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Scott Silverman (40) talks with StoryCorps Facilitator Courtney Gilbert (28) about why he loves running the Emeritus Program at Santa Monica College, some key memories of his life and hopes for the future, and why he writes children's books in his spare time.

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SS talks about being from California and why Santa Monica College, particularly the Emeritus program, is special.
SS reflects on what kind of student he's been in his life and why he's been writing children's books to read to his kids.
SS talks about some of the characters in his books and creative ways of incorporating activities and thought provoking questions into books. He recalls some favorite books and their importance.
SS recalls what drew him to environmental studies in college, why he changed his career path and what sustainability efforts SMC and Emeritus are makings.
SS recalls his earliest memory of his grandmother's passing and what impact she had on his life.
SS describes his relationship with his two brothers and what it was like to go to UCR for college. He reflects on what working as a college administrator has taught him.
SS reflects on what being a parent has taught him and the creativity of youth.
SS talks about his goals for the Emeritus Program, his writing and his life.


  • Scott Silverman
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00:03 My name is Courtney Gilbert. I'm 28. Today's date is Monday, February 3rd 2020. I'm in Santa Monica, California. I'm here with Scott Silverman and Scott is my new friend interview partner.

00:17 My name is Scott Silverman. I am 40 I didn't get today's date is Monday, February 3rd? 2020 Santa Monica California is our location when your partner is Courtney Gilbert who is a new friend in Soul Eater today. Good morning, Scott and welcome. I'm curious to know your relationship. And then your background in Santa Monica. Are you originally from here your transplant a native Californian? How does this work, California born and raised in Corona raised in Banning, California, which is a very small town right outside of on the way to Cabazon Mall really small 25,000 people everyone knew everyone. My dad was a principal in the district. So I ever really knew us and he get punished mostly get some classes in school at some point or another for good reasons. I'm sure and live in California on my life.

01:11 Riverside in Pasadena Culver City and then I got this job in Santa Monica and have a look back being in Santa Monica. We've heard a lot of great things about the college and I know it's probably part of your job to reiterate some of those things. But what stands out uniquely for you about Santa Monica and then Santa Monica College that you haven't experienced elsewhere always work for public education suffer not going to always wanted college is going to do amazing job with transfer so don't ignore that. I work in we have the number one transfer rate to the University of California csu's out of all the community colleges Statewide just really great upward Mobility social Mobility for students and the parking lot with that. I run the Emeritus program, which is 4 or older dog. Just fantastic. Probably the tenth largest in California or in the top 10

02:04 Amateur 3600 students every semester in classes for lifelong learning and it's a program that is completely free and funded by the state and its really something that SMC is always really been dedicated to making sure thrives even when the budgets not-so-great Essences mousse for this program is not impacted is a really really great thing speaks to the kind of effort and work that you all do what may what what kind of like brought about the Emeritus program. Why was there a focus on older populations and learning? Absolutely, you're the program started in 74 and 1974 before that. Sometimes they were older adults enrolled in some of the credit classes and at some point they were taking seats away from other since I really needed classes to graduate programs for older adults to enable the credit soon as we all see if they need and I should get a more Dynamic experience.

03:04 The older adults couldn't take anywhere else. So some of them really want to take, you know, world history or things like that that we can offer to Meredith. But at the same time they're taking classes in you know, how the mobility how does it how to use their joints in and make sure the twins are working. Well as they age one of our best classes fall prevention at a certain age, if you fall and hurt yourself that I can be disastrous for you long term nap. So that's a class. I didn't seem to really enjoy not if one takes it but those are doing it really like it. So some of their classes replicate what happens in the main campus have a good benefits no exams. No homework help grade students at a university that offered classes in the evening for working adults and in my experience, they were so disciplined. So focus and really supportive of each other in the liver.

04:04 Process and I was in college at same time and I was just like wow like we are failing at being a great student in these ways and seeing these adults do it was really inspiring. Do you say something similar when you see them? I'm just so focused on the experience. I think I should probably some of them would like to take test and do things. We have a writing class and they're writing their Memoirs and publish their bugs. I got them out there looking for validation and I think all of us as we age and we had to be a thriving career for 30 or 40 years by the time we all retire to be 40 or more years write in retirement plans are but they are in salute their masters of their field whatever happened to be so now they're in the time of our life or they have nothing to do in times during the day in America's fills that void for then why doesn't have a Social Circle to get out of the program, right? So there we might go to coffee as a group or lunch as a group after class some of the minute even like the class. But they like the people there in class with as they keep making the same stuff.

05:04 Yeah Golden Community that way is amazing to especially through education. I can see that going on and on and on. Let's talk about your relationship to learning. Would you say that you were a good student growing up and coming through school as much as my older brother. I think he he was able to get better grades than me, but I always work hard and I did pretty well in school after the first semester the first semester too hard for everybody. I wrote a book on college campuses of the first like your practice run. I bet you I could really get your feet wet and get in there and really it's always love school. I love learning. I've been in higher education for my entire career. Really I ran for student government as an undergrad and there's an older gentleman in the off in the room and if someone voted him in as a student government representative like this is great a lifelong learning student voted in as a representative turns out he was the dean he was paid to be there. That's why I discovered this job.

06:04 Want to do for my whole life to be there in 2 support those kinds of things right now to be the old person in the room all do things. Do you like to learn? What are you kind of gravitating to our lease? What have you gravitated to in the past and our love leadership self-help stuff like Spencer Johnson Stephen Covey all the 7 Habits anything like that can move my cheese. I love those. I want to write one of those one day. Okay some sort of allegory. It's going to come up the right combination of animals and philosophical lessons and make that a book really is that kind of like formula? I love sci-fi. I'm not even like that. But I'll I love to study everything. I would love to sit there and sit in a workshop sign joint committee meetings and some sort of built for higher education. It looks like

07:04 Different ways that you guys can clue into like you said learning and building different things. That's nice that's built into what you actually get to do. What are you learning outside of Emeritus and outside of your job that might not have to do with what you're doing. Exactly. You know, I've been working on writing myself a little bit. I like to say, I'm an amateur children's what writer kid-lit publish anything in kidlet been working very hard. I've got maybe 10 books written picture books. I can't draw for beans, maybe one day. Yeah. I got a couple books written summer actually decent and probably a list of 25 more titles on the right. I've got a couple conferences try to learn how to protect the craft so to speak, you know, hopefully one day I will get one of those out there.

07:55 What inspired you to write for children funny funny story? Actually when my daughter was born early she was premature and we're sitting in the NICU the neonatal ICU. And she was there for nine weeks at some point. I said, I wanted to read something to her but not very many books at home and grab whatever I could find some literally guess we got from family and I found a file on my computer. That was a book. I wrote in high school a picture book wasn't very good price or printed it up to class or brought it to the hospital to read to her and feeling her little tiny hand gripping my finger as I read her the book. She probably didn't know what I was doing. But if I really good to me and so that ain't the right reason why I keep writing picture books is for the sheer Joy of reading it to them even in their draft phases and my son my daughter daily say they love the books. They enjoy them and Sons will drive and we'll come up with something in the inspire me all the time or will make a book together. They'll tell me something is it was for that my next book?

08:55 But that's why it's really worried about it. That's a great project to have with your family and he said that you had a draft that went back to high school. So you were kind of thinking and those lines back then so did you do like more creative writing stuff? Like is there any specific situation and to remember being inspired to to write back in high school? Honestly, I think I had in junior year maybe sophomore year. I don't think I did very good on the assignment and I'm sure my I think I owe my writing assignment has not gone very well. And it should I have to draft a lot already skills are no good. I think I saw a letter grade on that for the rest of my daughter and it was like a bee or something like that. So I cannot not bad but it was for class. I wrote two stories that year and at some point we discovered them. I think I may know lyric Heights at all. I come up with a sequel for that. First one was actually a canine Detective.

09:53 Dog bones. I'm sure I need to work on the copyright issues for sure and is a whole series of Sherlock Bones books. I've written afterwards. I used to work at a library and I think the best part of any Laurentian go to the kids section like the way it's organized set of the the Ambiance does the environment is really really exciting and I noticed that now there's definitely a trend for more children's books that include kind of like things outside of fantasy, but like more kind of felt like social issues and family issues. What are you thinking about that? Would you like everyone include something about like a family Dynamic maybe like death or something like that? The best children's books out. There are the ones that have lessons built-in or thought-provoking questions for parents to talk to the kids about you like yeah, you can ask me where did you understand about the story of those worthless questions are good for reading comprehension, but asking questions about you know, what is this mean to you or one of us we ride was

10:53 Any of the most recent book written?

10:56 Blanket. We were booked all the time. So there's a My Little Pony book. My daughter's right. So those books are great in the kids. I love them write My Little Pony is great. But how great would it be all the books have some questions at the end for thought-provoking things. One of the ones that I've recently done for the party group and we always are suggesting what I did what I did to make you think about what's going to go on the inside cover for the back cover the additional things to do. Maybe it's an activity. I want to buy one of my books is in balls instructions how to make a sock puppet at the end of the sock puppet of the grey main character in the book. I can sulfur beans but the internet has instructions so I can credit them and you work with a publisher and getting them in there to do.

11:43 And cool. Yeah, it's best if it's part of a character in the book to you. All right with this is a sock monkey who goes to a whole land of sock puppets that are running around and the second book is a mountain, of course through this to the sock man from the dryer cuz it was Oliver socks and I came up to my daughter and I were doing laundry and I might wear your socks where they go for Eid this imaginary world. And the third one is this octopus. He's going to be an enemy that they'd be friend. I really like that.

12:18 Scott you're super creative. Please. Tell my high school English teacher that is in the children's like literature communities that I got off there. Where is there a kind of like a group out there? That's like doing work that you're just like, oh my gosh, like, you know, I can't remember any children's books for my I read all the time. My friends always reading me reading is always very important in the house, but I can't remember any favor book per se but I've always just love him, but I think I've always loved kids before I think Tiffany haddish is brought back kids. Say the darndest thing rather do that cuz we're and was right before that. I would love to do that just has to do with kids and talk to them. I enjoy it. I like the fun on Google Uncle talk like a joke with them until I think the kids books the kids really enough to make me to sort of get that and spread it out. I also think there's just so much hurt in the country in the world that we can actually use.

13:18 Triplett Tech Support are kids. So there's a whole series of books about famous figures. I think it's you. I am Neil Armstrong and of the Holston is a bunch of other ones breathing different character with the author, but literally its historical information about time. You see them as a kid. I used version of them going through their whole life. So you this book has, you know, a five-year-old Neil Armstrong and watching TV all the time. This is something they can do to to learn something and maybe some social change. I'm super committed to improving the world. I used to being around with science major in college. Okay. I got my BS and Ms in it and fought it for a while, but you know, I think all of us can do something to improve improve Society improve the world.

14:16 Maybe this is my my peace environmental science in high school. I was part of the envirothon team, which is almost like Academic Decathlon, but for the environment and it's what my brother was on the team I wanted something to do and so he was a senior. I was a freshman and Mimi does the National Tournament. So we were traveling winter not really because of me having all the other seniors on the team did really well and I sort of was carrying my subject. Maybe I've always loved the environment. I think so for college was my natural major and I stuck around for the Masters partly because the same school I was doing paraprofessional higher ed work at the same time and there's still a chance that I want to go to environmental law to seem like a good way to sort of I get the degree get my science training really solid. Although people tell you I don't know how I don't really understand science all that well foundation if I went to law

15:16 Practice environmental law pretty well and I fell in love with student affairs. I should have did this big career shift, but what I've learned how to read it that every major you take every maybe just when you study it's teaching her to understand the material not memorizing the material look at problems from the Cradle to the Grave you look at the kid late in my work now, it's almost quite literal but really, you know, look at the origin of a problem in the full solution with impacted. Let solution is should I buy that anything I do have practice and things and life. I'm curious. I'm not from the space obviously but in your time here and then released throughout your lifetime hear what kind of like environmental changes have you noticed?

16:04 That's a great question. You know, honestly, I think I think we've seen so many stars meetings in LA to hear better than had been but it's still a lot of problems. We see beautiful sunsets here in Santa Monica. The beautiful sunsets are really good of air pollution the light reflects off all the air pollutants in the air that causes a beautiful sunset amazing color blue goes Dark Moor science and that I can get into if I don't really remember most of it but really I think that is more concerned about the environment people are more aware of issues, which is great but we sure aren't doing a whole lot about it yet. It doesn't need is a need for sure. I don't know what the right solution is. If some people would say, well, you know global climate change. The temperature is always changing if it's not caused by people.

16:54 My internet is what even if it's not even if we can't prove it people cause global warming up for all of the things that we do if we can do something to stop it. We probably should otherwise we're going to have lots of problems. Yeah, absolutely right next to boat Santa Monica and my experience so far as like it seems like it has a commitment to like environmental sustainability with the the dining options. Lots of like public water fountain steel cutting back on like single-use Plastics. Is there any way that the college kind of has or at least like with the year Your Role is there any kind of program or kind of

17:35 Action around sustainability environment protection coordinator in a whole team of people student volunteers and there's two snap people that help run the program try to recycle as much as we can. So we on campus we have really really robust recycling program. We are we are doing battery recycling in Emeritus giant tube buddy battery smaller student battery disposal. We have a hard time. Everyone has a hard time with that reflect them in the campus to find a way to dispose of them proper and get them to the right the right venue. So I don't have I don't know how much were actually recycling from here comes every year but we're definitely rooting a lot of stuff out of the way street which is really important and whatever you do to reuse reduce for sure. There was a great commercial in the 80s Yakety Yak. Take it back for about recycling. This is like I think Halo is in a bunch of other celebrities did this thing is like the funniest stupidest thing and I think about that. So I was really wear the same as a kid.

18:34 Planet with my favorite we could buy the rights and we do something with it. You don't know who you are and it's still on the air now. It's like they are we in the morning still in syndication. I watch episode of Saved by the Bell one square Zack and Screech developer recycling machine worth the paper in the glass. You put all the trash together and sort it all out. I wrote the President Clinton saying I've got the best idea like if I'm Saved by the Bell and of course it already exists, which is why were they got it from these memories that you're having? I'm curious. Do you remember or do you have like a specific kind of really early recollection that you know for sure is like from your past that stands out like, can you describe your earliest?

19:37 When I was when I was 6 my grandma was really sick. When I first met her. I probably was earlier than that. I really noticed it but she had cancer lung cancer non-smokers cancer and some point. We actually took her to her house. I moved out of my room in my brother's room. That's why the most vivid memory. I have a my brother and I are sleeping in his bed used to at the time. I was 7 by this point and she came home to live with us until she passed she was done with treatments. It was just nothing and I distinctly remember the note that she helped that my mom helped her right near the end. She all depends on my mom helped her move it around and I can't find it at every so often. I try to look for a can't find that note. I wish I did buy remember the feeling of when she finally passed and I was too afraid to even go in my room to get my clothes to get dressed for the day cuz of course then taking her away at

20:34 And I just have this Vivid when I can see myself in the same room that we still have our Hanukkah celebration in every year city is a family, you know, when you go home to see my parents and not going across the whole entire look at my clothes. I sent my pajamas for the whole day. I miss her most things I do now if I wish you was around to see them.

20:55 Can you describe the kind of impact that she had on your life? She works education to she was a secretary for the district office for a long time. And before that she worked as my grandfather. He had a dress shirt manufacturing business in town.

21:12 Probably just try it like I don't know how that all work. But I just remembered that she was always very focused medication used to love going to see them. I would spend so much time with her house every day with nearby who just kind of overnights on the weekends and after she passed the relationship that has my grandfather changed a lot eventually remarried and there was a hole all sorts of drama with that stuff on the family. I had a hard time dealing with that. Mostly cuz I missed her and I still see you know, my great-aunt her sister regularly and I wonder what would it be like if if my grandma was still around now, here's for 35 years 33 years and I'm interested in your relationship with your brother. So you have sounds like an older and younger, so there's three of you

22:12 Burnout 3 boys is it. And they are the middle was okay. I definitely a middle child syndrome tell you we find ways to bond after moving out like in college or even high school. My brother had bonded my older brother. We were on that team together a lot of the same things when I went to school and we all support each other in our own ways and me and your brother and I waited up for me a Jewish fraternity together on in college for a little while. And we need to find a way to change the change the community reformed this thing and he and I were in it together as founding fathers were tent with nine other guys, and we ran against each other for an office or position we both voted for each other cuz I wanted him to have the experience and he wanted to not do it if you don't want to do the work initially and he eventually became president of the chapter when I was a really cool phonics for Anthony just working with him on that and see

23:12 All the girls in the fraternity that that we built we and others but that we built together. I was really cool that's amazing yet to do that. So what college University of california-riverside me I love SMC but I love u c r a lot to offend a lot of time their bachelor's Master's and I work there for nearly 10 years sticker on my window that most like, you know, this other schools you went to to this in the bud SMC on their you're right. I need to take a summer program right before I started college at the University and the 3-week program. We actually got a class done during that time and it was amazing. It was an honors programs were there for 3 weeks and 2 days before us and I was right that I discovered maybe two weeks in at I want to live on campus. I hadn't decided to do that before and they saw the room available for me.

24:10 Took that Will Smith in my college experience like everything. I didn't call. It really was based a lot off of that other my first time at that school. I just need you to call driving the wrong way on one half of a one-way Street like really large meeting like a 30-foot median. So they sit two one-way streets. I seen that you called for called driving the wrong way and then getting lost on the way home and need to go find a Thomas Brothers guide map is in the four ways before phones, you know to do to get home feel like open it up traced it, but if I can shop and then left

24:58 Would you lend funds any of your children to try to go to that school are they would have for me everyone whatever school they choose to go to it may be the right fit my love u c Riverside. I love you. I'll see when I went through. My doctorate to SMC is great and you can actually go to Community College two years save a ton of money and then go somewhere else.

25:17 I think that I use for UCR for me was just the best fit for me at the time. I was able to make a big difference. I like being a small fish big fish in a small pond rather than a large public and private schools. Didn't want to be too small fish in a big pond. You know, I think

25:36 Clear all the things that that are happening at UCR now that some of which I had a hand in some of which I was just there to see and I'm very glad I had that experience working in college taught you that was different from being in college.

25:52 Thanks. Thanks a lot harder than it seems I think when I first saw that the gentleman who was in the student government meeting at wow, he has to sit in on meetings all the time. I just need to get paid a salary for this is great so much more we put into it as an administrator work constantly trying to innovate constantly trying to move the needle on graduation rates or or retention rates near and achievement gap for different communities really important for all of us right rules of meetings to try to tackle these challenges and the girls try to tack on this quickly as possible possible. So no one falls through the crack.

26:27 And I never even imagined this was happening before right you think about how we see college and movies and TV shows. It's all parties and social stuff. And you're the administration is the most viewed as like he wanted he tried to stop for Fraternity from having the party or whatever the case may be found it almost every administrator of work with every snipers and I work with non bias. Of course, I'm one of them right? I find it almost all of them are trying very hard to make Student Success happen on a micro-level and on a macro-level. So I test you can take advantage of these resources. You have all these things for you now that you'll never have or I can be free. If you to access later on in your life Counseling Services, it's free as a student use it there's nothing wrong with a little bit of therapy right and paying for it when you're an adult adult thing is way harder than me and college. Enjoy your life now cuz we different your

27:27 Working full-time and you can't get to the dry cleaner during the day off in the back burner what has being a parent taught you that college didn't teach you?

27:40 You know, it's weird to me how difficult it is to understand the English language, right? It's only Parts between wants is an English butler in this word. This letter is a different sound and these letters are silent. Why on Earth would we do it this way? I would love to speak English perfectly together and decide like me with Merriam-Webster change the dictionary switches update the update everything to make it make sense. I am trying to learn other languages and sometimes it might be difficult. But I like she found it to be the same as trying to teach my kids how to read English.

28:26 I mean, it's probably very specific specific example, but parenting is by the best and hardest job in the world. I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. I think if we could we have more in daycares horribly expensive fishing Santa Monica love kids. I love kids kids later in life. And I originally planned. I think I was 33 34. My daughter was born but you know toddler like when you have too much further into the future, that's what we should have done to write a group wanted to have for kids right or more for like The Bobbsey Twins, right or whatever. I was like, they've been having lots of kids having a big family and my brothers and I were great and we saw cousins every once in awhile, but I was likely to have a big family.

29:23 We only have two kids but they're amazing. I love them and that's that's the way through the I told that they have multiple kids when they are many many years from now and they're older like a time capsule playlist wish will come out in 30 years can being in the world of children and I think definitely year and it to it now I thinking about like what you're doing with your with your writing and Elsa having a family that like your kind of level of like confidence in my keys headlight communication changes, but not like in a way that's like dumb down. I think a lot of people think that you have to dumb down your come your communication, but in some ways when you're communicating with someone who is like not only just new to the world but understanding the world and such a

30:09 I thought you were like the questions can be like really big and really like existential out of nowhere. That's your your communication changes in that way to like you have an experience like that or you don't want to say I got to remind myself of that every once in awhile since I forget that my kids that are all kids are smarter than we give them credit for some people to put their thinking into a box. Yeah. So actually this is pretty much as one of the stories I want to write and I should have drafted a little bit is really a book about world questions. So posing questions in the world to kids, for example, how would be accomplished climate change reform kids that have no idea how politics work have no idea what the influence of Corporations ask a question now, we're not going to take all the answers that give us some go to implement them in Congress. Right? But I bet absence of all the the constraint Society puts on them from kids is so immense and we get really great ideas. I mean you hear that you're craving some

31:09 Reddit Uber great Who's down nominated for Nobel Prize kids of all ages have so much fantastic energy and enthusiasm and creativity and we would have been fine. It's also why I am interested in kid lit. How do we keep this up? Imagine a world in which all the creativity of our youth doesn't like the way as we age that's powerful don't have to do that. I wish I had it. I wish I had a solution like wish I get a magic wand I can just do that that might be mildly a specific population for age and then you're like also in this other kind of space where it's like very age-specific. So like something about those two folks entire master in their field after a certain while and has like a different relationship to community and communication versus someone who's new to the world and has this new way of communicating or at least

32:09 This way of communicating that people forget a lot. So I don't know. Is there something with the Emeritus program younger folks that happened folks have all time on their hands and desire to get validation or whether it's through working with others. They want to give something back and so many have you will also helps for mental stimulation help sore neural development helps keep their brain sharpener their minds and bodies active so great benefits for Emeritus and for whether it's no K-12 students or Call of Duty students on campus. Developing those Partnerships. The ball is moving in that direction for sure. I think it's so important was a book. I read maybe my youth 50 ways to change the world or something like that for two days. You can do that's Antigua gave us for the idiot. Like that's let's put these questions, you know to the students.

33:07 I think we should also probably you know, if he had a time machine if we had the Bill and Ted Time Booth you borrow them and their wives who would imagine they probably were heavily involved in the shaping the country to and pick up a lot of other people along the way Abe Lincoln right pick up in Frederick Douglass other leaders of color to have some social justice training. We can agree that some things that are he's not that weren't the case in 1776. We're worthy of change and it's asking questions about like, why is a Second Avenue Trooper to this way is this what you really meant? I bet they would be stunned to learn the way the property's something a teacher. Yeah. Yeah, right. Like I just want a bunch of old old people terms of what the answers are for people that are long Dead about what we need to do in the future, but there's some things that I'm sure we're on a trip in Wrightwood. What is not doing everything right? And we think the US is always so good.

34:00 But why are other countries outperforming arcades in terms of Education, right? And I don't know how to do it better. But other people are definitely doing it weird since I feel like we're just too cocky. That's what have you learned from others, and that's true.

34:16 I think my next question would be what are your goals for yourself at Emeritus and then for yourself with in writing and then just kind of overall what you had seen for yourself 20 years ago versus versus now in the next 20 years. Your beard is my goal is only whatever going to be able to serve every older. Do you serve 50 people that are 55 and up. Although we don't we don't check ID. So there are some younger students know that whether they think people longer. But we're open to everyone has 3600 students in my program. I would love to double it. I think if I could double it before I eventually want to a higher level position or other roles. I think I feel really good about that. They need is there but if the demand is definitely there and see capacity, I need space.

35:09 In teachers and budget your Minor Details, I think for my writing I would love to get published weather self-published or not. I really would prefer a traditional publishing route. I feel like I would have done whatever they want to go on book tours. Cuz I really focus on staying at home years ago. I talk about running for congress one day but disliking in college, for example, I just want to be away from them all to be here for her and then soccer games and stuff like that the fact that I'm at a job now and I lived relatively close. I can go run to the middle of the day if they lose their lunch or if I forgot to pack something for them, which doesn't happen that often so I can get them really easily. It's all about family everything in my life has been about family and how do I make sure that my family is taken care of and and everything else is important. I like about Asian from It ultimately it's really about how do I best support the family in and work with him. If one of yours give you asked me where I would be now, I don't have what is it Santa Monica?

36:06 Most of my college days were spent trying to find a nice fish woman to marry eventually happened before or after college and you know, I love kids. I think you know, I think ultimately it's

36:19 Being a place where we can have nice fun family time.

36:23 Blood pressures of all the bills and everything that comes with it. Sometimes 20 years from now I might as well be cruising towards retirement. Although I'm not sure if I ever will really be able to want to retire like I think I'll be able to come up if I'm going to want to I'm going to be in Meritus of the Americas glasses forever. But you know back in my day. This is how we ran this protein which is very much how students talk to me now sometimes but I really hope that I can make this for him just amazing and I'm sure wherever I'm at higher education wise and I'm sure to be on the west side for the rest of my life my goals just make sure that it's providing meaningful experiences in and out of the classroom for everybody.

37:03 Awesome, perfect there anything else that you would like us to know?

37:10 You know, I like to say that I just as well enjoy the idea stand up comedy. I just want to pick up Open Mic nights. I promised many years ago and we did a fundraiser for scholarship money. Is it for every thousand dollars a razor E500 raise I'll do one one stand-up comedy routine. Sorry 1700 Bayou the world, you know three sets problems are more sit down funny and stand up funny like my trucks going to will make people laugh. Sometimes I might have to explain them sometimes which is not a good bit for comedian. The one day you're already writing and writing is a big part of Comedy. So yeah.

37:52 Well, you know, I don't share them on now, but you know, I saw him speak once he's talking about all the problems with North Korea and all of the problems in the world states with nuclear weapons. And I said it was a bunch of students in the fifth row. And I said this out loud, I would not have Foreign Relations of that country. But Chris is not really relevant right like going to really understand that reference anymore. It was really great.

38:26 This is 15-20 years ago people be all over that could have sold that to Jay Leno make

38:31 I'm cracking up.

38:34 That's really funny. It's been a pleasure.