Scott Herzog and Jane Kjelland

Recorded August 17, 2022 Archived August 17, 2022 46:34 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Scott Herzog (64) and Jane Kjelland (76) talk about their political values, shifting beliefs, valuing friendship more than expressing your politics, and how voting independent doesn't work.

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JK talks about her father, who helped people in AA. "You don't give up on each other."
JK and SH talk about their fathers and their political parties, and about voting for the person, not the party.
SH talks about being most concerned with the election fraud claims.
JK talks about how "we used to not talk about politics," but that now it's everywhere.
JK talks about feeling misunderstood by people with different beliefs.
They discuss voting in the primaries, and the electoral college.
SH says he agrees with some Republican values, but it seems like less and less.


  • Scott Herzog
  • Jane Kjelland

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