgusted with me, but I couldn't help it.

35:48 Is there a is there anything else that you would like to talk about are there that you would like to to say to restore her brothers or sisters or cousins?

36:11 I can never do enough for you.

36:17 Living at my favorite place, but I couldn't keep the house and I don't have any family would envy because you only had one daughter but you have two sons and so one of them is expendable.

37:03 No, I just I just didn't want anything to happen to you at all and you've lived a wonderful wonderful life. I've never had to worry about you and I have a daughter who has a job. That's a nice family.

37:33 Okay, I guess we'll wrap it up.

37:38 This is today's date is August 25th. 2010 location is South Easton, Massachusetts, and I'm talking with my mother Beatrix McKinnon.

37:54 I just wanted to say a few words about my children and one great-grandchild. All my children have done real well in real life and I am very very very proud of everyone in construction a good job.

38:40 Director of operations, my grandchildren are all grown and that I am a great grandmother girl. Thank you.