Seph Itz and Julie Fischer

Recorded March 10, 2023 Archived March 10, 2023 38:48 minutes
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Julie Fischer [no age given] and her friend (and "preferred catsitter") Seph Itz [no age given] share a conversation about their travels and experiences living in different parts of the world, particularly in the Philippines and Thailand.

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Seph Itz (SI) jokes about being Julie Fischer's (JF) catsitter.
SI talks about the cat that lives in his art gallery.
SI and JF talk about their time in New York City.
SI tells the story of getting stuck in the Philippines for 92 days at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
SI and JF talk about their favorite places in Thailand.
JF tells SI a story about a scooter accident she had in Thailand.
JF remembers her first time in Chiang Mai, Thailand on New Year's Eve.


  • Seph Itz
  • Julie Fischer

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Marfa Public Library