Sara Vera and Nico Vera

Recorded December 22, 2011 Archived December 19, 2011 38:34 minutes
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Sara Vera, 77, habla con su hijo Nico Vera, 44, sobre sus memorias favoritas de comida en su vida: en su niñez, como mamá, y como una peruana viviendo lejos de su pais.

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S de aprender a cocinar con su mama en la cocina cuando era pequeña. Prepararon comida peruana.
Memorias favoritas de su niñez sobre la comida - ir a la playa con un picnic, comer en restaurantes chinas. Describe a una vez cuando su papá pidio un plato chino con pierna de pollo. La pierna saltó y cayo en el plato de un hombre a su lado.
S sobre sus costumbres para celebrar la Navidad y Año Nuevo.
S sobre algunos cuentos de conectar con su comunidad en Lima con comida.
S sobre sus conexiones con familia y comida - primero con su mamá y luego cocinando con su hijo, Nico.
Mensajes a generaciones futuros: que aprendan a cocinar, y que preserven su cultura por la comida.
N de su plato favorito de su mamá: Aji de Gallina.


  • Sara Vera
  • Nico Vera

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Contemporary Jewish Museum

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00:04 My number is Nico, Vera Tango, cuarenta cuatro anos in San Francisco, California interest and ome mama.

00:22 My number is Sara Vera. The second I see you there. Thank you. Boss lady. Siembra De la Rosa in San Francisco.

00:43 He got relation call a person that commits time to be standing is Mijo.

00:52 Alabama team Lincolnton today.

01:04 Eating boy's. What is La? Memoria de Santa Ynez.

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01:19 La cama recuerdo.

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01:32 Movie.

01:34 This is Rosa a in there, a casino.

01:39 Electron, tell me Mother Superior Verla. Cocinar En Fuego.

01:53 Parker, Chiropractic Care.

02:01 And I'm confident problem that equals to you when I see you.

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02:57 Vera, Luna, Alaska.

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04:55 They won't, but I've been there.

05:08 Luna. Mucho. Papa la huancaina.

05:29 Lima Memorial.

05:38 Cynthia, McKenna, I just put time of mucho Mas La Comida de mama.

05:54 Yes. Are you coming home for Keto?

06:04 Aria, Korean Tapas temperature in Pacifico Rana. Many hours for Plato's most important. Call me Amorcito, Layla, and I thought of fruit are varied, has varied list of plateaus typical, que Mas, te gusta, cuando, te Vas.

06:51 Comida peruana, I'm in Tacoma.

07:06 La Palmera mucho.

07:13 The best Caldo de pescado a La Paloma

07:26 Icicle is a Sevilla con. Frijoles Charros. Carneros is a parallel psycho.

07:42 Revel. Why do you get off on Charger RT Pico de La Sierra?

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07:53 La Familia Restaurant, Chino play Llamar. Amor De Barrio condimentos, abanto chifa.

08:32 Why do plateaus. Alien?

08:57 Community Center, Costa Rica Sparrow, a La Brasa.

09:05 Pollo La Brasa Pollo a La Brasa.

09:15 New York, peaceful, Thomas and Ristorante.

09:26 Presentaciones Senor, es una Familia. The number is Tamaya and I put him on the park. I mean through it through even near Lima.

09:42 System, 208 alimentado solamente, con granos. No Ultra lamento and Campbell. And what did I set? The alarm went off for your safety Cialis?

10:09 They put it in there like Gran, This is why I don't own a restaurant. A we live in near Pune special.

10:26 He won't harm official.

10:35 Regal.

10:37 You got on my cell, lost your Narrows vellum.

10:44 April, muchos anos Navia competitors.

10:49 He's here. Mucho Dinero. Are you see Empress restaurant in Canton?

11:09 She said I can make win this. So we are going to Memorial chistosas. I'll go to still so campus. Hello.

11:22 And I are you now.

11:25 The Moorea.

11:27 Hello, Beauty Store.

11:31 So sorry, okay.

11:37 Nicholas.

11:40 Thomas & Restaurant, 1800 Center Los Gatos or you.

11:51 Soy sauce.

11:53 Co co co.

12:02 Amorica.

12:06 Kokyo, a socket near Lapeer.

12:11 Entonces. Astro cortando.

12:16 La Perla cuando. Estaba Lotto messenger.

12:40 Loyola, Teresa poppy Moyer.

12:58 When is the last tradition is, ferret has 2 years getting American comida?

13:18 Hi, did you tell you those stories? Who is Howard ita's?

13:24 I think I can read, Camila.

13:32 La Navidad es una Fiesta.

13:42 Sara, Luna La Familia.

13:46 Louisville disfrutamos, a conversationalist

13:53 Animal Services visitas filters familiar.

14:01 Farrelly Brother cast a La Familia, Unida.

14:06 A.m.

14:16 Luna Center.

14:19 Gila tradiciones.

14:27 Home.

14:33 Are hyenas, delicious?

14:36 Can a mucho condimentos?

14:42 Una Persona que no tiene dinero para, comprar Pollos.

14:55 As Madera.

14:58 Is Teresa Fidalgo?

15:01 Call pawel or boil.

15:09 Kamote. Kamote. Kamote is a Barrio.

15:16 Camelia Malik in pumpkin pie.

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15:31 Papas and Beer.

15:36 I roast. Papa, some of my boys, a La Cienega.

15:54 Oketo and visit America.

16:15 Traditional.

16:23 Call Nativity.

16:26 Regular person.

16:31 Feliz, Navidad.

16:37 New.

16:39 Vera side of nose.

16:45 Apostle prepara El chocolate caliente.

16:51 Amorica s Pia, Palmetto

17:01 Dulce Especial.

17:07 Love you. I'll let you know if I'm being a parent.

17:50 CC.

17:56 Mueller Metal tomorrow.

18:00 Almanor, Martin.

18:07 83 Estella safe City on your Sunday clothes.

18:16 Agree.

18:26 A melodrama me later, Poteet Avenue.

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19:33 But I knew Nuevo, look a mess.

19:48 Little Caesars Arena.

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20:08 Daniel McAdam are those pajamas store?

20:31 Escape prison.

20:36 Then, Tamara chocolatte.

20:43 Nosotros vamos Vamos. A la musica tipica, de Los Angeles.

21:04 Are those who say supper is about to walk out of your life.

21:25 Kelly nutrition.

21:36 I want to see story has getting a soda. So we will you listen.

21:44 I don't see stories.

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21:57 Community Park.

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22:17 Can I sell window Pizza?

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26:08 If we must die.

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26:42 Hi, Cusco. Conocer, La Rena's apartamentos en todas, Cumbia.

27:06 La Comida important connection with Amelia.

27:32 Visit Italy.

27:36 Yeah, he also tells different a la Cena.

28:04 I thought for the Morrow Middle School.

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28:27 Google.

28:31 Ambien.

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28:43 Is it Carino Amor. You need Academy?

28:53 I think that it's time for New York La Comida. Mucho, and let her last year.

29:03 Ultra.

29:04 They love what we lost.

29:11 Mucho.

29:14 Damn, you, you are awesome.

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30:02 So it look realistic Amanda or is that goes in Indonesian window or Sylvester Morton?

30:26 Anthony Connor.

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31:16 Call me Diane Carroll.

31:24 I don't buy the drone cameras.

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31:34 CA La Comida, en espanol.

31:41 When Alexa is,

31:46 Daniel Burton.

31:51 Turn off the Sonos in mundo.

32:02 Disfruto. Full episode.

32:12 Estoy contento.

32:14 Play lo que siento. Como trabajo.

32:19 Eve.

32:21 La Comida.

32:24 Hola para, Su La Comida.

32:30 La persona tiene.

32:40 On the stucco sinon. Do they start Allegra?

32:44 Eve said by Cynthia.

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32:52 That I said that he seemed nice.

33:11 Estoy. Contento exito.

33:28 Email. Cuenta que cuando. Una Cocina con, amor Siempre.

33:39 Entonces. SI puedes. Ayudar a un mensaje.

33:52 Sing a Song For Mama.

34:00 La Comida. Buena La Comida que, no es Buena.

34:04 Ambien.

34:07 Attracting.

34:14 Reservoir.

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35:34 Can you call me? I am pasado's. Cuatro. Cinco, seis anos.

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36:42 Mommy.

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37:05 I will know you but if I do you do. Yeah.

37:19 Entonces to a sesame. Love is sisters. Exactamente Flamingo for your stylist.

37:30 Closest town to me.

37:33 Ricco's burritos.

38:09 Luta, continua, Centennial Casino.

38:26 Gracias, por La Canada.