Valkyrie Choy and Holly Cost

Recorded November 6, 2008 Archived November 6, 2008 01:17:29
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Kanani Choy, 57 is interviewed by her good friend Holly Cost 53.

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Kanani was born in Honolulu as one of three children.
Kanini’s family is very diverse ethnically. Her grandparents are a mix of Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Native Hawaiian.
Her youngest sister, Cheryl had polio.
Her father started gambling in order to pay for Cheryl’s medical bills.
Though they made a lot of money, Kanani missed a lot of school due to traveling for her father’s gambling.
Kanani talks about her parents relationship.
Kanani talks about cultural differences between herself and Holly.
She talks about going to a Native Hawaiian school and not feeling like she was smart enough to go to college.
She talks about applying to community college on a whim.
Kanani eventually transferred to University.
Kanani talks about her maternal grandmother’s ethnic background.
Kanani tells a story of her grandmother purchasing land in Hawaii only to have it taken away from her due to discrimination. Kanani found out about this land when a rich friend invited her to a party there and her grandmother explained the story.
Kanani talks about being married to an African American and the parallels to the situation of Native Hawaiians.
Kanani says that her ninth grade teacher made a huge impact on her.
They both talk about the election of Barack Obama.


  • Valkyrie Choy
  • Holly Cost