Reena Kapoor and Anurag Wadehra

Recorded May 7, 2015 Archived May 7, 2015 38:28 minutes
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Anurag Wadehra (52) interviews his wife, Reena Kapoor (49), about her involvement in the 1947 Partition Archive Project. Reena talks about the legend of her grandmother and her experience as a survivor of the Partition. Reena also talks about the importance of history, remembering and healing.

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R talks about where she grew up and the meaning of 'home.'
R talks about her grandmother and the impact she's had on her.
R tells the story of her grandmother fleeing, returning, and escaping Peshawar during the Partition.
R tells the story of how her grandmother returned from Peshawar with her family's gold.
R talks about the 1947 Partition Archive and its purpose.
R talks about what she gains from interviewing survivors of the Partition.
R talks about what surprises her from the interviews.
R talks about the importance of history.
R talks about what she's most proud of.
R talks about how she wants to be remembered.
A talks about how lucky he feels about creating a home with R and their daughter.


  • Reena Kapoor (b. 1966)
  • Anurag Wadehra (b. 1963)

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