Seph Itz and Erica David

Recorded March 6, 2023 Archived March 6, 2023 36:53 minutes
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Friends Seph Itz [no age given] and Erica David [no age given] share a conversation remembering their late friend Gregory Nelson.

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Seph Itz (SI) and Erica David (ED) joke about not wanting people to know their ages.
ED and SI talk about the sudden death of their friend Gregory Nelson.
SI remembers where he was when he got the news of Gregory's death.
ED and SI describe Gregory's unique personality.
ED remembers Gregory as an "appreciator" of a person's full glory, reflecting on how Gregory had coined the term "appreciator" in their social circle.
ED and SI reflect how different things are now from when they came of age, particularly questions of acceptance. SI remembers the friends he lost when he was young.
ED and SI talk about how they connected on Facebook after each attending one of Gregory's memorials, SI in Berlin and the ED in San Francisco.
SI and ED reflect on how strange it is to feel Gregory's loss and on the impact he has had on their lives.


  • Seph Itz
  • Erica David

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Marfa Public Library