Sean Schrader and Judithanne McLauchlan

Recorded February 2, 2022 Archived February 2, 2022 38:05 minutes
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Sean Schrader (20) shares a conversation with his mentor, Judithanne McLauchlan (53), about their experiences in politics and encouraging civic engagement.

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JM shares her background and how she got to the University of South Florida. She talks about her career in politics and civic engagement.
SS talks about his history and his involvement in politics.
JM remembers a time mayoral candidates visited campus, and remembers SS asking them questions.
JM talks about teaching American Government. JM and SS discuss a civics project JM assigns in the class.
JM describes steps she takes to keep students involved and engaged, and improve students' civic understanding.
JM and SS talk about USF day and discuss getting students engaged with state legislative efforts.
JM and SS talk about USF's partnership with the YMCA's youth and government program.
SS asks JM what led her to leave her work in the federal government to become a teacher.
JM and SS talk about maintaining civic engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Sean Schrader
  • Judithanne McLauchlan

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