Melissa Weimer and Brian Jones

Recorded August 13, 2009 Archived August 13, 2009 41:31 minutes
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Id: SFB000458


Brian Jones, 30, interviews his wife Melissa Weimer, 30 about her choice to become a doctor and the challenges she faces in her career.

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MW cites a trip to Mexico to build a health clinic when she was 12 as a large factor in her deciding to become a physician
MW talks about dealing with losing patients and says she be scared if it wasn’t hard
When asked by her husband what the hardest part of the job is, she talks about how it is difficult to have to always be steering the ship, without showing emotion, even if the ship is sinking and how it is hard to leave work at work sometimes
MW asks BJ what his view of her job is, he responds how it is incredible to hear some of the graphic details of her day
MW thanks BJ for his support; how the little things like bringing her coffee and making her lunch help her be a better person and a better doctor


  • Melissa Weimer
  • Brian Jones