Seth Ablordeppey and John Cooperwood

Recorded December 15, 2021 Archived December 15, 2021 25:31 minutes
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Dr. John Cooperwood (52) interviews his friend and colleague Dr. Seth Ablordeppey (68) on his research and development of a pain management medication that is free of opioids.

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SA talks about his childhood in Ghana and his dream to become a teacher.
SA talks about seeing his teachers as role models and he reflects on his desire to pour into people.
SA talks about his research on pain medication.
SA talks about opioid use disorder.
SA talks about pain management and the danger of using opioids.
SA talks about his research.
SA tells JC what influences him.
SA shares how he would like to be remembered. He reflects on his faith.


  • Seth Ablordeppey
  • John Cooperwood

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LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library

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