Xavier “Chico” Garza and Mehmet McMillan

Recorded August 9, 2009 Archived August 9, 2009 57:43 minutes
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Mehmet McMillan, 44, interviews his life partner, Xavier “Chico” Garza, about his life journey to recover his Mexican artist father’s artwork and honor his legacy.

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Father was Xavier Garza Galindo, Mexican artist, one of the first to die of AIDS epidemic in SF in 80s
Father developed cobweb technique of painting which used women’s pantyhose in an innovative way
Father’s history--saw mother commit suicide with gun
in search for father’s artwork, randomly met young man on plane who knew the buyer of father’s artwork in West Virginia
Goal is to spread the work worldwide and have a museum and comprehensive collection of father’s artwork


  • Xavier “Chico” Garza
  • Mehmet McMillan


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